Saturday, December 25, 2010

tokyo tower

often considered as a tourist trap by many yet when i found out that a third of its material came from the metal remains of US tanks after the Korean war and built as a broadcasting tower also to symbolize Japan's rebirth from World War II, it was worth a visit.
by day, Tokyo Tower seems like an ordinary antenna tower above Shiba Park in the bustling city of Tokyo. but by night it reveals its splendor with its lights and as note that it remains to be Japan's tallest structure. yet, not for long as the rising Tokyo Sky Tree will almost double its height in 2012.
took the lift up with some lighting effects and a typical Japanese voice-over of a lady while we were ascending to the main observatory. the tower has two observatory area with the main observatory having two levels and the special observatory located 100meters higher.
the view from the top gives a 360 degrees view of the Tokyo skyline which is best seen by night time. touch screens are available for you to see and identify the nearby buildings and can even be viewed from different timeline of a day.
below the tower is Japan's Wax Musuem, Space Wax Museum and the Guinness World Records Museum which requires an entrance fee. it also has a food court and a souvenir shop. what was funny was it was only when i reached the hotel did i realized that Tokyo Tower was taller than the Eiffeil Tower in Paris.
main observatory entrance fee: 820Yen (approximately 400Php) adult
for updated rates visit their official website Tokyo Tower

here are some comparison of towers and buildings:
Tokyo Sky Tree (Tokyo) - 634meters (soon to be tallest tower in the world - Year 2012)

Canton Tower (China) - 600meters (currently the tallest tower)
Tokyo Tower (Tokyo) - 332.6meters
Eiffel Tower (Paris) - 324meters
PBCom Tower (Philippines) - 259meters (currently tallest building in the Philippines)

how to get there:
it can be accessed from many train stations but one still requires to walk going to the tower.
from Oedo Subway Line: get off Akabanebashi station
from Hibiya Line: get off Kamiyacho station
from Asakusa Line: get off Daimon station

island: Honshu
region: Kanto
prefecture: Tokyo

escape factor:
historical background: 3.5
cultural value: 3.0
accessibility: 3.5
architectural design: 3.5
overall escape factor: 3.5

GPS location
35^ 39' 31" N
139^ 44' 43" E

Let's celebrate the true reason for this season.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Pietro Brosio said...

Amazing structure with so beautiful lights, fantastic the view on the top! As for the height and the panorama, it reminds me a bit of our Mole Antonelliana here in Turin.

Xprosaic said...

Merry christmas Dong!

Chyng said...

Aaww, Japan's finest indeed! You've always got a good shot.

Merry Christmas Dom! Ready na ko sa Batad sa 2011. Tara? =)

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

Nice photos here but I love the most the angle of the tower in the first photo. Brief and concise write up too to complement the photos.

Hi, Dong Ho. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year...

gillboard said...

i think this is the first time i saw the tower that's not drawn. lagi ko siya nakikita sa mga anime.

escape said...

Pietro> oh wow! i googled it. so nice too.

Xprosaic> Merry Christmas!

hi Chyng> thanks! you should go there. Merry Christmas! let's do that in February.

>Dodong Flores> thank you for dropping by. Merry Christmas!

>Gillboard> hahaha... yes it's a usual scene on some anime.

Reena said...

haha. akala ko eiffel tower yung first photo eh. :) you're lucky to be in this trip. you saw both the old and modern parts of japan. :D hope to catch more posts like this.

princess_dyanie said...

parang Eiffel tower sa unang tingin! :) nice night shots! :)

Merry Christmas Dom and to your family! :)

SandyCarlson said...

As beautiful as it is exciting!

alicesg said...

Merry Christmas Dong Ho. The tokyo tower looked very impressive. I have a reply for you in my blog.

BlogusVox said...

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy 3 Kings, donG

Oman said...

awesome shots and views. happy holidays bai to you and your family.

bertN said...

Buti ka pa naka-akyat ka Tokyo Tower. I missed doing that the two times I was in that city. Nice pics!

Beth said...

Tokyo Tower is so beautiful!!! And your pictures just made its beauty more inviting! Ang ganda ng shots mo, sayang lang kasi I can't follow your blog para ma-update sana ako lagi for your new posts. Wla kang Followers na widget, o di ko lang makita? :)

Sna next time naman, pag dito un tours mo, feature mo naman Bataan ha? hehehe nagrequest ba! I searched your blog for pics and trip tips on Btaan pero wala pa yata :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Dong!

escape said...

>hi Reena and Dyanie, it is inspired by the Eiffel Tower though taller by few meters. sad though that in Tokyo, there's almost no building older than 60 years as i read it in Paul Theroux Ghost Train to the Eastern Star.

>hi Sandy, hoping to see more of your country in the future.

>hi Alicesg, at least by night. yes. i'll drop by check your reply. thanks!

>Blogusvox, Merry Christmas!

>Lawstude, salamat bai! enjoy your vacation in Cabanatuan.

>BertN, im sure ive missed out more places that what youve visited there.

>hi Beth, thanks! there's a follow widget on the lower right bar but im not sure where it sends updates.

i was in Bataan a month ago and went to Mariveles. havent featured it though but i've been to several parts of Bataan. we even stayed overnight in Morong Bataan.

Merry Christmas!

Bengbeng said...

Dong , I am afraid of heights.. i might jus decide to rely on blogs like yrs to experience the view than experience it for myself.

Merry Xmas

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Like what others noted, I almost mistook your first photo for the Eiffel tower. Didn't know of this one in Tokyo till I read your post.

Borneo Falcon said...

It looks so much better at night. I been to Eiffel Tower before and Tokyo Tower looks pretty amazing too

Photo Cache said...

hanep you had time to post on xmas day!

at night it resembles eiffel tower from that angle.

pusangkalye said...

honga no--me similarity sa Eiffel tower pero di ganun kasikat--at least sakin diko masyadong natunugan to.or maybe its just me.hehehe. totoo ba Dom? kasi nakalagay dito yun plan na tower pero pakiramdam ko kasi mabababa lang mga buildings sa Tokyo kasi sa earthquake--totoo ba sa personal?

docgelo said...

hindi ko napuntahan ito when i was in tokyo last summer. *babalik na lang someday*

happy holidays, dom!

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

I like the 1st pic a lot! parang Eiffel lng! May ganyan pala sa Japan. :D

Happy holidays to you and your family Dong! :)

nuts said...

ay akala ko bumiyahe kana Paris. galing ng shot na yun ah!

crane hire said...

The Tokyo Tower is a famous Japanese landmark. The view during the day and the night is amazing.


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