Saturday, January 7, 2012

el encuentro: nina fuentes y upper viceo

two good friends who i consider as among the most traveled bloggers from the philippines. nina just won the 2011 nuffnang's best travel blog and also in 2010 as best philippine travel blog. upper on the other hand was born to live adventure. she did the long and dangerous spelunking in samar, the danao jump and backpacked south to north of india. here to feature two filipina travelers and their brief travel profile.
                                                      "el encuentro" 
nina fuentes                                         blogger                                           upper viceo
justwandering                                         blog                                          offbeatwanders

chefchaouen, morocco                       farthest north                          maine, new england
tasmania, australia                             farthest south                                           malaysia
guam, usa                                          farthest east                                    east coast, usa
marrakech, morocco                           farthest west                                                india

yangon to mandalay, myanmar            longest road trip                       manila to pagudpud
ko pha ngan to chumphon, thailand    longest boat trip                           manila to boracay
manila to abu dhabi, UAE                 longest plane trip                    manila to san francisco
bangkok to butterworth, malaysia     longest train trip                        chicago to new york

mt daguldol                                        highest point                mt ripose/koroban, batanes  
donsol, sorsogon                                 deepest swim                         dos palmas, palawan 
mt daguldol                                        longest trek                  jiabong, samar (spelunking)
mt daguldol                                        hardest trek        getting lost in adams, ilocos norte

mp3 player                                  item/s lost in a trip       sd card in a sewage in new york  
thanakah                                item/s given/bought on a trip    copper bracelet (Morocco)
crickets                                         worst food eaten                 snake wine from vietnam 

1. farthest places reached are referenced from Manila (with Manila to Europe as West and Manila to Guam as East).
2. records here are subject to update. as we know travelers break their records from time to time. records here are updated as of this posting

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Traveling Hawk said...

Thanks for mentioning, dong ho! I checked thei blogs and I will read them, at least for a while.

SandyCarlson said...

Congratulations to your friends! Most excellent.

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

Nina is one of my fave travel bloggers.. Ang dami na nilang napuntahan! Ako kaya kelan makakarating sa mga napuntahan nila..

nina said...

Nahalata na hindi ako mahilig sa bundok at sa outdoors hahahaha

Thanks for the feature Dom! :D

Travel Ria said...

Nyahaha! Is this like a friendly travel faceoff. Cool

Chyng said...

nalula ako sa travels ng dalawang to, awesome-est!

naimagine ko ang una at huling climb ni Nina sa daguldol. parang hindi na mauulit ever. hehe peace teh =P

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Haha! Aliw ang akyat ni Nina sa Mt. Daguldol. Btw I love Nina's shirt, may "Big Bang Sa Alabang". I wanna meet Upper!

escape said...

>Traveling hawk, thanks!

>Sandy, thanks!

>Joan, in time. for sure you can do the same if you really want it.

>Nina, hahaha... again thanks for sharing your travel profile.

>Travel Ria, yes it is. enjoy your trips. thanks for dropping by eskapo.

>Chyng, mukha nga di na uulit. yes these two are among the awesome-est.

>Pinay Travel Junkie, napansin ko nga din yung shirt at ang sikat na sikat na big bang sa alabang dati. let's make a tandem trip with upper when you return.

Jerome said...

nice nice!!! ang galing talaga. hehe I'm a fan of this series nakakatuwa.

Reena said...

wow. ang gagaling naman nila!

Raft3r said...

love the new look

alicesg said...

Congratulations to your friends. Been so busy over here with Chinese New Year just around the corner. Hope your weekend is a great one.

Photo Cache said...

I've read a few of nina's posts, but not the other one. I better go check her blog.

SunnyToast said...

two brave souls with a great travel experience:) a galing!

Have a great year kuya Dong!

Carmz Lopez said...

ang kyot kyot ni upper viceo!

lakwatsera de primera said...

Ang mga reyna ng lakwatsa :) nice feature Dom!

docgelo said...

ang husay ng travel stats nila.
amazing! :D

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

sosyalan ang mga travels! hangdame na napuntahan ng dalawa!

pimalai said...

I envy those two for being able to travel to so many places. I wish I could do the same as well.


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