Sunday, November 27, 2011

he served and loved imugan


dong ho: pastor, good evening. balak po naming pumunta sa Imugan. pwede po ba namin malaman kung saan pwede tumira? thank you.
pastor: sino toy? 
dong ho: Dominic po. gusto po namin i-feature ang Imugan sa blog.
pastor: ok. when? 
dong ho: this weekend. 
pastor: ok po.
dong ho: ano po oras yung earliest trip?
pastor: 1130am
dong ho: may trip din po kaya sa Oct 31?
pastor: of course.
dong ho: ok. thank you. see you.
that was the text exchange i had few days before our trip to Imugan with the pastor who we coordinated for our stay there. since he just arrived from a convention in Thailand we only had the afternoon the next day to visit him.
we waited for him to come out of the door and i was surprised when i saw a foreigner coming out of the house to meet us. "good afternoon pastor" i greeted. "i thought you were a Filipino" he looked at me and smiled "of course i am". pastor has been living and serving the people of Imugan even long before i was born. 
we had a long chat about Imugan and its people and how the 1990 earthquake changed the community. pastor was not just involved in the activities of Imugan but actually lead in activities related to sustaining upland communities around the Philippines.  
but what struck me the most was when i asked him "what made you stay in the Philippines this long particularly in this small village of Imugan? quickly he replied "i love the people". years back, the missionaries in the Philippines was requested to return to the US. pastor had the option but he chose to remain. all for the love of God and serving the people.

Forest: Imugan
Land Altitude: 900MASL 
Municipality: Sta Fe
Province: Nueva Vizcaya
Region: Cagayan Valley Region (Region II)
Island: Luzon 
Distance from Manila: 222km
GPS Location: 
16' 10'' 20 N
120' 55'' 10 E

How to get there:
[1] Manila to Sta Fe (5-6hours):
There are several option to reach the town of Sta Fe, the jump off point to Imugan. Basically any of the bus going to region 2 will pass by Sta Fe. Options: Bus to Tuguegarao City, Santiago City or Banaue. Bus lines: Victory Bus Lines, Florida Bus Lines.
Note: Sta Fe is the first town of Region 2 coming from Manila. It is the town right after descending from Dalton Pass.
[2] From Sta Fe to Imugan (30-40minutes):
Option 1: Take the public jeepney morning that leaves 11:30am. Cost P18/head
Option 2: Take a tricycle to Imugan which is available whole day. Cost: P135/trike one way

accommodation: when you visit Imugan, you can look for ate Persia, caretaker of the Kalahan dormitory open to all guests visiting the community and the nearby village. 


gillboard said...

the place must be really beautiful for him to stay. can't wait for the rest of this series.

Journeys and Travels said...

thanks for this post Dong! I most love the photos and the entire blog! galing!

Traveling Hawk said...

He set a good example, he is really a man with a mission! Nice photos too in this post.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

i would love to meet pastor too... thanks for sharing Dom! :)

lakwatsera de primera said...

Sometimes, foreign visitors who choose to stay in our country are living more the ideals of what's it's like to be a patriotic pinoy.

Eds said...

the place is indeed beautiful for him to stay. mabuhay ka pastor!

Photo Cache said...

sometimes, the place calls you home and you have to stay. he's doing a good job, hope he gets help in his ministry.

SandyCarlson said...

"I love the people." Why we stay. You made my evening. Thanks.

sheng said...

Sometimes we love other things, the place, the clean air, the tourism, the fresh fruits in a place, but when he said he loved the people, such a humble heart he has!

Chyng said...

aaww. for sure the people in the place is a great factor in relocating. hope to meet more of pastor's favorite locals =)

asan ka sa nov30?
(para lang consistent ang tanungan pag holiday! haha)

docgelo said...

toy, este dom, i like this post!
i like it when travel bloggers feature the people of the places they visit. the last photo was so beautiful that it captured and immortalized perhaps, the smiles of all people of imugan.

Asiong32 said...

i also like this post! i mean its different from your other posts. with your conversation with the pastor and everything feels like i also met the pastor myself and as if ive been to imugan myself. very moving...u

alicesg said...

He did a nice clause for the people. He must have love the place so much to stay.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Kahanga hanga si Pastor! His dedication to service even when he could return to the comforts of the West is so rare. I'm glad you featured him.

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

He found home in Imugan <3

mordsith said...

i love this story. =)

Edmar Guquib said...

ang ganda ng town... and ewan ko kung OA akong tao pero emosyonal talaga ako kapag nakakakita ng mga pics depicting the simple living of the people. makes me wanna cry talaga. parang may emosyon din kasi ang mga pics eh .. ang OA KO!! haha.

Ed said...

bilib ako sa mga portrait shots mo dom. parang lahat ng tao napapa-Oo mo sa pagkuha ng picture. hehe

Anonymous said...

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Brenna said...

when i read this, i couldn't help but smile. How touching that he stayed just because he loved the people! I guess it seems rare nowadays.

Noelizm said...

Hi, Benedict. May I get the mobile number of Pastor or Ms. Persia? Reading your blog post about Imugan makes me want to stay a night at Kalahan dorm, after a trek to Mt. Malico with my 2 sons this coming weekend.

You can just email me their numbers to

Thanks in advance.



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