Tuesday, December 27, 2011

osmena peak

just a day before this trek, the group that i was supposed to join, cancelled it due to emergency reasons. but i was there for the weekend for one ultimate goal. to trek Osmena peak. so it must happen even if it takes me to go there alone.

on the last few hours, i was in one internet cafe checking best option to get to Mantalongon, the peak's gateway. when Edwin of Lakbay Pilipino, who was also online, messaged that he is open to joining me though it was also his first time to the peak but is familiar with Mantalongon. then Doi of The Travelling Feet also confirmed that she will be joining. on the morning of our trek Edcel of SoloflightEd completed the instant team.
we made it to Mantalongon market after a quick stop at Boljoon, here habal-habal drivers gave us the option to ride these motorbikes to shorten the trek to 30minutes. for sure this was the best option for those who just want to see the peak but we chose to trek.
though the trail was not that difficult as majority of the trek was following the rough road, the afternoon heat was still at its peak. two thirds of the trail was passing by several houses and vegetable farms but the view of mountain range remained a great backdrop.
we met some kids along the way rewarding us with cute smiles and sweet good byes. some of them were there to carry drinking water from the water station to the climbers up the summit. they get paid from doing this.
on our way to start the ascend to the rocky portions of the range, a fresh water station with a storage tank was available. it was here when we crossed ways with other climbers and the cow who blocked the path. we tried to make way but it was firm. in the end we realized that the cow's  resistance made sense. it leads to the wrong trail.
on our final ascend we did not avoid to encounter sprain specially for Doi who decided to stay somewhere on the last few turns of the trek. we had to hurry our way up to catch the sunset from the summit. 
unlike most mountains, Osmena Peak's summit is composed of multiple rocky hills. giving it a special mountain topographic feature. multiple in such a way that groups of these hills come from many points and i wonder if somebody already recorded the number of hills that this part of the Cebu mountain range holds.
a view from the marked peak was fantastic. overlooking the Western coast of Cebu and the
the Tanon Strait that separates the two long islands of Cebu and Negros. a bonus was to see few wild pine trees sprung up on some of the rocky peaks.
after few minutes by surprise we saw Doi making her way up the summit with some of the local kids. she made it just in time for the sunset behind Ed who brought the tripod base plate. i was impressed at her courage to make it to the summit and surprisingly, several weeks after this trek, i found out that Doi made her second trek to OPeak.
finally reaching Cebu's highest peak and experience its sunset view was a big deal for me. but the tandem with three of Cebu's coolest bloggers, Edwin, Doi and Edcel, made the trek even more memorable for the Eskapo Mountain Series. below is the trio sunset posterity shot.
this is the third mountian in the first Eskapo Mountain Series

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SoloflightEd: Reaching Osmena Peak

Mountain Spot: Osmena Peak
Altitude: 1,010MASL (Cebu's highest point)
Barangay: Mantalongon
Municipality: Dalaguete
Province: Cebu
Region: Central Visayas
Island: Cebu

Distance from Cebu: 90km
GPS Location: 
9' 50'' 9 N
123' 26'' 8 E

How to get there:
By commuting:
[1] From Cebu City, take a bus to Dalaguete from the Cebu South Terminal or buses that is bound to Boljoon and Oslob which will also pass by Dalaguete. (2.5hours due to some stopover)
[2] From Dalaguete, look for the crossing where motorbikes or locally known as habal-habal that will bring you to Mantalongon market which is the jump off point to the trek to Osmena Peak or also known as O-Peak. (30mins)
By car or private vehicle:
[1] Go directly to Mantalongon via the Cebu South road and take a right turn from the Dalaguete crossing to Mantalongon market (2.5hours).
[2] You can park your vehicle somewhere around town.

