Thursday, August 25, 2011

small lagoon miniloc island

"this is not small. it is just smaller than the big lagoon" i said to myself while i was swimming through an almost hidden inlet to one of Miniloc island's secret lagoon. i was already running out of breath. thinking that the lagoon was small by its name, i swam without a lifevest trying to cross to the other point. struggled swimming as there was no clear spot to stand and rest on but the crystal clear waters was just irresistible.this was our first stop to one of El Nido's infamous package tours to the enchanting islands of Bacuit Bay. from afar, Miniloc island looked like just one plain karst island but as we moved closer, it revealed the opening to what was believed to be sinkholes thousands of years ago.the view to this body of water enclosed by the mix of gray spikes and lush green mix of shrubs was therapeutic. i believe it is karstification at its best. i was impressed that even though the there is increase of tourists to this part of El Nido, the towering cliffs are free from vandalism. the Tagbanwas knew what it meant to preserve the area. they definitely deserve to be keepers to the Philippines jewel.recommended activities:
[1] swimming. the clear and calm waters makes it a perfect spot for swimming. there's not much to see underwater except for plain white sand and some rocks to stand on.
[2] paddling. kayaks for rent are available outside and inside the small lagoon. this gives you the opportunity to bring your camera and get upclose to the limestone walls.
[3] nothing. even by staying at the boat surrounded by these clustered karst is relaxing.

El Nido Tour A:
Small Lagoon Miniloc Island is part of El Nido standard Island Hopping package tour A which also includes a visit to Big Lagoon Miniloc island, Shimizu island, Pangalusian island, Hidden Beach and Seven Commandos Beach.
Tour package A cost: P700 

how to get there:
>>>from Manila:
option 1: Domestic airlines fly daily from Manila to Puerto Princesa (1-hour flight)
option 2: Direct flight from Manila to El Nido via Seair (as of this post, direct flights are not available).
>>>from Puerto Princesa to El Nido:
option 1: Take a van trip from Fort Wally Van Organization to El Nido (6-hour road trip).
option 2: Take the regular bus trip from the Puerto Princesa Central bus terminal (7-8hours road trip)
>>>from El Nido van terminal:
option 1: take a tricycle for a short ride to your hotel or to the main beach area if you did not reserve for a hotel.
option 2: if you are willing to walk, the main town area is just a walk away. but i don't recommend this if you have big backpacks and if you have a limited time in El Nido. (15mins walk)
>>>for Tour A:
several travel agency within the along the main streets of El Nido offers standardized tour packages which includes island hopping and lunch.

island: Miniloc island
province: Palawan
gateway: El Nido Coast

escape factor:
accessibility: 4.5
boat trip: 5.0
seascape: 5.0
topography: 5.0
isolation: 4.0
overall escape factor: 4.5

GPS location:

11^ 10" 46' N
119^ 23" 16' E


Photo Cache said...

surprising to hear that you had availed of the tour package. nice to know.

i've been checking online about packages to palawan, still quite high on the price range for the amount i want to shell out.

gillboard said...

looks eerily like the island in the film The Beach.

great shots dong. hope you could share though the price of the package.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

wow! sinkholes pala yun...?

good to know that responsible tourists been there, hopefully it will stay vandalism-free...

thanks for sharing great tips!

lakwatsera de primera said...

If I have to choose one tour in El Nido, I would go for Tour A, the lagoons are 'must visit" spots for me.

alicesg said...

Wow the water looked so crystal clear and inviting. Very beautiful.

escape said...

>photocache, i was supposed to rent one boat but it was just too expensive.

packages are quite expensive specially that it just increased last February to about 30-40%.

but it's still worth it.

>gillboard, it surely is. price for tour A is P700.

>pinoyadventurista, they say it used to be sinkholes and caverns. the tagbanwas deserves this part of the archipelago.

>hi lakwatsera, yes. specially when it's your first time. for sure the other tour package are exciting.

>hi alicesg, indeed.

docgelo said...

wow, i've never been to palawan and those photos are just inviting!
wonderful captures of those rock formations.

ps : bakit ka naman "running out of breath" while you were swimming? ...ok i get it, the view was breathtaking! haha!

Chyng said...

breath taking indeed. for sure i cant resist to swim too kahit malunod ako. haha well knowing na may kasamang boatman, confident akong may sasagip sakin in case. =)

Traveling Hawk said...

I like karst zones and this is an amazing rock landscape! Great photos!

Borneo Falcon said...

Looking at the water, I might as well swim without the lifevest

Reena said...

ang ganda! i want to go there too!

SandyCarlson said...

That lagoon is incredibly beautiful. What a place.

Anonymous said...

hi sir, just recently started a blog and isa kayo sa mga sinusubaybayan ko :) very inspiring tong Palawan trip and i hope na makapunta din kami dito. will definitely plan that out soon. Salamat :)

escape said...

>docgelo, napagod ako sa kakalangoy. i highly recommend that you make palawan your next vacation in the philippines.

>hi chyng, yung iba naming kasama dikit buong langoy sa boatman.

>traveling hawk, hoping that yu get to visit the philippines.

>borneo, drop by the philippines one time.

>hi reena, book na.

>hi sandy, one of our best gems.

>havegulaywilltravel, welcome to the blogging community. would be glad to see you posting about el nido.

tina said...

wow! I love! Super envious Dominic! :)

D'QXTC said...

i can't stop saying wow every time i read posts like these.

I will definitely need a life jacket no matter what...

...and I want to try kayaking.

Bengbeng said...

this is like...awesome. Who wouldnt want to go to a place like this.. a little bit of heaven on earth with a touch of adventure :)

Pietro Brosio said...

What a wonderful place! Excellent images!

Traveling Hawk said...

Wonderful all these photos! I only have a problem: such a nice water and I can't swim :(


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