Sunday, October 16, 2011

seven commandos beach

if there was a place that i would like to build a hut and stay for a month, it would be in this piece of beach called Seven Commandos. i would guess that Alex Garland, author of "The Beach", spent some time on this beach.

often mistaken to be one of the 45 islands of Bacuit Bay but this beach is actually part of the greater Palawan island coast. got its name from the seven soldiers who stayed in this part of El Nido as shared by the locals.

unlike all the other stops in the El Nido package tour A, this is the only part that offered fresh coconut juice. irresistible fresh coconut juice. while waiting, i noticed a number of little dogs. when i started taking photos of these dogs, they started playing around my camera. 
the most interesting aspect of Seven Commandos beach are these little low flying birds on the inner portions of the beach. you can sit down in the middle of those shaded spots and watch these birds fly over you with some going fast as if to hit you.
you need not to go far to experience wild. when you observe closely, there are still monkeys jumping over trees. beyond the shade are impressive rock formations to hidden cave entrance.

among all the stops that we made in this tour, this part gave us the best experience of what it meant to be so close to nature. my kind of spot.

El Nido Tour A:
Seven Commandos Beach is part of El Nido standard Island Hopping package tour A which also includes a visit to Small Lagoon Miniloc island, Big Lagoon island, Hidden Beach, Shimizu and Pangalusian island.
Tour A package cost: P700/head. 

how to get there:
>>>from Manila:
option 1: Domestic airlines fly daily from Manila to Puerto Princesa (1-hour flight)
option 2: Direct flight from Manila to El Nido via Seair (as of this post, direct flights are not available).
>>>from Puerto Princesa to El Nido:
option 1: Take a van trip from Fort Wally Van Organization to El Nido (6-hour road trip).
option 2: Take the regular bus trip from the Puerto Princesa Central bus terminal (7-8hours road trip)
>>>from El Nido van terminal:
option 1: take a tricycle for a short ride to your hotel or to the main beach area if you did not reserve for a hotel.
option 2: if you are willing to walk, the main town area is just a walk away. but i don't recommend this if you have big backpacks and if you have a limited time in El Nido. (15mins walk)
>>>for Tour A:
several travel agency along the main streets of El Nido offers standardized tour packages which includes island hopping and lunch.

island: Palawan island
province: Palawan
gateway: El Nido Coast

escape factor: 
accessibility: 5.0
beach: 4.5
boat trip: 5.0
seascape: 5.0
topography: 4.5

isolation: 5.0
overall escape factor: 4.8

GPS location:

11^ 10" 46' N
119^ 23" 16' E


Jam Santos said...

can't help but notice.. the puppies are adorable! :D

Pordoy Palaboy said...

at last ma experience ko na rin ang el nido starting today. I would include Tour A para mapuntahan ko itong 7 commandos

tina said...

ang cute ng puppies! :)

I can't help it, but I am super evious of your El Nido series. Hahaha! :)

SandyCarlson said...

Those pups stole my heart!

Batang Lakwatsero said...

grabe.. ang ganda ng place. Fresh Coconut ftw!

stevevhan said...

wow, i love the dog shots! :)

Ang ganda ng place, namiss ko tuloy ang probinsya ko, masbate. :)

Igogoogle ko nalang f magkanu ang magagastos ko for a trip here.

Um, have you already heard the no to mining palawan campaign? have ou signed up already?

Borneo Falcon said...

Nice shot of the puppies. This place is beautiful too

Raft3r said...

ganda dito, dong
cute din ng mga askals

Photo Cache said...

the dogs are so cute. sana naguwi ka ng isa :)

SunnyToast said...

Ka inggit...the place is too close to nature:)

killrfillr said...

Ganda ng mga kuha sa puppies. Hindi ko ata napuntahan tong part na to ng 7 Commandoes.

docgelo said...

i agree with your last statement -"close to nature" nga itong post na ito. may beach, coconuts, ducks and puppies -kumpleto! well represented ang biodiversity! (im sure may insekto din sa mga photos, di lang apparent, hehe)...

i like the pictures of the cocounuts! and the puppies--too cute for words!

