Friday, November 4, 2011

mountain series : nueva vizcaya

not much has been known of the province of Nueva Vizcaya. it is the province that connects the three major mountain range of Luzon namely Cordillera Mountain Range, Sierra Madre Mountain Range and Caraballo Mountain Range. thus it has a diverse flora and fauna and has a great mountainscape that includes one of the longest trek route to Mt. Pulag. here is a quick background of my first pick of the mountain series.

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Mountain Spot: Salacsac
Barangay: Imugan
Altitude: 950MASL
Municipality: Sta Fe
Province: Nueva Vizcaya
Region: Cagayan Valley Region (Region II)
Island: Luzon 

Distance from Manila: 222km
GPS Location: 
16' 10'' 20 N
120' 55'' 10 E

How to get there:
[1] Manila to Sta Fe (5-6hours):
There are several option to reach the town of Sta Fe, the jump off point to Imugan. Basically any of the bus going to region 2 will pass by Sta Fe. Options: Bus to Tuguegarao City, Santiago City or Banaue. Bus lines: Victory Bus Lines, Florida Bus Lines.
Note: Sta Fe is the first town of Region 2 coming from Manila. It is the town right after descending from Dalton Pass.
[2] From Sta Fe to Imugan (30-40minutes):
Option 1: Take the public jeepney morning that leaves 11:30am. Cost P18/head
Option 2: Take a tricycle to Imugan which is available whole day. Cost: P135/trike one way

Sidetrips in Nueva Vizcaya: 
[1] Dalton Pass (Sta Fe)
[2] Kirang Pass (Aritao)
[3] Capisaan Cave System (Kasibu)
[4] St. Dominic Cathedral (Bayombong)
[5] St. Vicente Ferrer Church (Dupax del Norte)
[6] Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Museum (Bayombong)


gillboard said...

loved your new header!!!

i'm lost for adjectives dong but as always, this series looks interesting. :)

BlogusVox said...

Thanks for the info, dong. I only know N.Ecija from my buddies here and all they say is maraming taong labas. : )

BTW, nice new header you got there.

Pordoy Palaboy said...

nice header Dong.

next year aakyatin ko rin yang Pico de Loro. First ko itong nakita sa blog ni Claire.

Di ko pa rin na akyat ang osmena peak kahit na dito ako nakatira sa Cebu.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Wow! Nueva Vizcaya!!! nice post, I seldom read posts about this province... thanks for sharing Dom! :)

tina said...

Nice new header :)

Wow, Nueva Vizcaya, wala ako alam about this province.. hehe :)

tina said...
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Chyng said...

wow for the new header. i feel the chill, ang ginaw!

may falls pala sa imugan. actually i googled it nung sabi mo jan ka pupunta. hehe no idea kasi ako san yun..

so san ka this weekend?

Traveling Hawk said...

That church from Bayombong looks very interesting.

Photo Cache said...

ur right very little is known about this province that it piques people's curiosity. i hope to be educated in your upcoming post.


A great adventure awaits. Cant wait to see it here. Stay safe.

Mitch said...

Always been informative post. Ohh la po ko masabi sa new header, nice also. Hindi po ba mainit jan sa n.v?

D'QXTC said...

Jungle na jungle ang blog header.. i like it.

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I'd love to explore NV more. May traumatic experience nga lang ako sa Dalton Pass. LOL.

nuts said...

so I thought I landed in another site. nice header! wow mountain na!

Jerome said...

wow. di ko alam na may mga ganito sa Nueva Viscaya. cool!

Pietro Brosio said...

All places I'd like to visit, great nature and landscapes!
Beautiful the header!

Batang Lakwatsero said...

next year pa ang Mountain Blog Theme ko.. excited ako to follow your mountain series.

pusangkalye said...

homaygad.all the while I thought never pakong naka-apak or say--nakatanaw sa NUEVA VIZCAYA--but when you said it cuold be reached by bus going to Tuguegarao or Banaue yun na.nalala ko na.gabi kasi byahe namin to Banaue dati so I was clueless na yun na pala yun. The moon was kinda bright that time though so I think i saw Dalton pass tas yung me unting zigzag. wanna go there uli na tanghaling tapat namn.hehehe

Bengbeng said...

u live in a wonderful exciting world

mga tsinelas ni nieco said...

kewl. wonder what it feels like to trek here.. mmmm

lakwatsera de primera said...

Interesting pick for your first mountain series, ang dami pa talagang magagandang lugar na pwedeng explore sa atin, nice work Dom :)

Unknown said...

In nueva vizcaya we have capisaan cave the 5th longest cave system. We have salt spring
we have pine tree forest mt. Pulag mt. Ugo
Etc. Hehe pa support ndn po frend namin jimboy of pbb from nueva vizcaya

Unknown said...

Exactly tama po nueva vizcaya po yoon
We also have capisaan cave system 5th longest cave system and geologist paradise ..
May 98 meters falls opo 98 meters not feet
Na kasing taas ng maria cristina falls
At very zigzag po daan here lalo na papuntang capisaan cave and kayapa

Unknown said...

In nueva vizcaya we have capisaan cave the 5th longest cave system. We have salt spring
we have pine tree forest mt. Pulag mt. Ugo
Etc. Hehe pa support ndn po frend namin jimboy of pbb from nueva vizcaya


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