Wednesday, November 9, 2011

imugan : mountain destination

when we were there, it felt like it was 5:00pm the entire time because of the fog and the sleepy environ. we discovered this place through Ferdz "Ironwulf " Decena who has been to the place several times to cover the carbon trading initiative being done by the community. this time, i went there with Allan "Lantaw" Barredo to give a closer look on this part of Nueva Vizcaya.

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[trekking] this could be one of the most interesting activity in this area. a 30-minute trek can bring you to a waterfalls. about an hour trek can lead you to the carbon trading areas. plus a bonus of seeing the pine forest from a 2hours trek up the border of Nueva Vizcaya and Pangasinan.
[community] Barangay Imugan is an ancestral domain to the Kalahan Community also sometimes referred to as Ikalahan. an indigenous tribe which is now a small community residing on the mountains of Sta Fe. the way of life here of the people remains to be farming.
[unwired] though electricity has already covered majority of the area, there is absolutely no wired internet connection as of this time. there is a mobile phone coverage from specific points.
[tourism] the village welcomes visitors mostly from students who would like to study about carbon trading but we were surprised that there are actually some foreigners who visited Imugan just to trek and discover the place. as of today, the Kalahan community has a dormitory open to tourists. the location entails a 10-15minute walking from the central area. it has a small bridge an is located on semi-elevated spot.
this place has yet to be discovered and thanks to Ironwulf, who opened the way for us to explore this place. up next, trek to the waterfalls and the pine forest.

Mountain Spot: Salacsac
Barangay: Imugan
Altitude: 950MASL
Municipality: Sta Fe
Province: Nueva Vizcaya
Region: Cagayan Valley Region (Region II)
Island: Luzon 
Distance from Manila: 222km
GPS Location: 
16' 10'' 20 N
120' 55'' 10 E

How to get there:
[1] Manila to Sta Fe (5-6hours):
There are several option to reach the town of Sta Fe, the jump off point to Imugan. Basically any of the bus going to region 2 will pass by Sta Fe. Options: Bus to Tuguegarao City, Santiago City or Banaue. Bus lines: Victory Bus Lines, Florida Bus Lines.
Note: Sta Fe is the first town of Region 2 coming from Manila. It is the town right after descending from Dalton Pass.
[2] From Sta Fe to Imugan (30-40minutes):
Option 1: Take the public jeepney morning that leaves 11:30am. Cost P18/head
Option 2: Take a tricycle to Imugan which is available whole day. Cost: P135/trike one way


Photo Cache said...

also glad that ferdz has shared this hidden gem with fellow bloggers. so peaceful out there.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

This is an interesting find! I oftentimes wonder how it takes a foreigner to know more about less popular places in the Philippines before a Pinoy does.

Borneo Falcon said...

Great discovery

alicesg said...

Looked like a town hidden from the crowd. Nice to do some discovery.

Reena said...

eto ba yung kinuwento mo na matarik? pwede bang iwasan yung matarik na trek? can i still go around different places b jst walking?

this is a nice destination. malapit-lapit lang kasi. :) tnx for sharing

Axl Powerhouse Network said...

master panalo yung new banner po... parang born to be wild yung dating...

tas yung new post po.. i like it.. super.... ganda ng imugan.... sana mapuntahan ko to minsan, kahit di ako nagbubundok hehehe :D

bertN said...

What is carbon trading initiative?

gillboard said...

can't wait to see how the forest looks like.

tina said...

Wow, this is great DOm :)

Believe ako talaga sa pagiging explorer mo sa mga sulok-sulok ng pinas :D

Chyng said...

will wait for the people you meet in imugan. that looks very interesting =)

Lantaw said...

penge nung 2nd photo :D

Archie said...

nice place. pang eskapo :D ...i missed this trip, sayang. busyboy kasi til december e. next time

Traveling Hawk said...

Interesting trecks. Isn't dangerous in the grass,snakes,etc.? I hate snakes.

- Yvonaut -
Das sind Raphael und Yvonne

Looks really adventurous! Especially the bridge..
So many nice pictures!
And thanks for visiting our blog..

Greetings and have a nice weekend
Yvonne and Raphael

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

That map's gonna be so useful for future visitors... Like me :)

SandyCarlson said...

That's a lush and beautiful landscape. Thanks for the tour!

crazy sexy fun traveler said...

Looks like a place worth to visit. Nice photos

lakwatsera de primera said...

I really enjoy reading your post about far flung places . Ikaw na ang explorer :)

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

ikaw na tlga ang magaleng gumawa ng mapa! :) i rmmbr your very helpful Calaguas map tuloy. ok to ah, off beat kung off beat! kelan nxt climb? :)

Pietro Brosio said...

Wonderful tour, all so enjoyable!

docgelo said...

let me see; i like the map (beautifully done!), i like the photos of the bridge and those ricefield! :)


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