Tuesday, July 5, 2011

three stop zamboanga city

the city of Zamboanga holds the most number of Chavacano speakers in the country, also the language which i grew up using. many are fascinated at the language, which indirectly resembles to Spanish. beyond the language, the city also has fairly good spots and here are three of the most of famous. [1] Fort Pilar. it is one of Zamboanga city's iconic landmark, a quadrilateral fortress very significant to the Zamboanguenos. close to the size of Cebu city's Fort San Pedro, this one was built around 1712. famous for the miraculous story of the Virgin Mary's apparition from saving the coastal area from a Tsunami. it has an open shrine that gathers thousands during its feast day.
this is just a walking distance from the central city area passing by the beautiful Valderosa street. but one can take a tricycle or a taxi from anywhere around the city to the fort. by night, the nearby Paseo del Mar transforms to a night spot for food trip and sound trip.
[2] Pasonanca Park. holds a number of spots in the upper portions of the city. accessible by public jeepneys and taxis to just about 15-20minutes from the central city area. it covers a large area with several well maintained green lawn parks. the Boy Scout Camp grounds remains to be one of the nicest camping grounds in the region. a site that commemorates the 24 Filipino boy scouts who died in the 1963 plane crash in India while they were on their to the Jamboree in Greece. one of them is Antonio Limbaga who is from Zamboanga.
my childhood memories of the tree house, the swimming pool, and large the soldier hat in Abong-Abong. the old Zamboanga Convention Center, used to be one of the largest structure in the area. it was in this center where i first saw a large preserved fish.
[3] Zamboanga Barter. one can't end a trip in Zamboanga without dropping by the barters. an area where one can buy goods coming from the city and majority coming from the nearby Malaysia. these includes malongs, batik, dusters, shawls and handkerchief. it's where you can haggle and get the best price.
among my favorite are the imported chocolate biscuits Apollo, which now has several flavors. i would usually place it in the refrigerator which hardens the chocolate inside the thin layered biscuit.

how to get there:
Fort Pilar - it is just a walk away from the central area of Zamboanga city on the East coast but one can also take a tricycle to go there.

Pasonanca Parks - also accessible by tricycle and public jeepney but taking a taxi will be good. in our case, we rented a van to go around the city.

Zamboanga Barter - there are several barters in the city, one would be the one in Canelar. not so far from the airport and area is just fine.

from Manila, there are daily flights from Manila to Zamboanga with the major domestic airlines. usual flight time is an hour and twenty minutes or less.

island: mainland Mindanaoo
province: Zamboanga Peninsula

GPS location:

6^ 54" 15' N
122^ 4" 26' E


pamatayhomesick said...

hi dong,
pinag-aaralan ko yung mga kuha mo...napakahusay ng flow. alam ko na agad kung sayo ang photo...
may istorya sa bawat sipat mo.
hanga ako!!!

gillboard said...

ang linis ng lugar.

the first photo reminded me of fort santiago.

Photo Cache said...

I love batiks. Yap, I must agree with gillboard's observation that the city is very clean. Way to go Zambo.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

favorite ko ang Pasonanca... dyan ako nag spent ng afternoon ko on my last day in Zamboanga City... Unlike, the city proper na parang Manila lang, na-enjoy ko ang sights sa Pasonanca... :)

tina said...

Galing talaga ng photos mu as always! It always tell your story! ;)

Sana madala mu din kme jhn sa Zamboanga :D

Reena said...

pwede bang mag-overnight dun sa tents? :D

the city is so clean! i havent been in any part of that region. i hope to see it one day.

Chyng said...

can you speak chavacano, dom? nice! i always wanted to learn a dialect, any dialiect.

ive read about pasonanca park in my gradeschool books. hehe now its for real! =)

Pietro Brosio said...

These nice places are so interesting and unique, they really are worth seeing.

witsandnuts said...

Your photo angles are getting better and better. ;) Madalas na fefeature ang Zamboanga sa mga TFC shows, pero dito lang sa post mo napakita yung scouting camp.

Julienne said...

ang linis naman. gusto ko na ring bumisita sa Zamboanga

Raft3r said...

gusto ko talagang ma-explore ang mindanao
tanging davao at cdo pa lang napuntahan ko dyan
medyo strikto kasi dito samin
kahit perosnal visit basta mindanao dapat may clearance from the office
kj, diba?

alicesg said...

Very interesting. Wonder how the inside of the tree house looked like. I just came back from Johor Bahru yesterday (half day shopping trip), will blog about it once I sorted the photos.


Pasonanca park is very interesting. Ang cool ng mga tents.

SunnyToast said...

One thing I love about Zamboanga is dr language..I'm really fascinated at gusto kung matuto magsalita ng language nila.....I even memorize the song Porque by maldita..hahaha...and thru your blog your giving me more reason to love the place:)

Great photos!

Giselle said...

grabe, ang linis. i wonder what comes first, writing or taking photos?

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

I haven't been to any part of Mindanao. Hopefully next year makabisita na rin ako =]

lakwatsera de primera said...

humahaba ang listahan ko ng "places to visit" sa Mindanao, keep em coming Dom :)

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! I did not know Zamboanga city has so many to offer

SandyCarlson said...

Your blog shows that every culture is a hybrid--yet uniquely itself. What great photos. Thanks!

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Rome Dylan said...

Dong, I'm assuming you grew up in Zamboanga based on your photo notes, am I right?

Great photos of Zamboanga City!

Unknown said...

that's a very great experience!!!but, if i were to ask???i wouldn't dare getting under the sea with whales and sharks...



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