Saturday, June 1, 2013

my 2013 top 15 pinoy travel blogs

i thought listing down 15 Top Pinoy Travel Blogs for 2013 would be easy. i thought 15 was a lot but not when you find many interesting emerging travel blogs. since this is for 2013, i based it on 2013 posts and considered less of the format and design but more on the information that these blogs has been useful to me.

amazing photos matched with amazing stories of places and people often times missed out by many. two blogs that i'ven been following since i started blogging ironwulf and lagalog retained it as my top favorite blog. lantaw's focus on outdoor brings out the best in landscape.

fun read for seemingly endless travels of pinaytraveljunkie with little Luna as the highlight. tandem travel blog fliptravels has been a source of funny travel stories on the road. while flipnomad brings out the best of what is beyond Philippines including features of world travelers.

the lakwatsero and thepinaysolobackpacker has been a great source for travel informations and recommendations. a personal favorite would also be lakas ng trip that covers an extensive information of Palawan, may it be North, South or Central.

journeyingjames and pinoyadventurista moves around the Philippines for new spots and activities. one day you'll find them by the beach the next day they're in Manila. when it comes to updated and consistent trekking info pinoymountaineer and ivanlakwatsero would definitely stand out on my list.

in finding new hotels i find chyngreyes and justwandering useful. their blogs comes in photos that entice travelers to try out something new. something lux.

my top travel blog list for 2013:
lakas ng trip

i can extend the list to another 15 or maybe even 30 to list down my other favorite blogs but this for now will do for Out of Town blog's Poll for 2013.


Photo Cache said...

there are indeed a lot of good travel blogs in PI.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

WOW!!! Salamat Dom! I'm always a fan of yours... :)

sheng said...

I have always loved your posts and posting your faves make me want to enjoy traveling soon, because like you do, I think I must travel!

nina said...

Wow naman. Thanks Dom :D

docgelo said...

good list, dom! i follow most of them too.

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

ayiii! biased ito kasi baby mo si luna in a parallel universe :)

Unknown said...

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Lagalog Ramos said...

Bai thanks for the faith! God bless always :D

Unknown said...

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John Vera said...

Great list. Been following two of those Pinoy Travel Blogs - justwandering and lakas ng trip.

Thanks for sharing!

عروض الصيف said...

i like this

punky said...

pre nepal adventure tayo!


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