Wednesday, December 15, 2010

hozomon gate asakusa tokyo

right at the end of Nakamise-dori shops is the huge inner gate called Hozomon gate which is larger than the outer gate of Kaminarimon. in fact this is the largest gate i've seen so far with two floors and three compartments not open to is believed to be holding Senso-ji's treasures thus having the name Hozomon also known as the "Treasure-House Gate". like most of the structures in Tokyo, this was rebuilt after it was destroyed during the war but was originally built in 942AD.since it holds some of the most important treasures and was destroyed several times, the compartments are at present built to survive from disaster. one of the most important item stored here is the Lotus Sutra which is one of the object considered as a Japanese national treasure.this gate also holds two golden lanterns, one large red lantern and two huge statues of Nio, Buddha's guardian on its Southern side. while its Northern side has on it a pair of big straw sandals called waraji which is 4.5meters long and 1.5 meters wide weighing 400kgs.
unlike most gates, the ones here does not have walls. it simply symbolize passage before one reaches the temple. another great attraction as seen in the background is a five-tiered pagoda called the "Gojunoto". it has on it a special finial which also serves as a lightning rod.

how to get there:
most convenient way would be by train, just take any line that passes by Asakusa station.

island: Honshu
region: Kanto
prefecture: Tokyo

escape factor:
historical background: 4.0
cultural value: 4.5
accessibility: 4.0
architectural design: 4.5
overall escape factor: 4.5

GPS location
35^ 42' 40" N
139^ 47' 47" E


Chyng said...

After I used a wide angled lens, now Im more overwhelmed with your shots. Ang sharp ng sayo. Bakit yung Tokina/Sigma lenses hindi? hehe

Photo Cache said...

there is a festive atmosphere in all the reds of the structures. yap galing ng mga kuha.

gillboard said...

looks like the place you went to in vietnam.

Unknown said...

love your angles, Dom. when i saw smoke in the first photo, i thought of BBQ (LOL). beautiful pagodas, crisp photography.

escape said...

>hi Chyng, thanks! havent tried using tokina/sigma lens but i heard it's good. try adjusting the aperture.

>photo cache, thanks! what more during the sanja matsuri festival.

>gillboard, in some ways similar maybe because of the pagoda but this one has a nice finial and has big gates.

>hi Luna, thanks! smoke coming from the many offering through the incense area.

greg urbano said...

what grand architecture , great backdrops for photos!

alicesg said...

Wow magnificent and beautiful. Hope you will visit Chinatown for the Chinese New Year Shopping if you visit here next month.

princess_dyanie said...

Ay anu yung japanese signs sa side ng mga photos? *curious mode*

Ayan na nga mga famous archi roofs ng mga taga Japan!

SandyCarlson said...

An incredible gateway. The details are awesome and inspiring.

Beth said...

as usual, great shots!!! sobrang crisp ng images! :)

it's good to know that despite Japan's technological advancement, its citizens are still able to preserve their cultural heritage. Amazing! :)

Bengbeng said...

the details are amazing.. i mean the artwork

Pietro Brosio said...

Beautiful perspectives and details.


The fourth photograph is so beautiful.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

so far I hvnt seen such huge pagodas, and huge gates :( sana nxt year pero malabo.
love love mu na tlga ang Japan! ;)

nuts said...

ang dami mo kagad napasyalan sa japan. . :)

journeyingjames said...

i found out that a third of its material came from the metal remains of US tanks after the Korean war and built as a broadcasting tower also to symbolize Japan's rebirth from World War II" --nice piec of info sir. and i like the shots. parang totoo, parang pwedeng hawakan

Reena said...

ang laki laki nung lantern!!!! ang ganda ng temples nila. kahit maraming tourists parang they were able to keep everything clean. perfectionists tlaga sila

SandyCarlson said...

As I make yet another trip to North Carolina, your blog reminds me the world is huge, and your country is very beautiful and fascinating. Perhaps I will see it sometime!


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