Thursday, March 29, 2012

mt timbak kabayan benguet

7:00pm we had our dinner. 7:45pm we were already on our rooms. not that we run out of things to do but it felt like it was getting colder by the minute. headache and chills. i had one of the coldest experience that night.
almost sleepless. by 5:30am we sneaked out of the house to catch a glimpse of sunrise on top of a denuded water tank. sunrise revealed a silhouette of the islands highest peak Mt. Pulag and the nearby Junior Pulag.
sun was soon out but it remained cold. best thing was that ate rose, the house caretaker, was consistent in serving us local coffee. quick rest and along with  Ga-el, Emil, Darwin and Kevin, we had our gears ready for the hike up Mt. Timbak's summit. 
what made this trek different from my previous treks was that ninety percent of Timbak's trail is crossing tiered vegetable farms.thus at certain time some locals would charge people crossing their areas.
hike was entirely uphill and we easily got exhausted because of lack of sleep and that we were already at a height of 2,600meters above sea level. but doing some stops was perfect as we are overlooking villages of Atok on our right and the village of Kabayan on our left.
along the way we saw locals plowing. but what i found more challenging for the farmers here was the scarcity of water at this height. Mt. Timbac does not have natural flowing water system. so they would use improvised water basins made of plastic surface to store water. 
several cell sites stood at the mountain peak that made it less attractive but we were captivated by this beautiful garden which was also at the summit. here, the sun's heat started to dominate over the cold morning climate. 
from the peak, the mini calvary, which was just few meters away from the summit can be seen. we took some time resting at that spot as the view of the highest point of Halsema Highway was amazing. 
the third highest peak of the island of Luzon did not disappoint us. the mountain range of the Cordilleras remains one of the best in the country. this is a good side trip for a visit to the mummies of Kabayan.
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special thanks to Tine of the Jovial Wanderer for tips on who to coordinate.
Barangay: Timbak/Timbac
Altitude: 2715 MASL 
Municipality: Kabayan
Province: Benguet
Region: Cordillera
Island: Luzon

Distance from Manila: 295KMs
GPS Location: 
16' 39'' 3 N
120' 47'' 43 E

How to get there:
By commuting:
[1] Take any regular bus from Manila to Baguio. From Baguio there are two options to reach Timbak. First is via KM55 of Halsema Highway and second is via the town center of the municipality of Kabayan. In our case, we chose option 1.
[2] From Baguio, take a bus at Dangwa Station going to either Sagada, Bontoc or Abatan. When buying your ticket, inform them to drop you at Kilometer 55 (of the Halsema Highway). This is the jump-off point to the Timbak trail and the mummy caves. Bus trip will take about 2hours.  
[3] Trek from jump-off to home stay junction 1hr with less stops.trek from this junction to the summit is about an hour or less.
Note: KM55 is just few minutes from the stopover in Atok but not all buses stop in Atok.

By car or private vehicle:
[1] Drive to Baguio, cross La Trinidad and take the Halsema Highway. 
[2] From Halsema, turn right at KM55. This is just meters away from Atok central. There's a sign that says "Welcome to Mummy Caves of Timbac" but sign is too small to be noticed while in the highway. Best yet to ask the locals after passing by Atok or at the highest point of Halsema Highway.
[3] From this signboard, just follow the partially paved road which would require 4x4 vehicles.

eskapo recommends:
1. get a guide who can either pick you up in Baguio or meet you at KM55 of Halsema Highway. you can contact Vince Gapuz 09198524410 who was also our guide when we went there.


Borneo Falcon said...

No pain, no gain. Such a wonderful and rewarding trip.

itin said...


D'QXTC said...

when I read headache and chills, i was like oh no.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

i won't forget that night, coldest night for me! lol buti nabuhay pa ako. haha nakaka miss to, ang saya tlga netong trip! said...

aaww, i miss ga-el.
farmville trekking in a cold weather, ayos! kala ko kaya kayo sleepless kasi andaming chikka ni gael- peace gael! see you soon!

escape said...

>Borneo Falcon, you're right on that.

>Itin, i highly recommend the cordilleras.

>Dee Quixotic, timing is important. we were there last january when it can be very cold. i think now is a good time to go there without the extremely cold experience.

