Sunday, July 22, 2012

the road to three sixty

i just returned to my room from a day around the city of Harbin in China last February when an email with a subject "Hello from 360PHL" popped from my laptop screen. a good news. it was an invitation to be a cast of an indie-travel reality based webisode.
the concept was to send eight travelers grouped into four to travel in the Philippines particularly sending each group north, south, east and west. i was chosen to be one of the cast. i immediately replied "this is a go!" clicked sent without thinking when it will be shoot. 
it was my last five days with my previous company when i returned to Manila. so anything beyond that time was indefinite except for my "yes" to be part of this travel web series. days after that, i started to receive more information including the schedule of shoots of interviews and the projected travel date.
it was only days before the trip when we met the rest of the cast and the crew. the biggest shock was when the pairing was revealed because i never expected that i'll be partnered with Rob and that we will be sent to Mindanao since i am from the South. it seemed that almost everything i expected was wrong.
the most challenging aspect of being a cast was the fact that we really don't know where we were bound and what we will do. our option that time was either to have a mind set expecting the worst or best yet no expectation.
South leg with teammate Rob and the crew Agnes, Lai and Dane
but the best thing of being part of this project was that everyone in the team worked with passion. it was formed out of what each individual does best and loves the most. 
looking at how everyone worked so hard, i believed that only crazy people will do this not getting paid. true. these people are simply crazy in making the country's first reality travel web series.

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Chyng said...

right, hardest part of being a cast - you dont even know what to wear for the next "activity". haha FAIL! =)

so proud to be part of this project. hands down kina ron, franz, magnet, dane, nina, monette, etc. all for the love of travel! ♥


avid follower on this webisode .. congrats to the whole cast!

escape said...

Chyng, i agree. kaya sobrang pasalamat na naging bahagi tayo ng season one. i will forever be grateful.

Kulapitot, nice to know that. salamat ng marami. more than the cast, we really owe this to the entire PHL360 team.

Piggybear Travels said...

I'm a fanatic agad nung webisode kuya :) Avid reader mo lang ako tapos pati narin itong PHL360. Heheh! Congrats!

escape said...

Hi Vash, big thanks! it's really nice that you like it. i myself is a fan of the PHL360 project.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

That makes the show realistic, because you really don't know what will happen... Kudos to the cast and to the whole team for putting a awesome web series! Cheers! :)

Traveling Hawk said...

What a great project! I hope you will tell us more.

killerfillers said...

Fan nyo ako ni Rob!!:) #teamdongbie

Reena said...

Congrats again. The Thursday habit lives on....So may 2nd season pala?

blissfulguro said...

am still starstruck! glad to finally meet you sa launch dom.

ngapala, fatima's still asking if sikat ka na ba daw talaga? hahaha

roman leo reyman said...

Congrats to PHL360. I am also fan of the whole team. More seasons to come! :)

escape said...

>Mervs, maraming salamat sa walang humpay na suporta. oo yun din nagpaganda sa project na to or else it might not be as interesting.

>TravelingHawk, i think the best way to describe it is by watching the episodes. hope you will like it.

>Ada, i know that. hahaha... salamat sa pagsubaybay. oo nga sana magkaroon ng season two para may bagong cast.

>Killerfillers, whoa! salamat! hahaha... ramdam ang suporta ninyo.

>Reena, hopefully. through the support of the viewers and followers. salamat ulit sa support and feedback.

>Blissfulguro, hahaha... starstruck?! di kita kaagad nakilala. same here. kaya natutuwa din ako na nakita kita dun. hahaha... kakatuwa si Fatima.

>Roman, we really appreciate that. this will definitely reach Team PHL360. salamat ng marami.

Robbie said...

Personally, the best thing that happened to me this year. =)

Hoy Dom! Masaya ko na partner kita nooooooo!!!!

lakwatserong tatay said...

siyempre member then ako ng thursday group...parang That's Entertaiment lang eh noh...sana nga meron season whole cast & crew at siyempre sana meron pa mga susunod na season...^_^

Asiong32 said...

congrats ulit sa buong cast and crew! Dom, pwede bang mag apply na videographer? nakakainggit kasi sina Agnes at Dane. haha...sumasideline na rin kasi akong videographer dito sa baguio at may grupo na rin ako. hehe. ingat!

escape said...

>Rob, it was really a new experience and really had a great time. challenge was there but it was just part.

hahaha... nag enjoy ako sa trip na yon. salamat sa kakulitan.

>LakwatserongTatay, hahaha... Thursday habit. sana nga but it's too early to say kasi apat na episode pa lang ang season 4. we are expecting 16. salamat sa support!

>Asiong, salamat ng marami. let's see wala ako sa production team pero sige tingnan natin. maaga pa naman for season 2. kakatuwa na ginagawa mo na yung talagang gustong gusto mong gawin. ituloy mo yan.

RON said...

it is our honor working with you Dom! What fuels our passion is the unspoken pleasure of working with people who has the same level of love with this process called traveling.

Di bale, next season crew ka na, time na para gumanti sa next batch of travelers! hahaha

Renz Bulseco said...

Ramdam na ramdam ko ang passion while watching your episodes... well... actually nung preparation pa lang ng launch. Woot! Kudos! Can't wait for Thursday for ep5!

Magnet | Tramping Philippines said...

@asiong.. korak magapply kang videographer kasi next time kami naman daw ang cast! hhehehe. and sana sa susunod di na lang sideline yang sayo .. bonggang projects na!

dom.. miss ko yung mga offcam and takas moments natin lalo na dun sa tent city! hehe.

escape said...

>Ron, i like that. galing talaga. crew for season two. sounds so good. hahaha...

>Renz, laking tulong na nandun ka. hahaha... salamat sa support. hindi ko malilimutan ang translation session.

>Magnet, hahaha... mukhang handa na kayo para maging cast. (evilgrin) oo nga sigurado kikita na ng malaki yan si Asiong diyan sa ginagawa niya.

oo. saya nung mga takas time sa tent city. behind the scene moment was the coolest.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I can only look in envy at what you guys have been up to - congrats for a job well done Dom.

Next time nyan, mainstream TV na kayo!

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations! It's a wonderful opportunity for you. I hope that you'll enjoy every new experience.

witsandnuts said...

Congratulations! So nice to see you and Chyng as participants to this adventure.

lakwatserong tsinelas said...

this is one of my best travel shows. sana may season2. inabangan ko lahat ng episodes. hehe


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