Sunday, December 5, 2010

kaminarimon asakusa tokyo

amidst Tokyo being one of the most modern city in the world, it retained and refurbished some of its most important elements destroyed during the World War II. if one wants to escape Tokyo's towering structures, Asakusa is the place.
it was once the city's major entertainment district yet until now it still attracts hundreds of people to the busy street of Kaminarimon-dori. it holds a number of sites that includes the main gateway to the famous Senso-ji temple.
the first of the two gates to the temple is the Kaminarimon Gate or the Thunder Gate. originally built in 942 and was rebuilt after the war through the efforts of Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Panasonic Corporation.the gate holds one of the largest lantern that weighs 670kgs with a height of 4meters and a circumference of 3.4meters. on both sides, stands two life-size Shinto gods Fujin and Raijin statues.
it says that during one of Tokyo's many festival like Sanja Matsuri, this lantern is moved to make way to the festival that brings thousands of people to the area. though it is the gateway to Senso-ji temple, it first leads to Nakamise shops, which comes up next.

how to get there:
most convenient way would be by train, just take any line that passes by Asakusa station.

island: Honshu
region: Kanto
prefecture: Tokyo

escape factor:
historical value: 4.0
accessibility: 4.0
overall escape factor: 4.0

GPS location
35^ 42' 40" N
139^ 47' 47" E


Raft3r said...

Ang gastos dyan, ano?

Unknown said...

oh wow, i didn't know there are still rickshaws in Japan! your first photo is a unique glimpse of a hi tech country like Japan. amazing find!

Traveling Hawk said...

Very well documented presentation. Congratulations!

Oman said...

parang tounge twister ang name ng place. astig ka talaga dong ho, pa japan-japan na lang :)

Admin said...

Magkano ang budget Kuya Dom?

Kasi Mommy ko may plan magala sa pagretire niya... Hahaha!

EngrMoks said...

wow parekoy, tokyo...gala ng gala ah...kakainggit ka, nanalo ka ba sa lotto? hehehe

escape said...

>Raft3r, yes but it's worth the trip.

>Hi Luna, thanks! yes. this was recommended to me by a friend and neighbor who often go to Japan.

>Traveling hawk, thanks!

>Lawstude, nahirapan nga ako sa pagbasa nito.

>MangyanBlogger, it depends on the length of stay and the type of trip she wants to consider. let me know how i can help her.

>Moks, i wish i did. di nga lang ako tumataya sa looto kaya pasalamat sa trabaho.

sheng said...

ang hirap i pronounce ng name, everytime i read, parang nagtu-tiwst dila ko!

gillboard said...

finally, the japan series. :)

witsandnuts said...

The first photo is a revelation (at least for me). I didn't expect that it's still existing in a modern country like Japan. But it's really worth it to preserve some traces of the past.

chyng said...

yan, japan series muna. more more!

Photo Cache said...

why do i always see a crowd when people post photos of tokyo? is it really that crowded over there?

Ed said...

whoa, galing ng mama sa first pic.

pusangkalye said...

I never thought may rickshaw driver or say pullers, (panu ba tawag? )pa sa isang modern city like Tokyo. Hope for display lang yan at di talaga hina-hire ng mga tao coz it must be humiliating. or maybe it's just a Filipino thing coz I know that the japanese have this innate pride in whatever they do

nuts said...

Kaminarimon! sounds clothing brand lang.. lol
seriously, sa first pic, meron pa talaga ganon don?

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Now that's one mean giant lantern! With such immense weight, I would expect they use a crane to move it during important occasions.

SandyCarlson said...

Thank you for this tour of a an intriguing and beautiful place. I would love to visit there sometime.

stevevhan said...

how about the peach blossom?maganda sana if my peach blossom. (sakura)!:)

Grabe, the larten is huge!

Pietro Brosio said...

It's a thrilling place I'd like to visit one day. Thanks for sharing these very nice views.

mordsith said...

you're in my dream country! looking forward to more posts. =)

princess_dyanie said...

Anu ginagawa ni kuya sa last photo? Di ko mabasa ang sulat hahaha!! :))

red said...

I agree na talaga, matagpuan mo ang ibat ibang fashion sa Japan. Kitang kita sa mga pictures mo.


Magkano kaya ang pagsakay dun sa buhat nung lalaki (1st image). Astig ng footwear nya. Love all the photos.

escape said...

>hi sheng, hirap nga. it took me twice to type it right.

>gillboard, thanks for patiently waiting. busy days.

>witsandnuts, that's something we need to preserve as well. it's a great revelation to myself as well.

>hi chyng, dami dami pa to. thanks for waiting.

>photo cache, not really. it's just that those interesting places are crowded.

>ed, great timing.

>pusangkalye, it's surprising but truth is they are well educated and trained to speak english to bring around tourist and did i even mention that they earn big from it. not what we thought they were.

>hi nuts, yes. for tourist sake. the first photo was a great timing. naka-dslr ka na pala.

>nomadicpinoy, i did thought of that. amazing!

>hi sandy, definitely a great country to consider visiting.

>stevevhan, oh the cherry blossom. i was there few days before autumn. i missed it.

>pietro, id love to see you post it when you visit nakamise and japan as a whole.

>mordsmith, oh wow! hoping that you get to be in japan as well.

>princess dyanie, tinitingnan ata listahan ng utang. hahaha...

>red, wala pa yan. dami pa kaya lang di ko nakuhanan lahat sa dami.

>rizalenio, that i didnt had the chance to ask. im bet it's really expensive as they are actually earning big from it.


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