>Ga-el, i had the same mind-set. it was just too cold. saya talaga kasi kulitan hanggang pababa.

>Chyng, di kaya kasi pagkatapos na pagkatapos kumain kanya kanya na sa kwarto.

Angel said...

Gusto ko dito! Gusto kong puntahan ito! Pag nagawi ka ulit dito sama mo naman ako dong :)

XoXo said...

impressive dong... i love them all, we also made it to one of the mountains here i bet you would have been interested to trail the highest one which Balden Powell (boy scout founder)was the first to discover it at 9000 ft. it's in my previous posts.

docgelo said...

headache and chills?

pag malamig kasi our blood vessels automatically constrict (vasoconstriction) so definitely sasakit ulo nyo. ayos lang, at least nakapahinga.

gaya ng dati, sobranga husay ng mga kuha ng larawan!

iba talaga trademark mo, dom!

Ichan said...

Ang galing nu po tlga kumuha ng pics! lalo npo ung sa terraces. Nakakatempt tuloy pumunta ng benguet.... =)

escape said...

>Angel, sige. sana nga makabalik this year kasi balak din ni Ga-el na bumalik.

>Prem, thanks! that's interesting. already googled about it. i have yet to know more about that mountains there.

>Doc Gelo, salamat. yun nga medyo mahirap at nasa mataas pa kami na lugar. pero nakatulong to sa paghanda ko nung pumunta ako sa china.

>Ichan, salamat. sana mapuntahan mo rin ang kabayan. sulit to.

joei ♥ said...

Got here from Chyng's site. All I can say is WOW. Will definitely follow your blog! :)

Photo Cache said...

I'm sure there is a different kind of high one gets when he reaches the peak. I'm just a wuss. I don't think I'll ever climb :)

Traveling Hawk said...

Beautiful mountains! Clever farmers, they found an income!

Traveling Hawk said...

Beautiful mountains! Clever farmers, they found an income!

Anonymous said...

nice, bkit wlang khit isang letrato ng mum.? Jejeje

Gladys | said...

great photos... i love ur 7th (?) photo... really, really nice. wish i can go to benguet soon... sayang, our trip there last month didn't push thru. hoping i can go there later this year.

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

ang ganda ng ilaw kay gael!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I remember our guide pointing Mt. Timbak while we were at Mt. Pulag's summit! Eto yung malapit mismo sa Halsema Highway, right?

escape said...

>Joie, big thanks! i owe Chyng on this.

>Photo Cache, it depends on the trail. there are many treks that wouldnt require much. i think you should still try.

>Traveling Hawk, amazing because they've been doing this for centuries now.

>Gladys, thanks! i hope you'll be able to go there soon taking advantage of summer.

>Christian, ganda nga nung umaga na yun.

>Dennis, yes. that's the mountain you can see from Mt. Pulag near Halsema.

lakwatserong tatay said...

astig...kainggit...ang ganda pa ng mga shot...kaw na talaga dom...^_^

Mitch said...

Whoo! Freezing cold ang drama ng trek na to! Nakakapuyat nga ba talaga ang lamig?! your shots! Buti consistent ang may kape!

ardee sean said...

grabe, parang sobrang exciting ng trail nyo.. ang taas ng place at saka mala-Lord of the rings.. i like..

Raft3r said...

gano kalamig?
pero paniguradong enjoy pa din naman byahe nyo, eh

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

Farmville trek lang ah. Wish ko rin pumunta dyan eh, sana lang carry ko yung mahabang lakaran na ginawa nyo. Buti hindi kayo sinipon sa sobrang lamig.


Sobrang ganda. Parang war yung pagkakacompose sa 2nd photo. Ito ang working area nila, naistress pa kaya sila sa ganda ng sceneries? The best talaga. :)

Jovial Wanderer said...

Oooh, may special mention pala ako dito. Welcome! :) San kayo natulog? Ang ganda ng photos mo, gsto ko yung first, parang ang sarap tuloy matulog. Haha

Jovial Wanderer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
turista project said...

loved the plower image and that of the calvary. your mugs with coffee photo brought me back some benguet memories

Gem said...

Wow! Naunahan mo ako dyan!

Maybe next time you could tag me along. I wish to reach those places.

Thanks for sharing though.



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