Tuesday, November 20, 2012

travelers abode

we know travelers love to run away out of their abode but it is interesting to see their own favorite spots in their four-cornered homes. this time featuring three Mindanao based travel bloggers who each picked that particular spot that makes them feel at home.

Doc Wends of Journeys and Travels

Bonz of Contour Blog

Dennis of Love Mindanao

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Ada | Adaphobic Travels said...

Very interesting posts featuring bloggers from Mindanao. Kainspire yung mga paintings and Buddha ni Doc Wends ha, Ma ayos nga rin kwarto ko.

PS. I love Dennis' bedsheet hehe! Aliw!

escape said...

Ada, kakaiba nga pag yung mgapaintings mo sa bahay ikaw gumawa. good for doc wends. dami pa nga siyang photos ng paintings na pinadala kaya lang i hav to pick few.

kakatuwa talaga makita kwarto ng mga byahero. si Dens may reserved pa na kama.

sana ma feature din kwarto mo.

Reena said...

Sa forest nakatira si Dennis?!? (Feeling close)

Their spaces look so tranquil. I especially liked the Buddha space of Doc Wends; I can relate to Bonz working on the dining table because I need that amount of workspace too; And I like Dennis' extra bed.

So when are you featuring my room? :P

Khan said...

Hi there, I really liked your post. can you me email address so that I can talk to you about this write of yours in detail.

Mac Callister said...

There's no place like home nga talaga...

Christian | LAKAD Pilipinas said...

wow may map pa talaga si love mindanao! gusto ko rin maglagay nun once nagawa na bago kong kwarto :)

Traveling Hawk said...

Interesting idea to present us these fellow travelers at their home! I myself, have a shelf over my computer (where I write my blog), full of things I brought back especially from travels in Asia. Each one reminds me of a certain place and moment!

SunnyToast said...

Wow..I feel like reading a travel lifestyle mag. When you cannibalize your life on your blog people will start questioning, imagining and wondering…how they spend their ordinary day, your home or room, friends and even your family….I want to fart lol…but really you found the aesthetic on presenting your fellow bloggers their home!

Anonymous said...

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sheng said...

Stalker mode ka ata dito, hahahaa

The Backpack Man said...

galing naman

Bonzenti | Con Tour Blog said...

Thanks so much dong for being one of your lists. I am honored. God bless bro and all the Best for 2013. Hope to see you soon. :-).


wow awesome!!! Si dens may extra bed perfect png couch surf! :D great great list featuring my co-mindanaoans!



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