Tuesday, August 30, 2011

big lagoon miniloc el nido

if you remember way back 2004, Amazing Race (US Version) Season 5 had its second to the last stop in the Philippines and the roadblock on climbing the towering karst of El Nido was considered one of the most challenging. i included two clips from the episode below.
“despite the difficult challenges, we enjoyed every place we went. specially Palawan”  Season 4 winner Chip and Kim claimed after an interview of their experience of the race. the platform used in that roadblock is now set at Miniloc's big lagoon relocated from Lagen island.

the scrapped walls in the channel to the big lagoon seemed to have been trimmed intentionally. flat downwards touching the shallow waters on its inlet. as we cruised through, water got deeper. 
this huge lagoon could have been a large dome and dangerous species is still believed to be dwelling in its deep dark waters. so not one from the group dared jump off. one round cruise inside this lagoon and had our way out on the same channel.
this stop of tour A is just a cruise-and-see as we've had a long time swimming in the small lagoon. both lagoons are actually located at the same side of the island with just a  limestone wall separating it.
video clips from Amazing Race Season 5 (US Version) when they had the roadblock challenge in El Nido Palawan. thanks to cfs224 for uploading and saving the video.

El Nido Tour A:
Big Lagoon Miniloc Island is part of El Nido standard Island Hopping package tour A which also includes a visit to Small Lagoon Miniloc island, Shimizu island, Pangalusian island, Hidden Beach and Seven Commandos Beach.
Tour A package cost: P700/head. 

how to get there:
>>>from Manila:
option 1: Domestic airlines fly daily from Manila to Puerto Princesa (1-hour flight)
option 2: Direct flight from Manila to El Nido via Seair (as of this post, direct flights are not available).
>>>from Puerto Princesa to El Nido:
option 1: Take a van trip from Fort Wally Van Organization to El Nido (6-hour road trip).
option 2: Take the regular bus trip from the Puerto Princesa Central bus terminal (7-8hours road trip)
>>>from El Nido van terminal:
option 1: take a tricycle for a short ride to your hotel or to the main beach area if you did not reserve for a hotel.
option 2: if you are willing to walk, the main town area is just a walk away. but i don't recommend this if you have big backpacks and if you have a limited time in El Nido. (15mins walk)
>>>for Tour A:
several travel agency along the main streets of El Nido offers standardized tour packages which includes island hopping and lunch.

island: Miniloc island
province: Palawan
gateway: El Nido Coast

escape factor: 
 accessibility: 5.0
boat trip: 5.0
seascape: 5.0
topography: 5.0

isolation: 4.5
overall escape factor: 5.0

GPS location:

11^ 10" 46' N
119^ 23" 16' E


Axl Powerhouse Network said...

idol... the best talaga shoot mo... isa sa magandang place ang el nido esp sa island hopping... :D

gillboard said...

i saw that episode. and the place looks so pristine. parang paradise talaga.

Pordoy Palaboy said...

this post made me more excited visiting the place in October. Dong anong place na ma suggest mo for accommodation sa el nido?

Unknown said...

Wow thanks for sharing this :) I'll put this on my travel wishlist for next year :)

God bless and more power!

escape said...

>axl, salamat. maganda din lang talaga ang lugar. island hopping is highly recommended in el nido.

>gillboard, paraiso ng talaga. sinubaybayan mo rin pala yung season 5.

>ghienoxs, nice. pupunta ka pala sa october. it depends what type you prefer also with the budget. you can email me at

>biboy, that'll be great! salamat sa pagdaan.

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

wowow!! el nido!!

parang land of the giants yan ah, daming karst!

nuts said...

wow! nasa el nido kana, di na ko nakasama sa mga eskapo! as always, galing ng mga shots mo. lalong dumami wish list ko..

SandyCarlson said...

You're a fabulous tour guide--even across the globe! That looks like a really rewarding adventure.

emmanuelmateo said... beautiful..i wanna go there someday

Chyng said...

yes, may napost na blog! =)

aside from i got amused with your photos, wala na ko macomment. i heard your el nido story last monday. tambay!

alicesg said...

I am not so much a fan of Amazing Race, the race is so stressful lol. I prefer Survivor and never miss a season of the show. Love to watch how people can do the backstabbing and lies to win the prize hahaha. I hope Survivor will film in one of the thousand beautiful islands in your country.

Asiong32 said...

i remember that episode of Amazing race season 5 as if it was yesterday.i remember watching it via sattelite with no commercial breaks. im such a big fan of amazing race. hehe

Pietro Brosio said...

A fabulous adventure indeed, very nice pictures and videos!

Borneo Falcon said...

It is a scenic view. Definitely fancy a boat ride here

tina said...

Parang nk-nganga ako the whole time I was reading this post... hehe.. ako na ang me BIG-TIME INGGIT! :)

Ganda Dom, punta na tau ulet! Hahaha ;)

sheng said...

I have always wanted to go to Palawan!

Photo Cache said...

I really love to see this place and cruise it's calm waters.

Missy said...

I love your shots so vivid and hopefully someday I can visit that place so awesome and breathtaking that's better than Geibi Gorge I went to in Japan

Reena said...

nice photos! i can't carry my own weight. i'm pretty sure hindi ko kaya mag climbing like what they did. shucks, paano na yan if i join the amazing race? dapat pala magpractice na ako. :D

anney said...

Been there at ang ganda talaga! Napanood ko yung episode ng amazing race na yan.


Awesome. Your photographs are the best!!! El Nido is beautiful. Proud to be Pinoy

D'QXTC said...

marvelous rock formations! Sana meron nagaarrange ng rappelling adventure..!

♥ K.i.i.k.a.Y ♥ said...

that place looks amzing..only if i can jump sa plane to get der i would :)..ganda ng kuha mo..

SunnyToast said...

Thank you for sharing Dong! You always amused me with your entry! Ikaw na! You already!

Jam Santos said...

lovely! big lagoon is my favorite spot in el nido too :)


docgelo said...

i like the first and the sixth photo, dom! ang ganda talaga sa palawan; those rock formations are really must-see (question is, kailan kami makakapunta dyan? hehe!)

how's your sg trip? pasensya na ulit at naisip namin ni tina na huwag ka nang abalahin sa work mo doon. i'm sure there'll be next time! :)...punta kaya kayo sa penang, sa georgetown!

Lagalog Ramos said...

Maganda naman talaga ang El Nido and of course, Palawan. When we went to Halong Bay, we can't help but miss Palawan because while the karst formations there were beautiful, the azure waters of Palawan were so much clearer

Bengbeng said...

not just a holiday but a terrific adventure :)

Unknown said...

Hey! :) Sinama po kita sa Blogroll ko :) I've been reading your blog for months already so I decided to make a blogroll :)

Eto yung link:

Yun lang po :) Happy blogging :) God bless! :)

Raft3r said...

i so remember that episode ng amazing race!

Traveling Hawk said...

Superb landscape, dong ho!

Ed said...

2 travel bloggers sa interview sessions ko ang nagsabi na El Nido raw ang the best. di pa rin ako nakakapunta dito!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I saw that Amazing Race episode years ago and was so happy they visited the Philippines that I actually recorded it and watched it several times again. Buti ka pa, narating mo na rin yan. Balang araw, ako din. :)


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