From Mantalongon market:
option 1: To trek from Mantalongon market to Osmena peak summit. If you have no companion or someone familiar with the trail, i recommend you to get a guide. some locals will offer this once you arrived at the market.
option 2: To pay for a motorbike ride or habal-habal from Mantalongon market to the final ascend point. this will shorten to about 40mins to an hour of your trek. final ascend can take to as short as 30mins.

eskapo recommends:
1. If you have the option to stay overnight, it would be better as sunrise is also beautiful from the summit. if you decide to make a day trip make sure that you return early as you might run out of motorbikes that can bring you back to Dalaguete from Mantalongon.
2. if in case you plan to stay overnight in Mantalongon, you can approach the barangay hall which offers a cheap overnight sleepovers.


mga tsinelas ni nieco said...

waaaaaa.. sayang naman. taga-cebu pa naman ako. been to opeak 3 times na sir. sayang... :)

gillboard said...

the last few pics are breathtaking as always.

Photo Cache said...

isn't it wonderful when a plan comes together in the 11th hour?

happy new year.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

that's the spirit! di bale nang di sila tumuloy, basta tuloy ang akyat! nice! Happy New Year Dom! :)

D'QXTC said...

like I always say, the peak looks interesting. tusok-tusok..

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

this was my target desti back in sept. pero pagod na sila kaya d na daw namen mapuntahan. haha pero it's alright kase angel pointed this out so mas gusto ko din ksama si Gel if ever akyat man kame jan. ang ganda tlga. favorite ko yung cover pic mu sa timeline. :)

Traveling Hawk said...

As usual, you present us nice photos with the locals and the great views of the region. Have a great day, dong ho!

I just returned from Thailand, 2 days ago:)

Pordoy Palaboy said...

two weeks after your climb, bumuo din ako ng grupo ko at inakyat ang bundok na to. Na ingit kasi ako sa pics nya sa PTP bagets page. btw, me kweba din dito malapit sa paanan ng osmena peak pero di gaano attractive,.

Eds said...

hahaha. natawa naman ako sa cow na yon.

pero ganda ng place ha, sulit din yon nilakad ninyo

killerfillers said...

AS usual ang gaganda pa rin ng mga kuha mo sir. Sana mapuntahan ko rin yan.hehe

Unknown said...

wow, ang ganda! love your captures. this is a part of Cebu that i haven't been to yet. somebody invited me to moalboal but the trip didn't push through for some reason. mukhang kaya ko 'to.:p

p.s. taga pque na ako.:p

happy new year!

Jerome said...

ito ang namiss ko sana mas napaaga ang dating ko hehe

escape said...

>nieco, next time. gusto ko pa rin tong akyatin ulit. sabihan kita.

>gillboard, salamat. lalo na pag nandun.

>photo cache, you're right and it rarely happens.

>mervz, kailangan nga ganun lalo na pag byahero. happy new year din in advance.

>dee quixotic, it is.

>pinaysolobackpacker, wala talagang kayong iwanan. naalala ko rin yung dapat na byahe niyo sa india. sana maakyat niyo na rin yung osmena peak.

>travelinghawk, wow! you could have made a stopover in the philippines.

>mynomadichabits, galing ah. sana nga pala nagsama na tayo. nakita ko na nga din yung post mo.

>eds, medyo matagal nga kami na nakaharap sa baka pero ayaw talaga kaming padaanin. may rason pala.

>killerfillers, salamat! let me know if you're going there as i might hitch.

>supertikoy, kung babalik ka sabihan mo ko. gusto ko kasing akyatin ulit to.

AJ said...

I've read about this trek in soloflightEd. Nice to read about the same trip from 2 different perspectives. :)

The view is amazing. Jagged pala sa taas. I wonder if this is karst din like the Chocolate Hills.

Wishing you more peaks to climb in the coming year, Dong! Nice to meet you finally, btw. :)

doi said...

ang saya ng trip na to! si dom na walang malay lang ang walang alam na may makakasama pala sya sa trip na to coz even before he arrived in Cebu, alam na namin na sasama kami sa kanya by hook or by crook! hahaha

kidding aside, it was great to be able to travel with you Dom. dun ko nalaman nga wa pud diay kay buot. hahaha. hoping to travel with you someday! ^_^

Oman said...

that was a great climb. binabasa ko pa lang to napapagod na ko haha.

happy new tear bai and i know that 2012 will be a great year of travel for you.

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

All along I thought kasama mo talaga sila Doi et al. Haha. Instant team pala, astig talaga ng PTB.


