Tuesday, July 30, 2013

loreland farm resort

on some weekends i just simply want to be outside the metro with a relaxing view. closest and best option would always be Tagaytay and Antipolo. but often times i would end up choosing Tagaytay as i am more familiar with the hotels there.
not until we decided for a barkada weekend getaway. thanks to social media where i found Loreland Farm Resort Antipolo. it was an easy choice. i wanted a tropical-style place with a view. something i've been longing to see more in the Philippines.
we wanted a place where we would just watch a movie over a cornik not expecting that there was so much more with this place. 

what i did not expect:
 - it has a total area of eight hectares.
 - it has one side beside a cliff.
 - it has nine swimming pools.
 - it has one of the first zipline in the metro.

so we decided to give up the movie night and instead maximize our stay trying out the resort's amenities. the central area is the in-house restaurant Verde which serves Filipino dishes and not missing out what Antipolo is best known for. suman and cashew.
its newly opened area Luljetta's Hanging Garden covers several terraced lounges and pools. it seemed like it was patterned to the terraces in Batad, which are steep and some areas occupied by cottages. there are garden cottages specifically set for massage, for dining and some just as relaxing spot.
the Philippines needs more of these spots. modern yet still gives the tropical feel. expect to find woodcraft coming from the province of Palawan and Benguet. if you are keen enough you will find special synthetic Yakan cloth used as table covers which came from Mindanao. 
we spent most of our stay there at this tiered style mini-infinity pools. all comes with a great outdoor view that makes it even more relaxing. a special section also offers hydro-spa and dr fish spa.  
but if there's something people shouldn't miss when they visit Loreland it should be the spa and massage service. we tried the whole body massage and foot massage over the weekend thus we ended calling our weekend there the SPArty. 
giving two thumbs up to:
massage and spa service 
tropical-themed lounge
infinity pool
panoramic view 
family-friendly area 

Loreland Farm Resort also offers the following:
Team Building Park
Jogging Area
Function Rooms
Events Venu
Stations of the Cross
Laundry Service
Convenience Store

for updates and promos check out:

Loreland Farm Resort
Address: Sitio Loreland, Brgy San Roque, Antipolo City
Tel: +632696-0101 to 03
Fax: +632696-0106
facebook page:


Aleah | said...

Ganda nga ng place! Looking forward to stay there (and experience the SPArty na rin) next weekend. :D

Journeying Pinay said...

wow nice interior and arki. would love to see this live. :)

soloflightEd said...

It looks really relaxing dyan!
babad lang sa pool and then patay oras to escape from the busy city!

Mac Callister said...

Ang ganda!!!!

Will consider this place kapag nasa pinas ako. Thanks!

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Wanna go there with the family pagbalik ko ng Pinas :D

Manong Unyol said...

nice ang ganda nakakarelax, sarap dumaretso jan galing sa napaka stress na trabaho..

Agos said...

To the author of the blog. thank you for sharing this. I have visited this place year's back but i'm surprised that it has transformed to a place that's really nice and relaxing.

escape said...

>Aleah, hahaha... on SPArty. at first you might find the place small but when you get to explore the lounges and the cottages you will love the place.

>JourneyingPinay, you should. i like the tropical theme and magaling nga ang interior design.

>Soloflighted, relaxing talaga dun kasi may magandang view pa. nung pangalawang araw namin dun, nakaupo na lang sa tabi ng pool.

>Mac, great! sulit yan.

>Micamyx, nice. sigurado enjoy kayo, kelan pala balik mo?

>ManongUnyol, ang maganda pa kasi di na rin ganun ka layo sa Metro. kaya sulit ang weekend na pahinga sa Loreland.

>Agos, nice. it was actually my first time to visit the place. dami na nga nakabisita sa resort dati. the old area is still there. the new phase was just added which is the Luljetta's hanging garden. which is the nicest part. you should return soon.

Photo Cache said...

would love to stay there. pretty relaxing.


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