Wednesday, November 30, 2011

el encuentro allan barredo y oggie ramos

if i talk about outstanding outdoor and portrait shots, i'll definitely refer you to Allan and Oggie. dispatched to photo assignments oftentimes featuring landscapes and people. beyond these, great stories always came along with it. here to feature my two good friends and their brief travel profile.
                                                    "el encuentro" 
allan barredo                                         blogger                                             oggie ramos
lantaw                                                      blog                                                       lagalog
incheon, korea                                   farthest north                           mandalay, myanmar
sarangani                                           farthest south                         yogyakarta, indonesia
japan                                                 farthest east                                       bislig, surigao
vietnam                                             farthest west                                  bagan, myanmar

manila to davao                               longest road trip                manila to ilocos (as driver)
manila to gensan                             longest boat trip                  manila to cagayan de oro
manila to seoul                               longest plane trip                           manila toindonesia
tokyo to osaka                                longest train trip                                 hanoi to lao cai

sagada, mountain province                 highest point                                  mt pulog, ifugao
palawan                                            deepest swim                               sandugan , siquijor
mt matutum                                        longest trek                              pinatubo delta trail
mt romelo during typhoon                    hardest trek                                          all of them

camera                                          item/s lost in a trip                             book "the shack"
bow and arrow                memorable item/s given/bought on a trip                   metal nats
live baby octopus, ant eggs               worst food eaten       expensive pa-sosi tasteless food

1. farthest places reached are referenced from Manila (with Manila to Europe as West and Manila to Guam as East).
2. records here are subject to update. as we know travelers break their records from time to time. records here are updated as of this posting

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Batang Lakwatsero said...

astig tlga ng encuentro series.. haha.. ka-abangabang ang bawat face-off.

gillboard said...

thought to myself re longest train ride: taft to north edsa.


Claire @lakwatsera de primera said...

Nice match, ang dalawang idol ko sa photography :)

Chyng said...

aliw yung aliw as a driver, all treks, and pa-sosi tasteless food ni Oggie!

mins is monumento to edsa! hehe

SandyCarlson said...

Outstanding. You are a good friend and colleague.

Jerome said...

ang astig naman ni sir lantaw...dami ng out of the country trips

pusangkalye said...

ang mga idols ko sa blogosphere isa-isa nang nag-aappear.hope to see them in person.:D

Photo Cache said...

i like oggie's answer to the last question the best. so true so true.

alicesg said...

Nice of you to promote your friend's blog. Have a nice weekend.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

meet Allan alrdy and he has excellent sunset and sunrise shots. gusto ko din ma meet si Oggie one day, idol ko yan eh! :) nice one Dom. and congrats pala sa PBA! at sa tv appearance mu. pa autograph!

sheng said...

Whoever wins this award is deserving, they both are of course, the encuentro is really a close and tough decision for judges to make. Congratulations even for the nomination!

SunnyToast said...

thank you for sharing and promoting your friends blog..ito cgro ang diwa ng pasko:)

merry Christmas Dong!

Oman said...

two of my idols and best buddies. astig. i am honored to know these two guys and be with them on trips.

Ed said...

sakit mawalan ng camera nung kay lantaw!
kakatawa naman yung 'pasosi' food ni oggie. hehe.

awesome encuentro. mga bigatin sa photography!

Eds said...

astig! lol on the pasosi food ni lagalog.

Gladys | said...

great face-off :)

docgelo said...

congratulations on these two for being finalists in this year's PBA! bukas na 'yon, dom!
good luck! all the best. :)

btw, i like oggie's answer to worst food eaten! natawa ako!

Reena said...

parang face-off ang eh, pero parehong magagaling!

gawan mo rin ako nito ha. sino ka-face off ko? lol

witsandnuts said...

Oggie's worst food eaten speaks for many people. I didn't see it like that, but that's true! I'm a fan of his blog.

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

haha title pa lang panalo na


Dalawang bagong hahangaan. Mabuti at you featured them, thank you. :)

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Kickass photogs! Natawa ako sa "memorable item/s given/bought on a trip". Hihi.

Lagalog Ramos said...

hehehe salamat sa plug bai :D naku ang dami mong fans na blogfriends ko rin :P

Admin/Author said...

Ayos! mga idols ko yan sa photog!


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