Wow! Chumochocolate hills, kisses version. Ang ganda.

Enjoy your holiday, Dong Ho. Happy New Year! :)

Morion said...

been to mantalongon, Groto and the way going to osmena peak looks familiar, cguro mga 7-9 times n aq nakabalik sa mantalongon coz i was monitoring NGO program for farmers there.. ito pla ung cnasabi ng locals na Osmena peak, sayang indi q napunthan :( nice post dong

Unknown said...

sana mapuntahan ko ren eto sa March. Ma ala "Avatar" ang view from the peak.

Drew said...

Finally na conquer ko na din ang Osmena Peak! Nainggit talaga ako sa trek ninyong ito. Salamat nalang at nakasabit ako sa mga bagets na nakaisip umakyat before Christmas. Hehe. Ganda talaga. Sulit ang pagod :)

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Sana makaaakyat din ako dyan. Gusto ko ikaw pa rin kasama ko Kuya Dom (naging marespeto bigla LOL)

Ed said...

haha natawa ako kay doi. bitaw. utro sad diay ka walay buot dom! hahahaha!

thanks again at nakajoin mi sa trip nimo sa peak. need to retrace and write our misadventures pa when we were there. haha

RM Bulseco said...

Balang araw babalik ako rito sa Cebu and conquer the southern side of the island (kasali na ang Osmeña Peak). Hahaha! Nice! Instant group agad! Napakaspontaneous ni Ed! :D

escape said...

>AJ, yes. these are also karsts very similar to the ones in Bohol. on one view/perspective you might even think it's in Bohol.

same wishes for you on 2012. thanks for dropping by.

>Doi, hahaha... naset-up lang. wala dyuy buot. saya nitong byahe na to at nabilib ako sa yo dito. lalo na yung pagbaba sa gabi. konting dulas. book na para sa pinatubo!

>lawstude, kakapagod na nga. hahaha... kampay! to 2012 travel!

>PinayTravelJunkie, naset-up ako Gay. hahaha... i was really joining a group of climbers. nagulat lang ako kila Dwin, Doi at Ed.

>Rizalenio, parang chocolate hills nga ang Osmena Peak. advance happy new year.

>Morion, you were almost there and the trek from there is quite manageable even for an unexperienced climber. you will for sure have that chance.

>Marky, Cebu ka pala sa March. isa to sa highly recommended spot ko sa Cebu.

>Drew, galing talaga nagagawa ng PTB at nagkaroon ka din ng kasabay. sinabi nga rin to sa akin ni Tine pero di ko alam na sumama ka pala. astig!

>Mica, hahaha... sige. pag nagkasabay tayo sa cebu akyatin natin yan.

>Ed, hahaha... lingaw gud kuyog ang mga walay buot. salamat sad ninyo kay mas lingaw ang byahe.

>Renz, south side is worth exploring and maganda talaga na kasama ang Opeak. astig talaga ang Cebu trio kahit pauulit ulit na nila pinupuntahan ang ibang lugar sa Cebu.

Reena said...

wow! good thing may instant companions ka! that looks like a good trek. is this something i can do? basta ang basis is the mt pinatubo. hanggang ganun lang anag level ko. haha.

happy new year! more travels for you for the next year! :)

Admin/Author said...

ganda! I have yet to trek a mountain! I wish I could do it sometime soon before age gets into me. hehe.

SandyCarlson said...

What a trek! I feel like I took the walk with you--or at least reaped the visual benefits! Thank you.

lakbay philippines said...

uy ang ganda ng sapatos nya, o!

this experience was an eye opener for me - despite the fact that we haven't met or even spoke much online, we were still able to get along!

and yeah, doi, eds and me already knew we'll tag along with you hahahaha...

alicesg said...

Happy New Year to you. Just back from a short to Guangzhou, still sorting my photos. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Hope 2012 may see more trips for you. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

That looks like a challenging trail. Hope your personal trek went well even though the rest of the group had to cancel.

Robbie said...

Complete ang triumvirate ng cebu travel bloggers! Hahaha!

Thanks for the info, will go here in March and we definitely want to go here dahil nga unique ang topography sa may summit. Will take your advice and probably spend the night there. =)


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