Sunday, July 31, 2011

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

the house was already degrading, some rooms locked, holes on the wooden flooring and the sofa gone. this was the view of our ancestral house in the small village of Begang in the island of Basilan. left closed for almost five years now. the materials almost unrecoverable. a week ago, i had the chance to visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in the coastal town of Bagac Bataan. it holds a number of ancestral houses transferred from its original site, rebuilt to be part of a resort.walkways and main streets are made of cobblestones thus giving a nostalgic experience of the Philippines during the Spanish colonization. beautiful landscape of green and gray, fountains and lamp posts. out of the twenty plus houses, six of the houses has rooms open for overnight accommodations. among these houses, there are several stand-outs because of its unique architectural features and the historical value that it once had.
[1] Casa Escolta. the only structure built based on photos of the Old Escolta in Manila and not transferred from an original site. also the largest structure in the compound with 17 cozy rooms each with a balcony of its own.
[2] Casa Lubao. this among all the houses has a beautiful interior design with spacious living room and a nice balcony. two standing small figures welcomes the visitors. the ceilings used light colored paints as backdrops with some colorful fruits on some sides.
[3] Casa Luna. named after the Luna brothers General Antonio Luna and the artist Juan Luna. its ground floor is made up of red bricks and the rear stairs leads to a beautiful veranda. after one looks at the front and back side of the house, one would even think that these are two different houses. inside, it holds some of important items and the guide even revealed that there's a library in the building which is not open to the public yet. visitors are required to take off their foot wear when entering the rooms.[4] Casa Vyzantina. like Casa Escolta, this has three floors and is still under construction. one of the few structures that survived World War II also has large stairways. the covered balconies in the third floor are impressive. the view from the top can make one feel like he owns a whole hacienda.
[5] Casa Hidalgo. considered as one of the most beautiful house during the Spanish era. it soon became the first campus of the University of the Philippines for Architecture and Fine Arts. famous Filipino artists like Fernando Amorsolo, Guillermo Tolentino and Tomas Mapua also finished their studies for arts here.from outside, this building looks small but as one enters its doors, it leads to lined arcs. a small portion of the ground floor now serves as a venue where the celebration of the mass is celebrated on Sundays.[6] Casa Unisan. is a double house structure which has three dining areas and serves as the restaurant of the whole compound. with Cafe Miravent in the ground floor and special dining areas in the second floor. other houses includes Casa Baliuag I which has a beautiful lady pillar while Casa Baluiag II has its entire ground floor open. Casa Mexico which serves as the main lobby for the resort and Casa
the entire resort also has several fountains and statues representing typical Filipino games and symbolism. near the bay area is a swimming pool and on far North is a stone bridge leading to the beach side.
but in contrary, this reminded me of how valuable it would be to restore our own ancestral houses on its original site. it would be important for each province to hold and secure its own heritage houses, where it is still best to be visited and valued.
how to get there:
Take a bus from Manila to Bagac Bataan.
From town center, you can take a tricycle entering a small almost one way street to the resort. It will just be few minutes from the bus drop off point.

island: mainland Luzon
province: Bataan (Southwest)
gateway: Bagac

GPS location:

14^ 35" 60' N
120^ 23" 13' E


Axl Powerhouse Network said...

idol. correct me if i wrong ha di ko na binasa yung ibang nakasulat, sa central luzon tong place na to di ba? then pinagshooting na din ito ng zorro before and if im not mistaken, isa to sa mga lugar na gusto kung puntahan.. :D
gusto ko yung shoot mo doon sa isang babae sa mga beranda "D

Unknown said...

wow,,,nice shots!!! its like a vintage place, feels like wandering way back spanish era...

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Pinoy Adventurista said...

i'm happy when i see heritage houses, but it's sad to see them not in their original site... :)

Unknown said...

this is an amazing place--a great idea for a resort. to rebuild these ancestral houses takes a lot of passion. the owner must be very rich, too.:p this is definitely in my bucket list.

Ax said...

Puro casa pala yang pinuntahan mo Kuya Dong. Sooobrang ganda ng mga shots mo :D Gusto kong nakawin :D Panalo.

