Tuesday, January 31, 2012

el encuentro angel y james

a trip can't be ordinary with this two travel bloggers whose passion for traveling is contagious. angel who blogs in detail and has done some of the best travel guides to some of the best spots in the country and james who mastered cheap travel. this year, angel takes on his bike to journey the country while james will do the "isang daan byahe" challenge. here to feature two filipino travelers and their brief travel profile.
                                                      "el encuentro" 
angel juarez                                         blogger                                              james betia
lakwatsero                                              blog                                           journeyingjames

hong kong, china                               farthest north                                               batanes
bali, indonesia                                  farthest south                                                basilan
socorro, surigao del norte                   farthest east                                 hinatuan, surigao
bangkok, thailand                              farthest west                       kuala  lumpur, malaysia

bali to jogjakarta                             longest road trip          manila to ifugao (via santiago)
manila to palompon, leyte                longest boat trip                                 iloilo to manila
jakarta to manila via singapore        longest plane trip                    kuala lumpur to manila
manila to ligaw albay                        longest train trip                        ho chi minh to hanoi

mt pulag                                            highest point                                kabayan, benguet
anilao, batangas                                 deepest swim                                  coron, palawan 
cape engano - failed attempt              longest trek                                      batad, banaue
cape engano - failed attempt              hardest trek                                      batad, banaue

purse with cash and atm card         item/s lost in a trip      passport, camera, travel money
a charcoal painting - butuan  item/s given/bought on a trip  smile from the locals/slippers
tamilok - puerto princesa                worst food eaten         half-cooked chicken dipped in  

1. farthest places reached are referenced from Manila (with Manila to Europe as West and Manila to Guam as East).
2. records here are subject to update. as we know travelers break their records from time to time. records here are updated as of this posting

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Batang Lakwatsero said...

ayos :) dalawa sa mga hnahangaan kong blogger na gusto kong sundan ang mga yapak.. haha.. justwandering ang blog ni kuya angel :)

Photo Cache said...

i enjoy this series. sana tuloy tuloy ito.

soloflightEd said...

glad to have with these two amazing bloggers! woohoo!

gel, resign ka na! joke. hehe


Wow! I just learned yesterday from an officemate na may train trip from Manila to Albay. Ito ang longest train trip ni Angel. I'm planning to do this din.

Jerome said...

i like the contrast...angel's records are more on international destination while james have the local destination =)

Lauren said...

Coool! I love the idea of Angel going around the country on a bike-- reminds me of Ewan McGregor in the long way home... *swooooon*

And good luck with James' 100 day challenge! That will be so much fun! :D

escape said...

>ivan, yes. malupit din tong dalawa sa byahe. na-itama na yung blog ni angel. salamat!

>photo cache, thanks! yes tuloy na tuloy to. featuring two el encuentro posts per month.

>ed, oo nga. nakasama mo sila sa lakbay norte. ey gel resign na daw.

>rizalenio, masaya nga yan pero ang alam ko wala ulit yung byaheng bicol.

>je, ayos nga yung contrast.

>lauren, parehong may challenge tong dalawa sa sarili nila sa mga byahe.


Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I'm really curious to read about James' international travels someday! And I'd love to meet Angel when we're back in Pinas :)

docgelo said...

i'm dead kung mawawala passport ko, pocket money and camera on a trip!

alicesg said...

So sweet of you to promote your friends' blogs. Will check them out. Hope you have a great time in China. Easy to navigate around especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou with the metro trains, no need to have language barrier cause everything written and explained in English in the trains stations and they bring you to most of the tourist areas with maps to direct you to the correct exit. But need to arm yourself with the English Version map as you walk around if you dont understand or speak mandarin.

Chyng said...

ang galing ng pictures nila james at angel - parehong mkuhang bagong gising. hehe

nakakabaliw mawalan ng passport, camera at pera! ibang level talaga si james.

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

"half-cooked chicken dipped in dirt&salt" panalo haha

RM Bulseco said...

Hahahaha! Kulit nito ah! Instead ng 'pound for pound;, mile for mile na to!

Reena said...

yey! new blogs i can stalk, este read. haha!

Gladys | said...

love this series!

Pietro Brosio said...

Glad to know these nice travel bloggers!

lakwatserong tatay said...

wah...astig...kainggit naman...sana in future talaga mameet ko kayo lahat....^_^

Unknown said...

Two of the most hardcore travelers I've known. I could only dream of following their trails soon. (sana sooner).

Would love to suggest a Lauren vs. Eileen encuentro next hehe

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

ay meron na pala neto. interesting read! :) and of course angel and i wouldn't forget our buwis buhay palaui trek! lol

journeyingjames said...

thanks for the feature bosing :)

Angel said...

woah! now ko lang nacheck ito! thanks dong, i hope to travel with you someday :)


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