Tuesday, December 7, 2010

nakamise asakusa tokyo

the 250-meter long line of shops in Nakamise back in the past, could be compared to Quiapo's Carriedo on a Friday. evolved from year's of devastation and restoration remained to be one of Japan's oldest shopping centers.
tracing back its history, the shops here were established as early as 1688 in line with the volume of people visiting Sensoji temple. now partly covered and beautifully renovated with 89 permanent shops of finger foods and colorful souvenirs mostly handcrafted.
before leaving Manila, i had the chance to talk to a family friend who often visit Japan. i asked what she would recommend me to see around Tokyo and showed me their video of Nakamise and i was immediately convinced to include it on top of my itinerary.
there is a great mix of shops thus gathering a big volume of tourists and even old Japanese locals who would visit the place and try out those tasty finger food. mostly served fresh and hot, others packed in colorful boxes, something that is usual to Japan.the long walk before reaching Sensoji Temple also leads to some special shops of items which reminded of the area of what it used to be, Tokyo's entertainment center. items here may be relatively cheap but not when you compare it with the other Asian street markets.the electric signboards and small lanterns on the whole stretch gives you a great reason to try visiting it by night. shops here are usually open from 10:00am till 8:00pm. i highly recommend this place.
how to get there:
most convenient way would be by train, just take any line that passes by Asakusa station.

island: Honshu
region: Kanto
prefecture: Tokyo

escape factor:
historical background: 4.0
cultural value: 4.5
accessibility: 4.0
food: 4.5
shops: 4.5
overall escape factor: 4.5

GPS location
35^ 42' 40" N
139^ 47' 47" E


Skippyheart said...

I like Japanese stuff, more so the lucky cat figurine. I have a bunch of them. =^..^=

Great pics as always, Dong. I miss being here.

Reena said...

ang daming cute items. looks like a very interesting marketplace.

naisip ko lang dom. since you travel a lot, u should start buying furnishings or decorative items for your future house. just a thought. :)

Davamerce said...

Ay nakakamis naman dito...
sunod nito,kyoto na ba?excited ako.

alicesg said...

Wow very interesing street. I like those cute stuff too.

Ada said...

nice compo shots Koya dong! Anu kaya nabili mo dito hehehe! :D punta na lang ako jan sa Japan soon woot woot!

Chyng said...

ansaya magshopping ng souvenir!
wala ka bang iapaparaffle jan for your avid blog readers? ^-^

SandyCarlson said...

You have me wanting one of everything! Great photos!

Borneo Falcon said...

It's so clean!

Beth said...

Pareho kmi ng napansin ni Borneo. Ang linis naman dun! great pics!!!

pusangkalye said...

yan ang gusto ko sa Japan. nacucurious akong pumunta dyan mainly because of the small items you see in the streets---parang lahat cute at photogenic , alam mo yun. tapos me ganito pang photos na bokeh bokeh pa. lalo akong nananakam. kashoot shoot.hahaha

Photo Cache said...

this would be my type of shopping. i love browsing and someday when i can afford it, i'd be collecting some masks.

Xprosaic said...

Hayz nakakamiss na tuloy yung trip ko! pero naku sarap makisalamuha sa kanila kahit may language barrier pero you still figure out how to communicate effectively... hhehehehehe

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

nakakatuwa mga outfits nila. hanga tlga ako sayo , d ko kase kaya kuhaan ng close up yung mga tao. kainis!

Raft3r said...

ang daming bootleg ni janet dyan

greg urbano said...

what a fantastic series of shots, you really transported my into your post, really good thanks!

docgelo said...

dom, you're post made me miss my days in tokyo last summer.
i love asakusa. my morning stroll there after the train ride from gotanda where we stayed took me to an old image of japan far from what those neon jungle of ginza. but i like ginza too of course.
darn, i miss tokyo! :D

Pietro Brosio said...

Wonderful sequence of pictures, I'd like to stroll among those shops!
Do the three ideograms on the top mean "Eskapo"?


Napakacolorful at nakakatulala ang mga views at bagay na makikita sa Tokyo.

Araw araw ata ay nakacosplay ang mga tao don. Exciting. :)

Ganda ng mga kuha.

nuts said...

parang ang lapit lang sa picture.. yung souvenir pasalubong, wala pa? kahit ano lang cute item.. :p

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I like going to markets - if I make it there, I'll probably be buying one of those interesting masks!

Anonymous said...

Don, yr pics have captured the spirit of the place. well done


princess_dyanie said...

Iba talaga ang fashion ng mga Japanese! Ps: check mo 1st photo mo. kamuka ni Tita Cory yung lady dun.


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