Tuesday, August 17, 2010

honda bay palawan

boat shuttles tourists off to one of Palawan's busiest and most visited bay, home to more than thirteen flat sandy islands and an amazing underwater view. going to Honda bay without snorkeling is like going to Banaue and not seeing the rice terraces.a usual island hopping trip in Honda bay can be relaxing as some of its islands kept its semi-exotic features despite its accessibility to the capital city. the take off point is at St. Lourdes pier which is just about 30minutes away from the town is here where the boats dock on a long floating wooden platform as a jump off site to the snorkeling area. one would at first be surprised that the water is quite deep for snorkeling and that the policy for wearing a lifevest even for experienced snorkelers is strictly followed. this is to prevent people from stepping the corals.from there, one will either swim or move along a rope that leads to one of the almost perfect and well-preserved coral reef that i've been to. you'll be amazed at how they protected this site from the history of centuries of dynamite and overfishing in the country. i can stay in this area the whole morning just exploring and listing down each type of corals.
after the swim, we headed back to our boat as more and more tourists arrived in the area. this time heading farther North with Snake island as our destination. passed by the other islands like the famous Luli island which is short for "lulubog lilitaw"
just as we went ashore Snake island's dock site, we brought with us our snorkeling gears as this island is best for fish feeding. at first, i didn't gave in to the idea of snorkeling again as the mangroves got my attention the most.
this long thin and curvy sandbar island stretches up to almost 3kilometers long. i was not surprised to learn that almost 80% of the island is just plain sand. the rest is covered with mangroves giving the island an amazing beachscape.the thriving mangroves expands artistically in its beach stretch. with the growing flora, it gives tourists a fresh outlook of the country's last frontier. i've never been this fascinated with mangroves.don't be surprised if you'll see some people coming out of these mangrove forest, they live in some part of the island. it is where picking sea shells becomes a way of life. they are used to seeing tourists and so a genuine smile won't cost you anything.after a short walk along its shoreline, we went back to the snorkeling site where you can see in people's faces that they saw something very rewarding. this didn't kept me from trying out what seems to be the best activity in this island.true enough, fish feeding here is a great activity. you get to swim with groups of colorful and unusual fishes in just few meters away from the beach line. an awesome experience i almost disregarded. this was our last stop in this Palawan trip and with just the whole morning in Honda bay with just two stops, it ended perfectly. can't help but look forward to going back to Palawan soon.
island: Snake island in Honda Bay
province: Palawan
boat take off: St. Lourdes Pier, Puerto Princesa

escape factor:
boat trip experience: 4.0
beachscape: 4.0
snorkeling: 5.0
beach sand: 3.5
seclusion: 3.0
overall escape factor: 4.0

GPS location:
latitude: 9`54'5.76" N
longtitude: 118`49' 22.24" E


Unknown said...

i had a great time in Snake Island. we had fun feeding the fish. the mangroves also caught my attention. there was a house at the end of the Snake Island, and some tourists (Koreans) went there to explore. inabutan sila ng high tide--muntik na silang di makatawid!:p

Borneo Falcon said...

Here mangroves thrive in swampy area. Never knew it also doing well on beach

pamatayhomesick said...

ang galing, pareho kami ni borneo, sa amin din yung mangroves nabubuhay sa maputik na katubigan..

masarap mamuhay malapit sa karagatan. nakikita ko sa picture ang likas na smile ng ating mga kababayan.)

Chyng said...

yan ba yung sabi mong malapit sa shore pero madami na agad isda?
well, i booked to PP na, for next year.. hehe

i like the shot of that boy who's coming out of the mangrove. picture perfect, ganda pa ng formation ng mangrove. Ü

Photo Cache said...

what a fantastic post. i'm sure the beachcombing is wonderful there since its a coral reef island. i have just seen my first mangrove two months ago and I can say that they are really lovely to look at. i'd love to see this.

pusangkalye said...

I loooove mangroves. aside from the fact that they are very eco friendly, maganda pa silang tignan. parang rainforest sa dagat......and yeah---snorkeling. sinabi mo kasing must yan kaya dapat di namin yan mamiss this the way Dom, magkanu rent ng boat to Honda bay?

Pietro Brosio said...

I like the third image with those fascinating hills in the distance. Very beautiful series of pictures.

alicesg said...

Very beautiful island and the photos really tell that the island is a wonderful place. I am not so adventurous and my weak knees dont

witsandnuts said...

It is interesting to see locals in the snapshots. Especially that boy thriving from the mangrove.

bertN said...

Ang ganda pala d'yan! I hope I can go there when I visit Pinas next year.

*dayar3ee said...

My brother's in Palawan now. How i wish I was him so i could go to Honda Bay.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

It's good to see Honda Bay again through your posts - it's been 6 years since I visited it. Just don't recall seeing vendors along the beach.Fish feeding was what I can't forget. And those mangrove trees in Starfish island - is the resort still there?

Ria Jose said...

Nice sandbar. Looks like a quiet place to relax in.

Just noticed your rating system. Nice!

Raft3r said...

ang honda bay

the best pa rin para sakin yun snake island dyan
pa-jellyfish pero panalong-panalo

gillboard said...

i know i'm repeating myself, pero can't help it, i'll be there in a week's time!!! yay!!!

SandyCarlson said...

All so interesting, my friend. I learned a lot. That policy of having all snorkelers wear life vests is a wise one. Those mangrove trees have an interesting root system. How living things adapt to their environment is just amazing to me.

bobby said...

thanks for your info..

a b

Hilda said...

Natutuwa ako sobra dun sa floating platform at mangrove!

fufu said...

you never fail to entertain me ya by showing nice pictures :) hehehe i like last portrait! it's still chilly now


Fotos look cool! Tis really different when ur taking fotos of bodies of water. Very refreshing.

And that old lady's photo looks genuinely beautiful!

docgelo said...

i'm convinced that snorkeling is a must in honda bay.
...nice take on those ropes.

nuts said...

galing mga shots mo ever, yung model mo with genuine smile, nice one! sana makapasyal palawan soon..

Reena said...

Aha! Nabasa ko yung comment ni Sir bert! Uuwi pala siya next year. hahaha. Kukulitin ko yun. :)

I like Snake Island. Jan ko nakita si Nemo eh. Pero parang ang dami nyong kasabay na tourists? It used to be a more secluded island eh. And there were no souvenir kubos yet. But it still looks very private. :)

Bengbeng said...

the fish feeding.. wowngkang

Bobby said...

beautiful, beautiful, interesting ... that's no good at these places .. I like that. and thanks for your info


dhian said...

nice and beautiful ... I'm impressed with this info "very beautiful"

thanks for info .. I love it

RedLan said...

I like this post, lahat nasa tamang presentation lalo na ang mga photos. Go go DongHo!

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