Friday, July 22, 2011

my seven links: a quick look back

it's twelve midnight now and i just finished packing my things for a trip this weekend. a last glimpse of some travel blogs before sleeping reminded me of the seven links project of Tripbase as tagged by Tina of Tina the Frustrated Traveler.

did this as quick as possible. given the short amount of time i have chosen the posts which first came into mind for each category.
Link[Most Beautiful Post] Vietnam's Cu Chi Tunnel.
Ho Chi Minh series is among my favorite series and i just realized that the whole series actually covered 15posts. the post on the impressive Cu Chi Tunnels led me to making a spot-by-spot feature with a trail map of the tour.

[Most Popular Post] Batad Rice Terraces
remains as one of my favorite spots in the Philippines. with this post i received a lot of inquiries and even requests of when i would be going again as they wanted to join. one of the photos was also used in a magazine.

[Most Controversial Post] A Stranger.
i dont seem to have a controversial post but this post could come close as traveling solo on a town whose people are not used to encountering a solo traveler. an experience that at once, almost led me to think twice of traveling alone again.

[Most Helpful Post] A Guide to Calaguas.
this group of islands has been a favorite for almost everyone who gets to visit the island. going there three times led me to make a guide to the island which included some of the rarely seen spots of the main island and the nearby islands. the guide also includes a island map with specific spots recommended for beach bums, photographers, underwater activities, and even volunteerism.

[A post whose success surprised me] Lake Mapanuepe.
not yet known to many that aside from the town of Bacolor in Pampanga that a village in barangay Aglao in Zambales was submerged and later formed a lake with the church topmost part being the only part visible from the village. it was just early this year when i went there with travel bloggers and friends Chyng and Ga-el. on;y when i posted it that i realized that very few have known of this place.

[The post you are most proud of] White Beach Malamawi Island
for several posts, i was waiting for the right time to feature the beach which i grew up visiting. it brings back my memories of the island which i first enjoyed exploring.

again thanks to
Tina for the tag.

since i noticed that most of the travel bloggers has done their own post on this. here to share instead a list of their seven links which i already read:

Tina [
Tina the Frustrated Traveler]
Chyng [
No Spam no Virus No Kiddin]
Nina [
Just Wandering]
Ed [SoloflightEd]
Gay [
Pinay Travel Junkie]
Mervs [Pinoy Adventurista]
Doi [
the Travelling Feet]


Pinoy Adventurista said...

Lake Mapanuepe is not a usual tourist destination, but the mystery under the water is enough reason to visit it. OK cguro mag scuba diving dyan noh? hehehe!

Lahat yan di ko pa napuntahan... hehehe!!!

Thanks for the link Dom! :) Enjoy your trip this weekend!

Photo Cache said...

I don't know how you were able to complete this assignment. I read a lot of your posts and it's impossible to single out one from another. All are well written and have fantastic photos. said...

hi dong! i missed the tunnel when i went to vietnam. you made me promise to go there next time. thanks for posting!

Reena said...

wala bang most scandalous post? :D sumilip lang, i will return to reread this post again.

tina said...

Am bilis naman Dom! Hahaha! As expected I love your links! :)

San ka nnman ppunta at hindi ka ngyaya? Hahaha! :D

Ingat! Amishu! Tc :D

Axl Powerhouse Network said...

ang kulit ng pagkakagawa mo. pude ka na sa DOT heheheh... gusto ko tuloy sumama sa mga travel mo. heheh :D

escape said...

>Mervs, this will be one of the last places to do scuba diving. sigurado mapupuntahan mo to lahat.

>PhotoCache, it did it as fast as possible. whatever i remembered first. im not really a good writer but i appreciate your regular visit.

>PinayCrossingBoarders, you should. i didnt try the mekong delat cruise though.

>Reena, even if there was, wala yata akong post na ganun. lol

>Tina, napaisip kasi ako na wala na akong time during the weekend. it's our company outing this weekend.

dont worry, we have a joint trip next month.

>Axl, makulit ba? i just followed the usual format. just keep in touch for upcoming open invite trips.

sheng said...

I have to check each one of them soon!

alicesg said...

Your blog is so detailed and filled with beautiful photos. Seriously you should publish your own travel book hahaha.

Pietro Brosio said...

They are all wonderful posts, full of fantastic images.

Bengbeng said...

as for me, i still remember yr posts. a stranger was one of my favourites. not my favourite but yr tunnels post was memorable and still fresh on my mind

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Of those in the list, I'd like to visit Calaguas someday - your link is definitely something I can use later on.

Beth said...

Dami mo na talaga napuntahan! I would like to visit the Calaguas Island. I read your posts on this and sobrang ganda ng pics kaya natanim talaga sa isip ko and promised myself na someday ppuntahan ko un :) this post reminded me of that promise. :)

Chyng said...

my favorite is the stranger. iba pa din kasi on how you narrated the story to me. kala ko niloloko mo na ko. haha

and ofcors - lake mapanuepe ^_^

pusangkalye said...

speaking of 7links project.walapa pala ako ni draft.ang tamad lang.hahaha. ang helpful naman talaga lahat ng posts mo Dom.pag me travel guide na kailangan.must read ang escapo.----pero sandali--bat green na?hehehe

SandyCarlson said...

I so love your adventures!

docgelo said...

marvelous posts, dom!

chyng tagged me on this 7 links but i don't think i can do a post similar to yours. toxic, dami ko pa nga backlogs e, hehe.

ang husay mo, in a snap you did our fellow blogger a favor. clap, clap, clap!

Ed said...

Glad you already made this set. Ansaya balikan ang mga posts especially when we've also taken the time to write them.

You Batad post and photos really made me realize what we've missed during our trip to Sagada. We were planning to place Batad as part of our IT but we cancelled it since didn't have much time. Oh well, all the more reason to go back!

SunnyToast said...

cge Dong mag ingit ka pa....hahahaha..but your links are really informative and detailed..galing ng kagawa...cgro pag ma meet kita bongga nganga mode lang ako sa mga trvel story mo.

And this post really takes much time but you are able to single out the best of your travels.

pamatayhomesick said...

ipinagmamalaki ko dito yung mga lugar na napuntahan mo, hanga sila at ang mga katrabaho kong ibang lahi sa ganda ng Pilipinas!.

salamat sa iyo Dong and more Powers!


All these entries are my favorite. Very informative and entertaining. As always, thanks for being generous in sharing your photos and all these details. Idol!!! Standing loud claps. :)

Giselle said...

your words and photos are beautiful, in every post! lately i begin to wonder which comes first :) lahat well connected.

Eds said...

Ang kake Mapanuepe nga ay hindi pa gaanong nadidiscover pero i think after your post eh popular na sya.

oy, saan na naman trip mo? ingatz dom.

lakwatsera de primera said...

favorite ko yung Cu Chi Tunnel post mo, it reminds me of my first solo trip abroad

Reena said...

pinag-isipan ko to ng mabuti. favorite ko yung vietnam post mo. :)

Jenn said...

Wow! This post made me realize that there are still so much to see in our country. :-)

lakwatserong tatay said...

Ako po lahat gusto ko...and all of your stories, your one of the reason also why i really love to explore and travel to different places....buti nalang mabait talaga wife ko....i do really hope makajoin ako kahit sa isa sa mga travel mo....^_^.

Raft3r said...

reading this post made me love traveling even more


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