Friday, October 26, 2012

taluksangay mosque

the Philippines as a country geographically divided into islands and regions also embraced a diverse cultural mix. democracy strengthened the right of the people to be part of a religion and protect its traditions.

the Southwestern side of the archipelago holds some of the most significant historical structures of Islam in the Philippines. Simunul mosque stands as the oldest mosque in the country found in the Southernmost group of islands of Tawi-Tawi while the other old mosque is found in Zamboanga.

the location of two of the oldest mosque in the Philippines supports the proof that Islam was first propagated in the country through these region. both mosque located near the coast and is surrounded by a community of stilt-house villages. 

Zamboanga peninsula's oldest mosque in a coastal village of Taluksangay might not be as big compared to the many new mosques found around Mindanao. but it holds the title of being one of the most significant structure on the history of Islam in the country.

it was built in 1885 and survived the world war. it continued to  expand until it was considered to be the center of the Islam influence in the region. on our visit there, the mosque was closed. we had to take photos from outside but the caretaker of the mosque noticed us and invited us inside. 

despite Taluksangay Mosque beginning to be popular site for tourists it remains to be open to the public for free except on times when they are praying. as a respect, avoid taking photos inside during those times. 

the mosque is very well maintained from the flooring to its surroundings. the upper portion was under construction when we were there but it was still at its beautiful form. standing beside a coast and a bridge to this islet.

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how to get there:

Island Profile:
Island: Stilt Island/Mindanao 
City: Zamboanga
Province: Zamboanga Peninsula
Region: Western Mindanao

GPS Location: 
6' 57'' 3 N
122' 10" 54 E

how to get there:
from Zamboanga City:
take the jeep going to Taluksangay just near Plaza Pershing in the city central. jeepney will only leave once it's full. so at certain times it would take some time before it leaves.  

eskapo recommends:
when you make your itinerary, it would be good to allot a time for the jeepney waiting time for both Zamboanga city central to Taluksangay and back. 


Pinoy Adventurista said...

super nice... i'll go here too pagbalik ko ng Zamboanga City... isang jeep lang pala... thanks for sharing... :)

alicesg said...

Lovely photo of the mosque. Glad to see you back in bloggerland. Have a nice weekend.

Photo Cache said...

It's wonderful that you're showing us the places we'll probably not see because of its distance to the capital.

Oman said...

Hey Buddy, nice to see you back blogging again. With you, Mindanao is represented again. Keep it up.

Chyng said...

heart pounding trip. hehe

i remember the man we hitched on, swerte natin!

Unknown said...

Sabi ko nga ba si Chyng yung nakatalikod.

For sure we'll going to visit this Mosque. Kahit hindi siya Grandiose compare to other in Mindanao but the historical value itself make us more interested.

Thanks for sharing Dong.

sheng said...

I once had a side trip to Zamboanga but I winder which part of Zamboanga that was, I went to the Pasonanca park, and that is just the only memory I can think of Zamboanga. No more after that. It would be nice to be back.

SunnyToast said...

This is such wonderful way to promote the place since i guess most of people this of the place is nakakatakot with all the bad news and showing this beatiful pictures and detailed information will entice me and other people to visit this place.

docgelo said...

simple subjects always look amazing in your composition.

i'm constantly learning, dom!
btw, good you're back again on blogging! :)

Albin said...

will definitely be going to this place Sir Dong! Thank You for sharing this.

Wends of Journeys and Travels said...

The best I had visited by far. :) Been here already :)

Raft3r said...

finally some new posts

mindanao talaga gusto ko i-explore

happy halloween, dong!

Traveling Hawk said...

It seems to be a nice place, dong ho! The mosque looks interesting, with those red bulbs!

Reena said...

ang cute ng fence. meron din siyang dome-like structure. love is in the details.... :)


Thanks for bringing stories and photos like this to us, Idol. Di pa ako nakakapasok ng Mosque. Ang peaceful ng setting.

Ingat sa mga trips. Love the map in your watermark. :)

Beth said...

Ang dami niyan dito! :) Pero I don't take too much pics of them, tingin ko bawal e. Or maybe, di ko pa kasi ganun sinusubukan. Maybe, later. Pag tagal tagal. :)

As always, I like all the pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Very well posted and I like how you describe the place in detail so with the photos, of course they are the kicker. I love looking at your photos.


Unknown said...

Lovely photos! I’m planning to go back in Mindanao! But I still have to fix the budget and papers of my new car from the ford dealers long island store..


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