Monday, February 27, 2012

sobrevivimos batad

i remember someone saying that even once in your life as a Filipino, you need to see Banaue Rice Terraces. that lead me to my first trip in Banaue, i ended up returning again and again meeting locals who later became good friends. even more like an extended family, that every time i visit Banaue i can't miss dropping by to say hi.

when you see something awesome you just can't help but convince and bring more people to the place. i started the year 2011 going there with my parents and ended the year with a bunch of friends including fellow travel bloggers Tina, JarvikMica, Tzed, TheoEdna and special travel blogger guest from Slovakia Alex.
the rice terraces are located in many areas in the entire Cordillera region and the widely visited ones are in Ifugao particularly in Banaue. it can sometimes confuse people which one can be identified as Banaue Rice Terraces as the municipality of Banaue alone has a number of this.
out of the long list, we visited three which includes the ones in central Banaue, Bangaan and Batad. among these, Batad requires an hour jeepney ride from the town center of Banaue and an hour trek from the saddle to Batad. despite the ongoing development of a cemented road, the landslides caused by the typhoon somehow retained the exciting topload rough ride experience.
what made this trip different was the idea of bringing 18 plucky trippers. so i didn't have to worry about crossing narrow foot bridges, walking over steep steps and under electrical wires. this makes Batad not the usual destination in the Philippines. it is more of a backpackers haven. 
backpacker's cards and memorabilia left on inns
i find it fun that for one to book for a stay in one of the homestays and inns in Batad, you need to send a text message from someone in Banaue town center who will on that day relay the message to the inn contacts. the major telecom companies has not yet covered this side of Banaue though at some high areas, one can actually detect a minimal level of signal.
in Batad, it is best to interact with the locals to know more about their usual day but the tourist center also recommends guides to some of the spots around Batad and the neighboring terraces of Cambulo and Bangaan.
Bangaan Rice Terraces
the experience years ago when i first hiked Batad has not changed much. time is slow there. if you're still thinking twice of going to Batad, think of the experience. the challenging uphill hikes is nothing to seeing the country's best man-made contribution to the world.
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Barangay: Batad
Altitude: 1400MASL
Municipality: Banaue
Province: Ifugao
Region: Cordillera
Island: Luzon

Distance from Manila: 340km
GPS Location: 
16' 56'' 2 N
121' 8'' 11 E

How to get there:
By commuting:
[1] From Manila, take Ohayami Bus (Espana, Manila) to Banaue (9hours). usual time bus leaves is between 9pm -1030pm.
[2] From Banaue town center, either take a public jeepney to Saddle (Batad) but this is not regular. so best to coordinate with someone from Banaue to arrange a special jeep for you. A tricycle can also bring you up until the junction. but this will require longer trek. By jeepney from Banaue to Saddle(1hour).
[3] From saddle, trek downhill to the Batad village. if you don't have someone who has been there, find a guide in saddle who can lead you down the village (1 hour). If from junction trek can take 2 and a half hour.

eskapo recommends:
to coordinate with locals from Banaue to arrange jeepney ride from Banaue town center to Batad Saddle. you can call/text Ms. Maureen  Globe-09278311848 Smart-09491336478 or email at


Axl Powerhouse Network said...

ang ganda.... gusto ko rin pumunta dito.. tas ang kulit ng backpacker's cards and memorabilia, ang dami na nila whaha.. soon ako din maglalagay din...
kaso nga lang yung Rice Terraces parang napapabayaan na, if im not mistaken, di ma masyado nagtatanim ng mgha rice diyan, mostly mga fruits and veges na, at yung iba tinitirhan na ng mga di taga diyan...

Pinoy Adventurista said...

until this time, di pa rin ako nakakapunta dyan, considering na taga luzon ako... hehehe!!! hopefully this year... thanks for sharing Dom! Hope even once in my life, makita ko rin yan.. hehehe! :)

Chyng said...

pang-ilang batad mo na, Dom?
i like the 3rd shot, brilliant! =)

escape said...

>Axl, on backpacker's cards, dami na talaga kasi halos lahat ng inn merong ganyan at sa dami na rin na nakapunta at napamahal sa lugar.

some parts medyo napapabayaan pero majority sa Batad are still being used as rice paddies yung time lang ng punta namin tapos na harvest kaya tuyo yung mga paddies. yung mga nasa Banaue central yung mga naconvert na to vegetable lots and tinitirhan na rin ng taga ibang probinsya.

