Tuesday, March 6, 2012

timbak trail kabayan benguet

the route to Timbak Mummy Caves via the kilometer 55 of Halsema Highway gives way to a relatively easier access. the hike up with some few stops can only take about an hour and a half and with those who often trek, it would even be shorter.
almost the entire half of the trail is ascend and at one portion we actually found ourselves better, walking backwards. the fun of tagging along fellow travel bloggers Ga-el, Emil, Darwin, Kevin and lead by our guide Vince who is a local of Kabayan.
though the entire trail is just navigating the road, the reward here is the panoramic view of the boundary of the municipality of Buguias and Kabayan. we were even welcomed by a rainbow along the way.
we reached the Mongoto Elementary School which was a good stop because of a mini store. but more than getting refreshed, the kids who were playing on top of the trucks and jeepneys got our attention. at first i just took some few shots until they were all posing giving us priceless smiles.
the flora of the trail is quite rich. we have seen rare and even plants that i've never seen before. this could be contributed by the cold climate of the Cordilleras. few minutes we were walking under the sun and some steps ahead the path was already covered with fog.
we reached the junction just in time for a quick rest before the trek to the mummy caves. a typical house surrounded by a steel roof on an semi-elevated land was our home for the weekend.
Barangay: Timbak
Altitude: 2715 MASL 
Municipality: Kabayan
Province: Benguet
Region: Cordillera
Island: Luzon

Distance from Manila: 295KMs
GPS Location: 
16' 39'' 3 N
120' 47'' 43 E

How to get there:
By commuting:
[1] Take any regular bus from Manila to Baguio. From Baguio there are two options to reach Timbak. First is via KM55 of Halsema Highway and second is via the town center of the municipality of Kabayan. In our case, we chose option 1.
[2] From Baguio, take a bus at Dangwa Station going to either Sagada, Bontoc or Abatan. When buying your ticket, inform them to drop you at Kilometer 55 (of the Halsema Highway). This is the jump-off point to the Timbak trail. Bus trip will take about 2hours.  Note: KM55 is just few minutes from the stopover in Atok but not all buses stop in Atok.

By car or private vehicle:
[1] Drive to Baguio, cross La Trinidad and take the Halsema Highway. 
[2] From Halsema, turn right at KM55. This is just meters away from Atok central. There's a sign that says "Welcome to Mummy Caves of Timbac" but sign is too small to be noticed while in the highway. Best yet to ask the locals after passing by Atok or at the highest point of Halsema Highway.

eskapo recommends:
1. get a guide who can either pick you up in Baguio or meet you at KM55 of Halsema Highway. you can contact Vince Gapuz 09198524410 who was also our guide when we went there.


Pinoy Adventurista said...

wow! thanks for sharing Vince's number... I'm planning climb Mt. Timbak this month... as I need to train for cold weather climbs... hehehe!

ardee sean said...

woot.. want to experience this. i love the view on the top, priceless.. ;)

Traveling Hawk said...

Again a nice series of photos, dong ho! My favourites are no 2 and 5 but also the two cute children!

Robbie said...

Next post pa yung mummies? Mukhang okay din tong daanan papuntang Sagada ah.

Luna Miranda said...

beautiful! but can't help of thinking about earthquakes and landslides. i envy people in this area for their cool weather.:p

Photo Cache said...

fun trip again with ga-el too. ask her if she is comfy walking/treking in flip flops, bec i find it almost impossible :)

gillboard said...

great photos as usual. but the photo of the children just grabs me.

escape said...

>mervs, kaya lang hindi na rin ata ganun ka lamig ngayon dun but where else can be colder in the country kaya ok na rin. contact mo na lang si vince pagpunta mo dun.

>ardee, sulit ang view dun.

>trvaeling hawk, thanks!

>robbie, pwede tong sidetrip since along halsema medyo matarik nga lang yung paakyat pero may daan naman. pwede din mag hitch hike.

>luna, yun din talaga hinahanap hanap ko dun yung lamig. yung landslide talagang di maiiwasan pag tag-ulan.

>photo cache, i think it was fine. she didnt complain about that while we were trekking.

Reena said...

ang cute pala nung friends mo. lol. pero mas-cute ung kids. yung isa, nag peace sign pa! sana may video nung naglalakad kayo patalikod. haha. :)

p.s. pahirap na ng pahirap ung codes mo ha. i'm not a robot!

Heart of Rachel said...

The panoramic view is breathtaking!

It's nice to see such happy smiles. The kids must have enjoyed posing for that shot.

Raft3r said...

ganda, ah
ok itong pang summer adventure!

docgelo said...

wow, kasama si gael?
my family and i met her finally in hkdl. that girl is amazing!

kailan kay ako makakasama sa trip nyo? haha!

Pietro Brosio said...

Nice landscapes, I can breathe that fine air looking at the images.

pusangkalye said...

wow!!!kasama si Emil. ito yung namention nya dati.I am so glad natuloy na nameet ka nya kasi alam mo lagi ka nyang bukang bibig sakin na idol ka raw nya and all. I am so glad!!!

soloflightEd said...

wow, sarap umakyat ng bundok ngayon kasi summer. ang init ngayon dito sa SR, dom! haha

galing mo talaga sa mga people shots. pati yung mga bata ambilis lumapit sayo para magpapicture.

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

nakita ko nga to nung nag sagada ako, iniisip ko kung pa-para ako kaya lang nagbayad na ko ng derecho sagada. ayos tong guide mo na to dong! next time to sakin :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

thanks for sharing this dom..astig ng mga shots mo...^_^

Ichan said...

Very informative po ung post! ang astig po ng mga shots nu lalo npo ung sa mga bata =)

mommynuts said...

I missed a lot of eskapos. love those smiles of kids, priceless indeed! seems like I'll be making a lot visit to track back your old posts..

jeanny said...

will dream about this...sana magawa ko din cya soon :-)

Josiah @ Lakas ng Trip said...

Bigla kong namiss ang Cordillera! Thanks sa mga information na binigay mo Dong. Punta ako dito soon. :)

bing said...

i love love that photo of the kids!

nice to see that your photo collection evolved to having the other trekkers with you in the pics.

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Been wanting to do this since we were living in Baguio but never had the chance coz we had no babysitter :( Hope Tin will be up for this!

alicesg said...

It is true about walking backwards on high attitude. Great photos on the trek. Hope you have a great weekend.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

yey! meron na pala neto! hahaha one of my best trek to. dahil sa trip na toh, paborito na kita! ahaha

Asiong32 said...

ako din, one of my best trek ever, syempre kasi kasama idol ko at mga bagets! nakakamiss, tara akyat ulit tayo ng timbak! hehe

looking forward to climbing mt. sto. tomas with you soon!


Ang ganda ng mga photos. Hope marating ko ito soon.


Ang ganda ng mga photos. Hope marating ko ito soon.


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