Asiong32 said...

wow, ang ganda ng pagkakakuha mo dun sa mga tuta at mga bebe dom! saglit, bebe ba ang tagalog ng duck? im not sure eh.

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I wonder which islands in El Nido Alex Garland saw and where he conceptualized his 'beach'. Would be really interesting to know...

escape said...

>hi Jam, yes they were. when i friend of mine returned to El Nido just a month ago, i asked to check how the puppies were. sad thing is they were already distributed to nearby village.

>Ghienoxs, wow! enjoy and ill be checking out your post on it.

>Hi Tina, for sure youll make it there next year. it was fun seeing those puppies.

>Hi Sandy, same here.

>Batang lakwatsero, fresh coconut+nice beach...

>Stevevhan, yes i heard about it but didnt had the chance to look for the site. i will then check it out. for the costing you can send me an email.

>Borneo, place is indeed beautiful.

>Raft3r, dami nila nung time na nandun ako.

>PhotoCache, i wish. too bad i dont have the time to take care of dogs and i think it would be a hassle bringing them to manila.

>Sunnytoast, my ideal place.

>killrfillr, sa likod lang to ng kubo ng nagbebenta ng buko. kaya lang baka wala pa sila nung time na pumunta ka.

>Doc Gelo, hahaha... malamang may mga insekto nga. dami nung puppies. maybe there were around 11 and dalawa atang nanay ang nanganak ng halos sabay.

>Asiong, kakatuwa lang din talaga ang mga tuta. yung mga pato sayang kasi nung nakita nila ako tumalikod. mas ok sana yung kuha. bibi tama duck nga din.

>hi Gay, i would like to know too. ill try to find out.

lakwatsera de primera said...

I've been to El Nido twice and the 2nd time I was there for a week but I haven't really checked out all the islands under the package tour especially Seven Commandos. I would love do sea kayaking next time and explore the islands at my own steam.

gillboard said...

looks simple. but i'm sure looks could be deceiving.

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

awwwww, the puppies are so cuteee..

haven't been to El Nido yet but my sister and I are planning to go there this December. I'm gonna make sure this island will be included on our trip..

D'QXTC said...

those ducks remind me of what I call the real farmville --- hehe I call my lolo's residence in Mindoro as the real farmville.

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

One of my favorite islands din ito. Naalala ko pa yung mga cute na puppies na yan. :-)

You were asking about the beach that inspired Alex Garland for his novel "The Beach". Just posted an entry about it. It's part of Tour C.

Gladys | said...

great photos! i love the place. i remember, almost sunset na ata kami nakarating dito... so most of our photos were silhouette shots against the setting shot :)

Ed said...

ayos dom ah. andami mong 'dapa' shots! nakadapa talaga! hehe

SkippyHeart said...

wow, ganda ng place! ang cute ng mga puppies, add-on pa the ducklings. :)

ian said...

ganda! hope it stays the same through time... =)

Pietro Brosio said...

Really a nice post! So lovely the puppies, very attractive the landscapes.

lakbay philippines said...

akala ko seven commandos is a beach on one of the islands of singapore. hehehe. di pala.

parang ang sarap mag survival skills training dito eh oh.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

From what I've heard, Alex Garland was inspired by the Secret Beach in Matinloc island which involved entering through a keyhole cave. Too bad (or maybe good for Pinoys), the lack of infrastructure in the island couldn't handle film making so the movie was shot in Thailand instead.

Reena said...

ang cu-cute ng puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!! sana nag-uwi ka ng isa. :D

Edmar Guquib said...

another meaningful shots I always wanted to do. I am not well-traveled but given the chance, this is my kind of work. I actually want to highlight the unseen and the unknown aside from the main attraction. Thanks because I am seeing myself in you after a year at sana kahit kalingkingan lang no. naks hehheheeh..

Heart of Rachel said...

It's a lovely place. The puppies are adorable!

Bino / Frameless World said...

I miss El Nido big time!!! One of the most beautiful place I've seen in my entire life. And I'm proud that it is located in my home country.. The Philippines. :)


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