Wednesday, September 28, 2011

travelers garage sale

inviting everyone to a traveler's garage sale this Saturday as led by the Sole Sisters. this is to support travelers who will soon be going out to explore like Lois and Chichi. 

check out the travelers involved at for details. items to be sold includes books, travel items, cds, dvds and more.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

singapore airport terminals

Singapore Changi Airport ranked as second best airport in the world as awarded by the prestige 2011 World Airport Awards and 2011 Skytrax Airport Awards. airports are rated according to its transport system, accessibility, navigational facilities, security and the extra amenities that it offers.
Changi Airport has three main terminals and two other terminals commonly used by the budget airlines. on this post i'll feature the three terminals that caters the major airlines including Singapore Airlines, the country's flag carrier that is also considered as the world's best airlines.
Changi Airport Terminal 1
Operation Started: July 1981
Area: 280km square
Bridges: 29
Hotel: Ambassador Transit Hotel
the oldest among the other two terminals but the ongoing rehabilitation of terminal 1 will bring in a big upgrade. it looks crowded in comparison of the the other two terminals considering that its check-in hall is slightly smaller.
Changi Airport Terminal 2
Operation Started: November 1990
Area: 358km square
Bridges: 35
Hotel: Portion of Ambassador Transit Hotel
terminal 2 is organized by the details that it has a number of information centers, ATMs, money changer and free internet access strategically located to serve all the four major gates. 
like terminal 1 it has a large area of shops that will make you think that it looks more like a mall than an airport. GST refund centers are available on all terminals and process is easy to get your 7% rebate.
Changi Airport Terminal 3
Operation started: January 2008
Area: 380km square
Bridges: 28
Hotel: Crowne Plaza Hotel
if Terminal 2 looked so much like a mall, Terminal 3 looked more like a museum to me. its high and intricately designed ceiling are among its most notable feature. as i explored more of the structure, i found that it also holds a butterfly garden.
the basement holds more shops including its popular Slide which took me quite some time to find. with the help of the airport map, the first thing you need to identify is its level and your location. finding the shops will be easier.
along the way, i found my favorite Singapore food shop Ya Kun Kaya Toast. best for its toasted kaya bread that already has a branch at Philippine NAIA Terminal 2 and on some parts of Metro Manila. but i was surprised to see a shop named Jollibean.
despite Changi's three large terminals, transiting from one terminal to the other is easy. the airport's skytrain makes an almost hassle-free transfer. available every 5minutes with a transit time of just 3-5minutes. 
this connection makes the entire Changi Airport work so efficiently. arriving at the airport an hour or 45minutes before your flight is okay. the airport is also accessible through the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) that can connect you to Singapore's business district.
this makes Singapore a perfect stopover for flights to India, Middle East and the European countries. Changi Airport is also considered by the Aussie as the Kangaroo route as it serves as the hub for Qantas Airlines to Europe. you will love Changi.

Official Website: Singapore Changi Airport
Interactive Map: Airport Map

Thursday, September 22, 2011

sam is cool

it is amazing how Singapore turned this old mission school into one of Southeast Asia's best contemporary art museum. courtyards and halls transformed from time to time aligning to its visual arts theme.
on that night, the ground floors were filled with people as the museum's Glass Hall was turned into a club, Waterloo Courtyard into an open dinning space and Queen Courtyard into a visual dark room of blue jelly fish shaped lanterns.
the second level were mostly art installations and several video showrooms. each a uniquely designed with a modern representation of making yourself part of the art. video interface was fun. 
i rarely go to museums but it was the Night Light show "Lyrical Perspective"last September 2 that got my attention when we were walking along Bras Basah street. a harmonical display of lights and sounds at the main entrance of Singapore Art Museum. 
you can check the actual video taken during the light show "Night Lights: Lyrical Perspective.
for upcoming events and exhibits at the website of Singapore Art Museum.

Monday, September 19, 2011

mooncake festival singapore

i remember my Singaporean colleague who was fascinated at the variety of ensaymadas that we have in the Philippines not knowing that i ended up being more fascinated at the variants of all the moon cakes that they have.
the Chinese communities around the world celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival this month. a tradition celebrated when the moon is full and bright that is on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. 
lighting lanterns is part of the tradition as family would gather for dinner under the shining moon. a festival based on a Chinese folklore of the lady goddess named Chang'e and the archer Houyi.
this small cake, commonly with lotus seed filling, has evolved over the years. traditionally formed with a wooden mold with a design of Chinese character that represented "long life".
today, popular hotels and even giant  has created its own variety of toppings and fillings. some goes with icings on top and some with creamier . but the one that i liked the most was the one with a durian flavor.
but did you know that even our local hopia is considered a variant of these moon cakes?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

imprints: soul on sole

inviting you to Dispatch Magazine's Travel X Thursdays Event Imprints: Soul on Sole a travel art installation of foot wears of various travelers. with the shoes being one of the most vital gear.
during this event, Dispatch will also launch its stop-motion video of travelers including Ferdz Decena, Chyng Reyes, Ga-el Hilotin, Nina Fuentes, Christine Fernandez, Upper Viceo, Jan Michellardi, Erwin Hilao, James Betia, Angel Juarez, Marky Ramone and a lot more. see you there!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

singapore comex 2011

people on top of platforms were holding high their promo signboards of tech gadgets during the COMEX 2011 in Singapore last weekend. camera brand giants like Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Canon and Sony participated along with the other tech gadgets and gears.
Singapore is known for some of the best tech trade shows and exhibits. this year's COMEX was held at the convention halls of Suntec City. exhibitors occupied three floors including hallways which gave way to tech accessories.
you will either get the gadgets at great deals or bring home lots of freebies that comes along with it. camera lens was not included. among the best deals were the portable hard drives. for travelers who would need to have their photos stored.
for those who want to check out the upcoming Singapore Tech Show and Exhibits:
SITEX Singapore - Nov 24-27, 2011 Singapore Expo Centre
Singapore Internet Show - Apr 25-27, 2012 Suntec Singapore Center
Enterprise IT - Jun 19-21, 2012 Marina Bay Sands

Monday, September 5, 2011

surf and music festival 2011

who says rainy days and the typhoon season in the Philippines is the wrong time to travel in the Philippines? by the end of October this year Travel Factor and Aloha Boardsports brings Surf and Music Festival 2011 in Baler Aurora. 
it will be packed with beach fun and surfing activities matched with great bands like Wolfgang and Razorback.
You can check out Travel Factor for details or call
Landline: +632-7465119    TF Mobile: +63917-8475341 / +632-9642527
Office Address:  5/F Bloomingdale Plaza, 200 Shaw Blvd., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Regular Office Hours: 10:00 AM - 7:30 PM Weekdays

Be part of TF, send a blank email to to join the mailing list. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter


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