Sunday, August 21, 2011

el nido coast

El Nido Palawan has two faces and many, who has not been there, only knew one. expensive and luxurious, a usual impression of most people to this side of Palawan.
apparently, El Nido's main beach coast has a good number of cheap lodges and resorts with fairly comfy room accommodations. this coast is home to backpackers coming from different countries, mostly from Europe.
most of these lodges stand side by side almost sharing the same wall while others separated by narrow alleyways. but some few resorts has small sandy lawns and puny cottages. an obvious shift of nipa made cottages to concrete buildings defines the growing population of tourists.
unlike most of the beaches in the island of Palawan, the main town coast has a short beach shore. surprisingly, even at low tide. possibly because the lodges were built too close to the shoreline.
its beige-colored sand and cyan waters under the towering limestone karst completes El Nido's beach cove. the view of all the white-motored boats scattered in its cove and the nearby Cadlao island is relaxing.
how to get there:
>>>from Manila:
option 1: Domestic airlines fly daily from Manila to Puerto Princesa (1-hour flight)
option 2: Direct flight from Manila to El Nido via Seair (as of this post, direct flights are not available).
>>>from Puerto Princesa to El Nido:
option 1: Take a van trip from Fort Wally Van Organization to El Nido (6-hour road trip).
option 2: Take the regular bus trip from the Puerto Princesa Central bus terminal (7-8hours road trip)
>>>from El Nido van terminal:
option 1: take a tricycle for a short ride to your hotel or to the main beach area if you did not reserve for a hotel.
option 2: if you are willing to walk, the main town area is just a walk away. but i don't recommend this if you have big backpacks and if you have a limited time in El Nido. (15mins walk)

island: Greater Palawan Island
province: Palawan
gateway: El Nido/Puerto Princesa

escape factor:
accessibility: 3.5
road trip: 3.5
beach view: 4.5
beach: 4.0
isolation: 3.5
overall escape factor: 4.0

GPS location:

11^ 10" 46' N
119^ 23" 16' E


thepinaysolobackpacker said...

I miss El Nido! :) I stayed at the Alternative, I think it's right beside where you took that one photo. Balik tayo! taaarrraaa!die

Photo Cache said...

wow, jan ko talagang gusto pumunta eh.

SandyCarlson said...

What an incredible place. Your part of the world is so rich in beauty and diversity.

lakwatsera de primera said...

I agree, maraming murang accommodation sa El Nido Town, yung nakuha namin dati, 500 per night good for two na :)

killrfillr said...

nakakamiss ang el nido..kapag may mga bagong post akong nababasa tungkol dito gusto ko na bumalik agad.

Traveling Hawk said...

It's a great location and beautiful landscape, dong ho!

gillboard said...

i'm sure this is not the climax of the trip, but still...


SunnyToast said...

Wow...thanks for this post convince ko na rin sa wakas ang iba kung friends na mag palawan..sobra kc konat nila...hahaha

Nice one:)

Axl Powerhouse Network said...

omg... el nido palawan.. one of my fave place to be.... isa sa mga magagandang place sa palawan. esp yung ambiance nito pagkami sarap tumambay sa silid ng dagat...

Anonymous said...

yep.mura accomodation sa El Nido.2 weeks ago stay kami sa Alternative-500/room. 2pax na kami dun. tas stay din kami sa Skylight yta yon or skyline.yon may kainan sa baba.400pesos nman. =)

Unknown said...

ikaw pala tatanungin pag pupunta ako sa El Nido.:p i'm going to Coron early next month (lapit naaaaa!)...El Nido is next.:p

Borneo Falcon said...

This is paradise. With beach surrounded by mountains, it's just perfect

escape said...

>Ga-el, tara na! sana may magbu-book na.

>PhotoCache, i highly recommend El Nido.

>Sandy, we're just waiting for your visit.

>lakwatsera, i believe it will soon be filled with backpackers. P500 good for two! now that's really really cheap.

>killrfillr, balik na. kelan ka ba pumunta?

>travelinghawk, it sure is.

>gillboard, simula pa lang.

>sunnytoast, ill be looking forward to seeing you post about palawan.

>axl, i believe it will soon be filled with local tourists.

>pinoydayslepper, this will bring in a new perspective of el nido. the backpackers coast.

>hi luna, sure. just let me know. coron can surely come close.

>borneo, not yet. this is just the busy coast.

pusangkalye said...

Dong--me nahanap akong katukayo mong blogger sa South Korea.hahaha

travel blogger din ata.:D|AsMR|313|20101026184524&q=%C0%DC%BC%BE%BD%BA%C4%AD%BD%BA

sheng said...

If there's one place I have always wanted to go to, it's El Nido!

alicesg said...

So lucky that you all have so many islands to go and relax and holiday. No need to go other

Chyng said...

oo nga no, may landscape photo ka na, for a change!

may nakita kang mga Tagbanua?

tina said...

Can't wait for the next post Dominic!

Sama ako pgbalik niyo! Hahaha! Pero target ko to early next year. Keeping my fingers crossed :D

Tripper10 said...

Ganda talaga ng El nido...:)

Kura said...

yikes parang andami ng nakarating sa elnido sa mga nagcomment. Ang loser ko. hahah! hindi maka-relate. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. If given a chance (or maisip ni Pnoy na dagdagan ang long weekend), i'll definitely consider this place.

Richard said...

this December, pupunta ako dyan.:)

Raft3r said...

el nido ang tunay na paraiso!
ganda talaga dyan!


Ang ganda. Ang nasa isip ko lagi, dollars ang kailangan para maenjoy ang El Nido. Salamat sa post na ito, idol. :)

Jam Santos said...

always nice to see a different perspective :)
el nido really is Paradise.

Karl said...

indeed, i only know of the luxurious aspect of the place from brochures. if it's that affordable and accessible, then it's certainly going to be in my schedule very soon. thanks for the transpo info.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Natuloy ka na rin pala. Have read something you wrote about a plan to visit El Nido before. Now I'm the one getting envious!

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Can't wait to take Luna there. Inip ako na lumaki na sya. Hahaha!

pamatayhomesick said...

hanga ako sa kakaibang linaw ng tubig sa atin..then the beauty of cave and mountains..wala nyan dito sa lupang buhangin...:)


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