Friday, March 29, 2013

why am i going to myanmar?

around November last year over an internet chat. Ron opened up of planning to go to Myanmar. the conversation was short and actually sounded more like a football game.

Ron: ano game? 

Dong: game. 
Ron: fight? 
Dong: fight! fight!

going to Myanmar was not even on my bucket list but because for quite some time, i've been wanting to travel with the cool tandem travelers Ron and Monette of Fliptravels, saying yes was easy.

as days came, chat room for this trip grew adding Jerome, Robbie and Marky. who immediately booked for the same flight to Yangon. soon after, we convinced Gay and little Luna to join the trip and finally Melo, who confirmed just few weeks before the departure date.

despite being part of Southeast Asian Nations, i knew less about this country. but i am not the first one in the family to go to Myanmar. way back 2008, my mother went there for a quick trip. but still knew very less about the country except for the stupas and the jade jewelries. 

i rarely have a deeper reason to travel. it's usually just because i want to travel. on this particular trip, i simply want to enjoy it with fellow travel bloggers and to see Myanmar.

what i know about Myanmar before the trip:
Aung San Suu Kyi
Military Junta
Ruby and Jade Stones
Hkakabo Razi

what i wanted to see in Myanmar:
Temples of Bagan
Mt. Popa 
Pagodas in Yangon

what i expect to happen in Myanmar:
long fun road trip with other travelers
amazing temple views
to be little Luna's temporary dada

here begins this long eskapo series. escape and explore Myanmar.


Luna Miranda said...

i also don't know much about Myanmar except Aung San Suu Kyi and what i've seen in the news, mostly bad news. it would be interesting to read your post about this trip. looking forward to it.

Unknown said...

I was aware of the previous political situation in Myanmar, but is clueless at the current situation - compounded by the last Rambo flick, I thought the countryside was besieged by a civil war.

Going there I was greeted with the complete opposite. I join the Burmese people in these exciting times for their country. Which I expect to go boom (tourism-wise).

Jerome said...

buti na lang nagkita tayo last xmas kung hindi di ako makakasama sa trip natin hehe

escape said...

>Luna, i think very few people still know about Myanmar. making it a very interesting country. thanks for looking forward to the series.

>Marky, i like that Rambo flick. hahaha... that was the best thing about it. makes me really excited to share this post. in the end making us love Myanmar.

>Je, buti din talaga na nagyaya si Ron.

blissfulguro said...

me? no idea about myanmar talaga. haha. can't wait for this series dom :)

Astrid said...

Added myanmar to my list because of you guys! Ang cute lang nung to be Luna's temporary dada. Naachieve naman ba?

sheng said...

I have heard of Myanmar because of Aung San Suu Kyi, but more to it than that, none. I'd love to go to Myanmar, but fisrt, there are a lot of places to travel here in Pinas muna, the kids will love to visit the Ocean park soon.

Post Myanmar travel soon. I am so looking forward.

Borneo Falcon said...

Have a great trip. Looking forward for your Myanmmar post

Oman said...

Eto na yun. :)

Will definitely wait for your Myanmar Eskapo-eds.

Have a blessed Easter to you and your family.

Happy Philippines said...

ang saya! at magkakasama pa kayo. kelan ko din kaya mararating ang Myanmar. hmmm. abangan ko tong series.

nathalie said...

One of the best trips ever! buti nlang tinuloy ko in spite the negative things I've read and discouragements from friends, I didn't informed my family about the trip kala nila KL lang ako not until they saw my pix in one the temples.;)

killerfillers said...

Gusto ko mag-Myanmar lalo na nong nakita ko mga pics nyo sa timeline ko sa instagram. Tska hindi masyado mainstream ang Myanmar compare sa Cambodia.:p

Photo Cache said...

just because you want to see it is enough reason. pretty soon you'd be finished with the Asian nations and you'd be pressed to tackle another continent. can't wait for this post.

docgelo said...

excited to know how you played a temporary dada to that incredibly adorable luna. bring it on, dom!

Raft3r said...

...and the first post is up!
ako na ang mas excited to read the next posts

OLAN | The Travel Teller said...

i'm looking forward for this post Dong. myanmar is on my bucket list. :)

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