Monday, December 2, 2013

my gears of choice 2013

year ends and i'm listing down this year's favorite gears and wears. you will notice that there's something in common to almost all of these. durability, light weight, easily pack and it looks monochromatic.i chose gears which are easily packed at smallest space possible in my backpack. most of these i wear both for travel and work. so here's my favorite gears and wears for 2013.

[1] Columbia Omni Freeze Shirt
favorite shirt for trekking and running. quick dry and easy wash 
Highlight: Advance cooling technology, light, quick dry and stretch comfort
Shops: Columbia Boutique shops, R.O.X. Stores, SM Makati Dept Store

[2] Mountain Hardwear Pavo Jacket
i wear this jacket both for work and travel because it is not bulky when folded. has three outer pockets and an inner pouch. i highly recommend this if you do running on extra cold climate places like Baguio. Highlight: Light, stretch comfort, 
Shops: Mountain Hardwear Boutique Shop (Trinoma Mall), R.O.X. Stores, 

[3] Mountain Hardwear Hestia Pants
recommended for rugged trekking. integrated belt with a unique easy lock design.  Highlight: Light, quick dry, integrated belt with special tight-lock type 
Shops: Mountain Hardwear Boutique Shop (Trinoma Mall), R.O.X. Stores, 

[4] Targus Sports 26L
this is my most used bag this year as i use it for my day trips and everyday work. if you have a portable audio player, you can just place it inside the bag as this bag has a built-in external audio cord. matched with a special internal gadget pouch. it also has a special pouch for tablets.  Highlight: Built-in earphone external cord, light,special internal pouch for gadgets and tablet.  
Shops: Department stores: SM, Rustans, Cash and Carry, Metro Gaisano

[5] Banana Republic Shirt
very comfortable for traveling. light and thin clothing makes it one of my favorite shirt this year. Highlight: Light, thin and body comfort
Shops: Banana Republic Boutique Shops

[6] Columbia Master Fly Shoes
also one of my most used shoes this year because i wear this during work for site visits as well as running. main reason is its extra light features and the water repellant technology.
best for minimalist runners for urban run.
Highlight: Super-light, comfort, water repellant
Shops: Columbia Boutique shops, R.O.X. Stores, SM Makati Dept Store

[7] Mojo Slippers
comfort because of its circular cushion design and is recommended for everyday walk. Highlight: Light, comfort
Shops: R.O.X., Tobys, Athletes Foot,  

[8] Casio SGW
if you love trekking then you will love this watch. it comes with and altitude meter, temperature meter and a barometer. you can record your climb progress and environment conditions. it comes with a twin sensor and an illuminator plus the water proof of up to 100meters depth. also one of my most used gear this year for both work and travel. Highlight: Altitude meter, temperature meter, barometer, and water resistant
Shops: Casio Boutique Shops,

[9] Spyder Lock Sunglasses
my second Spyder sunglass this year and i love its interchangeable lens. what's even cooler is that it comes with two extra lenses. very easy to change its lens. plus its grip that fits for trail running. no issues of lens fogging. top choice for sunglasses this year. Highlight: Interchangeable lens, flexible nose-pad, 
Shops: R.O.X., SM Dept Stores, 

[10] Apple Iphone 5
got this one late last year and has been a companion since then everyday. best for being light and great software features. so many applications for travel which are available in the apps store for free. my favorite is the google maps app that allows one to use GPS. Highlight: I-Sight Camera, extra light, great downloadable travel apps
Shops: Macstores, Gadget shops

posting soon gears for 2014.


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