Saturday, November 2, 2013

tharabar gate hotel myanmar

hotels that blends with its culture has always been my favorite. the Hotel at Tharabar Gate is set just beside the last remaining ruins of the old fortification of Tharabar which is part of the Old Bagan temple complex. 
next to seeing the temples and pagodas our stay here was something that we've anticipated so much prior to this trip. all the rooms are air-conditioned and has its own lawn with chairs beside a mini garden.
the rooms are spacious with typical Burmese furniture. each room have hand-painted artworks that represents the golden era of Pagan (Bagan) empire. a cozy toilet with wooden flooring and a bath tub.
just beside the main lobby is the open dining area beside the swimming pool. this would be my favorite spot next to the cozy rooms. we spent most of our time chatting in this area. parts of the open area are shaded by giant trees including the mini bar.
breakfast is served at the indoor dining area and the highlight was always the pudding. we were not surprised as the head chef Jana is a Filipina. it made us feel more at home during our stay. 

i'm giving two thumbs up to:
traditional theme hotel
breakfast - serves our favorite pudding 
eat-all-you can pasta (many kinds of pasta)
the small garden lawn with chairs outside each room
the open dining area by the pool
relaxing night view
great service

facilities/services offered:
swimming pool
indoor and open dining area
massage and spa services
wifi connection at the lobby and rooms
24-hour room service
tour assistance
transportation to and from drop off points
laundry service
business center/meeting rooms

for updated rates and bookings check out The Hotel at Tharabar Gate website.

The Hotel at Tharabar Gate
Near Tharabar Gate 
Old Bagan, Nyaung Oo Township
Mandalay Division, Myanmar
Tel: (+9561) 60037 / 60042 / 60043
Fax: (+9561) 60044

area profile:
country: Myanmar (Burma)
island: Greater Eurasia
region: Mandalay
township: Nyaung Oo

GPS location:
21' 10" 24N
94' 51" 55E


lakwatserong tsinelas said...

very refreshing interiors. i can imagine myself at the pool side for hours while drinking at night. haha - the facade really complements with nature

escape said...

>Mark, we actually spent majority of our time while in the hotel in that area. Best place for long chats and laughters after a tiring day.

Len said...

Stunning magnificent hotel! I would love to visit this someday. :)

Unknown said...

whoah! Yes did I found something cool here! The place has a really good ambiance.. I kinda want that hotel room for a vacation house. :D The food also really looks so delicious and the pool is uniquely designed. Aja to your eskapo! Escape and Explore! Dane of Aklan Business Directory

Unknown said...

최고의 메이져 먹튀검증 이곳에서 즐기세요

duarte said...

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