Tuesday, March 20, 2012

el encuentro lois y monette

they would go solo on some trips that makes them look really tough but when i met them i can say that Lois and Monette are among the sweetest Filipina travel bloggers. both of them writes for a tandem travel blog, which are also considered to be among the coolest in the country. i have yet to join them on a trip and that's what im looking forward to doing this year. here to feature two Filipina travelers and their brief travel profile.
                                                      "el encuentro" 
lois yasay                                            blogger                                 monette fernandez
sole sisters                                             blog                                               flip'n travels

germany                                          farthest north                                hong kong, china
indonesia                                         farthest south                                           indonesia
united states of america                    farthest east                                         bohol, phils
united states of america                    farthest west                                             sri lanka

southern germany to france              longest road trip                     siem reap to  bangkok
banmaw to mandalay (myanmar)       longest boat trip                   trip to caramoan islands
manila to usa                                  longest plane trip                            flight to sri lanka
jodhpur to goa (india)                      longest train trip                                        none yet

grosser mythen (switzerland)               highest point                                      mt kinabalu
samal island (davao)                           deepest swim          none (don't know how to swim) 
kalaw to inlay lake                              longest trek                                         mt kinabalu
moung nga (laos)                                 hardest trek                                        mt kinabalu

money                                          item/s lost in a trip                                       umbrella
protection bracelet from a shaman item/s given on a trip                    beer cozy from bali
bugs in laos                                     worst food eaten                   all spicy food and balut 
1. farthest places reached are referenced from Manila (with Manila to Europe as West and Manila to Guam as East).
2. records here are subject to update. as we know travelers break their records from time to time. records here are updated as of this posting

previously featured:


Axl Powerhouse Network said...

isang wow...
sana someday magawa ko din yung mga ganyan travel...
envy lang...
at sana mameet ko din sila para sa mga travel tips na rin.

soloflightEd said...

haha. ayos na pairing talaga! Kala mo mabrusko talagang mga babae, pero di pala :D

btw, dom, yung link namin ni ferdz, broken. hehe :D

Chyng said...

yess, welcome back to blogging!

item lost: payong. apir monette! sorry ka umuwi ka agad, di ko nabigay yung P500. haha

Pinoy Adventurista said...

wow! 2 girls na talagang on the go... keep on inspiring us Lois and Monette! Cheers!!! :)

Pietro Brosio said...

Interesting summary, I'll visit their blogs.
Have a nice day!

escape said...

>Axl, with more frequent seat sales and some savings you can for sure pursue it. i believe you can catch up with them when they give talks about travel.

>Ed, tumpak. kaya masaya talaga kasama yung mahilig bumyahe. naayos ko na yung link. salamat. ngayon ko lang napansin.

>Chyng, salamat. tama na muna ang byahe para makapagblog na.

>Mervs, for sure they will continue to inspire more.

>Pietro, thanks!

Jerome said...

nice combo! namiss ko rin basahin ang series na to =)

Traveling Hawk said...

I wish you a pleasant trip!


Wow! Mga hahangaang Pinay. I'll read their sites.

The SoleSisters said...

I was curious whom I was going to be paired with for this series Dong. So glad it's Monette! Thanks for featuring us! Hope to travel with you someday para madagdagan yung highest peaks covered ;-)

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

"I don't know how to swim", cute ni Monette! Another awesome combo. I'd like to try that Banmaw-Mandalay trip that Lois did!

Regin's Travels said...

@dong ho. Nice article...I hope to meet you too someday on the road.

Photo Cache said...

very interesting. i really like this series, dong.

gillboard said...

both are really beautiful travel bloggers.

good job on this one dong.

lakwatserong tatay said...

wow...astig talaga tong mga girls na toh avid readers ako pareho ng mga sites nila...

btw. dom, tuloy po ba ang pinatubo nyo this coming saturday...hope to see you there...^_^

alicesg said...

Nice to include these bloggers in your blog for those seeking travel information.

monette | fliptravels said...

astig! apir tayo lois! thanks for the feature, dong! i wish to travel with you too and the rest of the traveling hord. btw, may update na ako sa longest train ride: hanoi to hue, in a three-berth sleeper train, di cia masaya... haha!

Unknown said...

I suggest The Traveling Dork vs. Juanderful Pinoy! :D

escape said...

>Je, thanks for dropping by.

>Rizalenio, is definitely worth checking out.

>Lois, kayo talaga ni Monette ang ka encuentro. im really looking forward to that.

>Gay, i think i need to teach Monette how to swim. im actually thinking if Lois still have more unrevealed trips.

>Regin, that'll be great. just keep in touch. we have a small world.

>Photo Cache, thanks!

>Gillboard, they sure are.

>Lakwatserong Tatay, we have to re-schedule it.

>Alicesg, they sure have good information of other countries that they visited.

>Kaiz, nice. sigurado masaya yan.


docgelo said...

interesting travel stats!
i must visit their blogs soon.
(tamad ko kasi magblog hop! my bad!)

Josiah @ Lakas ng Trip said...

Ang cool nitong series na ito. Nice statistics about 2 of the coolest pinay travel bloggers. :)


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