>Mervz, madali lang kasi tong puntahan kaya ayos lang din na inuuna mo yung mga malalayo. baka maganda kung ito ang end ng completion mo ng probinsiya ng Pilipinas.

>Chyng, 5th na ata. hahaha... malimutin na.

gillboard said...

nacurious ako dun sa isang ibon na hawak ng manong, chicken din ba yun?

lakwatserong tatay said...

wow..kainggit sana makapunta din ako dyan..nakapunta nako ng sagada pero sa part na to hindi ko nakikita...and one wish ko sana makasama ako kahit sa isa sa mga lakad ng mga group of bloggers na katulad nito....galing po sir dom...kainggit...^_^

Asiong32 said...

nakakainggit! tara dom, balik ka ulit ng batad tas sama ako. isa ito sa mga gusto kong puntahan...nagreseach nga ako about batad dati. hehe

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

I will forever treasure this trip. Sulit yung paghintay ko na makasama kita sa Batad hehe dami ko pang nakilalang new friends :)

Now I know why super love mo ang Batad :D Thanks ulit sa opportunity, sa Chippy na berde at Jelly ace! =))

Elal Lasola said...

sana makasama ako sa isa sa mga bundok adventures mo :)

Traveling Hawk said...

I like the rice fields and the village, and also the photo with the 2 girls on the roof of the bus! Nice series, dong ho!

docgelo said...

kailan kaya ako makakasama sa inyo sa batad?


ang husay ng mga larawan, dom!
kakaiba ka talaga.
ang bangis! hehehe


Sobrang ganda. Sana makasama ako sa iyo next time, Idol. Looking at the photos, ang saya ng mga kasama mo.

Photo Cache said...

it's more fun to travel with friends. i'm glad you organized one.

this, along with palawan and ilocos, is on my must see list.

XoXo said...

a happy group make the trip more memorable and thanks for all the info how to get there, looks like this will be added to my "to go list"

alicesg said...

You did a good job promoting tourism in your country. Lovely photos of the rice terrace.

nonbeliever said...

May pizza na masarap sa Batad :) haha gusto ko ulit bumalik!!!

Theonoski said...

mabuhay! good job to all of us!

juanderfulpinoy said...

I am looking forward to be part of your next bundok adventure in the future. Batad is really one of the beautiful places I wish to visit soon...

escape said...

>gillboard, yes. manok yun.

>lakwatserong tatay, isang weekend lang kaya na rin sa batad. sige join ka lang sa mga bloggers groups. masaya kasama ang mga mahilig bumyahe.

>asiong32, sana nga makabalik sa batad sa taong ito. sabihan kita kaagad.

>micamyx, naging sobrang saya din na nakasama ka. jive na jive sa mga kakulitan. dabest. hahaha... green chippy and jelly ace!

>elal, welcome na welcome.

>traveling hawak, thanks!

>docgelo, sabihan mo lang pagbalik mo. kung hindi man batad kahit sa ibang magandang lugar sa cordillera.

>rizalenio, sila ang masayang kasama. sobrang kulit. ako nga kinukulit ng mga yan.

>photocache, glad you included this on your list. you wont regret.

>prem, sounds good. ill look forward to your post once you get there.

>alicesg, thanks!

>nonbeliever, sa hillside inn ata yon. di ko pa nasusubukan.

>theonoski, mabuhay talaga. hahaha...

>juanderfulpinoy, salamat! magkikita din tayo sa mga byahe.

John Marx Velasco said...

Sama ako pag bumisita ka ulit sa Batad! Gusto ko din mapuntahan yan! Hehehe! =)

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I've been there almost 5 years ago na ata. And it's some place that I'd love to revisit. Sana magkaroon ng chance.

soloflightEd said...

saya makapag organize ng groups.
at sarap ngang ishare sa iba if you've seen something amazing. dapat mapuntahan ko na ang batad!

Vacation Rental Makati said...

Nice trip :)

Borneo Falcon said...

Now I see understand why this place deserves a second visit

Heart of Rachel said...

I love how your photos paint their own stories. I've never been there but I would love the chance to visit the place someday. Meeting new people is a wonderful aspect of traveling. Glad your circle of friends continue to grow.

Ichan said...

One of the perks of backpacking is when you get to know other people that shares your passion and of course the breathtaking places that you could capture. nakakainggit tlga! Sana makasama po ako sa isa sa mga trip nu =)

zodio said...

yes, you're right. In banaue, you must really interact with the people. I remember that the locals were friendly and helpful. And, yes time here does go very slow. :) It must be the cool temp...


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