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Best Hikes in San Diego

San Diego is not just about sunshine and beaches. In fact, there is a lot more to this much-beloved destination. The Southern California town boasts of a list of urban adventures and home to some of the most amazing hiking trails. Thus, when you head towards San Diego, think beyond those craft beer and surf sessions and explore America’s Finest City that offers some of the unique hiking experiences. Browse San Diego beachfront rentals to ensure that you stay at some of the best lodgings and get the best value out of your money. Get ready to explore San Diego and lace up those hiking boots to get on to some of the most picturesque walking paths. In fact, there is a trail for everyone in San Diego that will take you through those gorgeous views and waterfalls and abandoned buildings. There are plenty of both known and unknown hikes and points of interest that have now become a local sensation. Read on to learn about the most popular and the best.
Moderate to easy hikes

Sunset Cliffs
Most relaxing and enchanting ones. In fact, the hike can double as a romantic
date located at Sunset Cliffs Blvd and Ladera St. Sunset Cliffs, the hike sure
is one of the option as one finds himself surrounded by sea cliffs and ocean air.
Enjoy looking at plenty of seals splashing along the rocks and the bottlenose

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain trails are well marked and maintained. It is an extremely popular
destination for the hike because of its diverse Californian beauty and a backdrop
of sprawling hills covered with purple lilacs. The trail is family-friendly and a big
favorite with horseback riders. Because the trial has little coverage from the sun,
it is recommended to make an early morning start.

Anza-Borrego and Borrego Palm Canyon

The hike through Anza-Borrego and Borrego Palm Canyon is breathtakingly
desolate but filled with desert charm that is made of wildflowers, cactus gardens,
and bighorn sheep. Enjoy hiking on the relatively flat trail that ends at the third
largest palm oasis in California. The hike is the quintessential adventure and offers
a stretch of deep colors that are provided only by desert sunset.

Los Penasquitos Canyon

Los Penasquitos Canyon hike is suitable for all kind of hikers and all age groups.
The relatively easy route provides some of the most impressive natural sights such
as streams and creek and waterfalls. Moreover, if you keep your eyes open, you
might just see a deer crossing the path.

Oak Canyon Trail

The Oak Canyon Trail in the Mission Trails Regional Park is more than 40 miles.
There are endless options in this urban national park that lies near Lake Murray
and Kumeyaay Lake. The hike winds north from the Old Mission Dam and takes
one through sycamore and oak-lined ravine. It is a joy to find the babbling stream
accompanying the hikers all through the trial and later the route drops into the
The intense hikes

Goat Canyon Railroad Trestle
Goat Canyon Railroad is the most significant wooden railroad trestle, and the
hike is likely to take the whole day. Thus, go for it if you are experienced and
used to tougher hikes. Be prepared as the trail is not well marked or properly
maintained. Carry a map or a GPS before you march into the desert and the
rugged terrain that is inhabited by glowing orbs and snakes.

Cowles Mountain

This is another intense hike that will take you to the highest peak in San Diego.
The intensity lies in the steepness of the trail, and once you are at the top, you
get 360-degree views of the city. On the way, one will come across plenty of other
hikers and lots of dogs. It sure is a steep hike, but if one is determined, anyone
can get through it.

Mount Woodson

The locals refer to it as the "Potato Chip Rock" because of the unmistakable rock
formation. Lined with massive boulders, the zigzagging trail has become a rite of
passage. The difficult hike is not for the inexperienced hikers. The hike leads to
the highest points from where one gets amazing views of Lake Poway and Palomar

Cedar Creek Falls

Take the Cedar Creek Falls Trail with a precautionary warning because of the
swimming hole at the end of the trail, the Devil’s Punchbowl. The swimming hole
has seen multiple deaths over the years because of cliff jumping. The sight of the
massive waterfall that pours into the natural pool is indeed marvelous. The hike
is difficult and recommended only for the experienced hikers.

Three Sisters Falls Trails

The Three Sisters Falls hike is considered to be one of the most challenging hikes
as it follows the rocky terrain and steep inclines. The visitors climb up and down
by making use of the ropes that are secured throughout the route. The hike is
certainly not for the faint-hearted and moreover, climbing over the rocks and
boulders requires experience and skill.

Be well prepared for a hiking trip

Regardless of what kind of hike you opt for or how experienced you are, it is a
must to be well prepared in advance and stay safe so that you not only come back
with an enjoyable experience but make the adventure go smoothly. Always check
the weather and be sure of the route before hitting the trail. Pack all the essentials
such as a good map, UV-blocking sunglasses and creams, extra non-cotton clothing,
lightweight flashlight and first-aid supplies. Carry waterproof matches, Swiss army
knife, calorie-dense nutrition, emergency shelter kit and loads of water.


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