At ngayon ko lang napansin, bago na rin pala ang URL mo. :D

Gusto ko mapuntahan yung Casa Hidalgo. Na-casastruck ako sa casa na yan. Thumbs up. :D I actually never heard of these casas. Sa'yo lang. Gusto ko na tuloy puntahan bukas. :D

Chyng said...

I usually get overwhelmed whenever I see a complex area, but you did a great job on featuring every building, packed with details. Sarap basahin, halatang hindi mo minadali. peace! ^_^

and btw, ngayon ko lang napansin, 4x3 pala ang size ng shots mo. nice!

SandyCarlson said...

Your country has done an incredible job of integrating all the stuff that other cultures have brought your way. Beautiful photos.

lakwatsera de primera said...

love the use of line and light and shadows in your pic Dom, seasoned photographer ka na talaga, idol :)

alicesg said...

Wow your ancestral home is so beautiful. Glad that they are not demolished. Hope they will retained as much of the original architectural designs.

tina said...

Nice photos Dominic! As always, you transport me through your photos! Would love to go here to experience the Spanish era!

Oh btw, would love to hear about that exploratory trip! Let's hope for good weather! :D

pusangkalye said...

bookmarked!!!I should see this one one of these days.such a shame lapit lapit lang sa Manila. ang galing.parang something that you would not expect to see in bataan. Good thing na-restore nila to to its

escape said...

>AXL, yes. it is in Bataan. yes i heard someone said that part of zorro was shoot there.

>Izlpio90, it sure is but it could have been better if they were preserved on its original site.

>Pinoy Adventurista, i agree. i hope each province will start securing and preserving its own heritage structures.

>Hi Luna, too sad though that transferring of these structures from its original site without the threat of being destroyed or demolished is not a good idea.

>Ax, salamat sa pagdalaw sa blog. isa nga ang casa hidalgo sa pinakamaganda.

>Hi Chyng, salamat. medyo natagalan ng matapos tong post na to dahil kulang talaga sa oras. 4x3 standard.

>Hi Sandy, but the diffuse hotels are still the best ideas in other countries.

>Hi Lakwatsera de Primera, salamat pero kailangan pa talaga mag practice.

>Hi Alicesg, i actually wish we had our ancestral house preserved. fingers crossed that we will still be able to restore it.

>Hi Tina, sending some info soon for that trip. i think the place itself is really picturesque. kaya di mahirap kumuha ng magandang photo.

>Pusang Kalye, di nga ako magugulat na nandun ka na sa buwan na to. sipag mo kasi bumyahe at magpost.

Photo Cache said...

so very true. i think conservation is critical to keep our culture alive.

but having said that, I really applaud this project. i like to see the ancestral homes in one place. i think this is one of my must s3ee spots in pi.

Oman said...

wow, ang dami na changes. i went there 3 to 4 years ago pa kaya di pa tapos noon. sarap sigurong balikan ngayon yan.

MysLykeMeeh said...

Awesome. They should preserve it. Wonderful shot!

Raft3r said...

dito yun location shooting ng zorro, tama ba?

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Brilliant idea for a resort - really harks back to the grand old days. Wouldn't be surprised if period movies will be shot here. Love your DOF in the pics Dong!

Reena said...

ang ganda!

witsandnuts said...

Ancestral houses will always be appealing. Sayang hindi namin na preserve yung sa amin. :( I wish I can visit there soon with my elders.

ivanlakwatsero said...

mas maganda sana kung meron na din lumang simbahan at Munisipyo para total spanish colonial community na sya. great post sir dong..

Pietro Brosio said...

Very interesting review of the various Houses, beautiful places, architectures and decorations.

doi said...

i'm always a sucker for ancestral houses. ganda ng pics. will add this to my must-visited places! :-D

Philippine Made said...

putting the old architecture of the Philippines into one place is such a good idea. When you're there, you had already saw the whole country as well

beero said...

wow! i'm so amazed with the pics kuya dong! galing!

Raft3r said...

btw, how big is this place?

Anonymous said...

"this reminded me of how valuable it would be to restore our own ancestral houses on its original site. it would be important for each province to hold and secure its own heritage houses, where it is still best to be visited and valued." -- i agree. i was a bit disturbed at how they "moved" the old structure only to be placed in the resort. sana merong mayaman na pwede mag-adopt ng mga old houses and bring it back to life without need of moving it somewhere or destroying it.

tina miranda said...

how many hours from manila to bagac?


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