Friday, July 30, 2010

three stop

on our second day in Puerto Princesa we made another three stop before going to our main destination. when you're in Puerto Princesa, one of the best way to travel around would be by renting a van from travel agencies. here's another three stops that we made that you might want to consider. [4] Nagtabon Beach
Northwest of Puerto Princesa's town center is an almost forgotten beach shore. less and less tourists considers Nagtabon beach on their itinerary for the reason of being out of the way to most of the travel spots.
one needs to cross the central hills and pass by rough road to get to a sleepy village. cottages under towering coconut trees remains to be the most firm structure in the area as this is often been threatened by some of the big waves of South China sea. there's not much to see and do in the beach area if you're there for a limited time. not really a recommended spot for weekend trips to Puerto Princesa. but if you have ample time

estimated travel time from Puerto Princesa town center: 45minutes

[5] Honda Bay Viewpoint
one of the usual stops when one goes to the underground river in Sabang. a souvenir shop, a canteen to cater hungry travel tummies and a view deck of Honda bay.
a short hike up cemented stairs leads you to a viewdeck which can dismay photographers. it lacks height for a good point of view of some of Honda bay's island. the place is just a good stopover to stretch a bit from the trip. the souvenir shop sells some woodcrafts and shell decorations. tambol and gong is available to wake you from a sleepy trip. estimated travel time from Puerto Princesa town center: 1hour

[6] Sabang Beach
the gateway to the subterranean river is a more lively beach village. the beach is very similar to that of Nagtabon but here one can find restaurants and souvenir shops. it's touristy here but still the place maintains a nice aura and is a good stop.
hammocks are available for free and if you want to try something exotic, here one can buy tamilok. worms grown inside mangroves which is a natural delicacy to the locals. one plastic cost P100. dare?estimated travel time from Puerto Princesa town center: 2hours


Sendo said...

definitely really one of my pit stops after the board exam! palawan, preserve and wait for me haha. still the same admirable shots sir dong. keep 'em up!! i miss here! ^^

journeyingjames said...

dude, thanks for sharing nagtabon beach! i love that place, i hope someone promotes it as the next skimboarding/surfing site. i love your shots lalo na yung sa stuff sa viewpoint.

chyng said...

ok im SO sold! Ü

Photo Cache said...

My husband would love to try those worms, after seeing Andew Zimmern's show. Hubs is so adventurous with his dining choices. Kaya I really want to go there too. Ang sarap ng pasyal nyo Dong.

Unknown said...

did you try tamilok?! i remember Nagtabon beach because of the cottage.:p

your photo of the beach and coconut trees is beautiful, and the hammock--sigh!

Giselle said...

lucky you!

kumain ka ng tamilok?

docgelo said...

did you try tamilok?
what does it tastes like?
..di ata kaya pang fear factor na yan haha

escape said...

>sendo, thanks! just in time. so good that the people there value nature preservation.

>journeyingjames, as much as it will be a great spot for surfing, i also like it as it is today. sleepy.

>chyng, hahaha...

>photocache, he'll definitely like this but not for me. im not into exotic food.

we had a great time there.

>hi luna, i didn't try the tamilok but maybe when we return there i might try it. though im not really into exotic food but im not hesitant either when someone offers.

>hi ellesig, i didn't. maybe next time.

>docgelo, i didn't try it but when i return ill try one.

alicesg said...

Very beautiful places. The portrait photo is lovely. And no thank you for the

Miong said...

Breathtaking! and congratulations to the new domain!hehe

sheng said...

I would love to step on this beautiful island.

Oman said...

awesome place and awesome smile on that girl's pretty face. sarap talaga maglibot :)

Heart of Rachel said...

I admire the unspoiled beauty of Palawan.

Those are lovely arts and crafts.

Wow, I'm not sure if I have the guts to try the tamilok.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

one slimy tamilok is not for me. but you know what Dong, during Andrew Zimmern's talk at a New York travel show, he raved about his best seafood experience in Palawan at the Kalui restaurant.

nuts said...

my model ka na naman, ang naalala ko sa mga naging model mo yung nasa wooden bike sa sagada.. may recall talaga ano..:P
tamilok? hmmm, ayaw ko i-try, napapanood ko nga yan sa mga doc show..

Pietro Brosio said...

I love so much those white beaches. Beautiful pictures, very nice the portrait of the girl.

SandyCarlson said...

Amazing. What a great place. That is one gorgeous beach. God bless, friend.

Bengbeng said...

great post. hey, do u have a close up of the worm? i want to see if it is similar to the edible worms we consume over here :)

SandyCarlson said...

Back for another look. So want that hammock!

pamatayhomesick said...

ganda ng kuha, nagustuhan ko yung unang picture, pwede itong maging medium sa pagpinta pards!..:)

escape said...

>hi alicesg, thanks! ill try it when i return even though im not into exotic food.

>miong, salamat.

>sheng, you should.

>lawstude, that's norsan. very photogenic. sana makasama ka na next time.

>hi rachel, i highly recommended province. i need to try it next time.

>nomadic, that's interesting. i should find it. thanks for the info.

>hi nuts, gusto ko talaga laging may model kahit papaano kaya lang hindi rin madali maghanap. naalala ko yung sa banaue.

>pietro, i hope that you get to visit our country.

she's really photogenic.

>hi sandy, you must love palawan.

>bengbeng, i dont have a close up shot of the worm but it's the type that's found on stems of mangroves. you can google the word tamilok for photos from other source. i should also check the one that you're eating.

>pamatayhomesick, maraming salamat. matutuwa ako pag nakita ko yanh na isa sa mga gagawin mo.

onie said...

na-try po namin ung tamilok! masarap naman siya pag may sawsawan, pwede pang ulamin. pero pag wala yung sauce, medyo kakaiba ung lasa, hindi namin kaya. hehe.:)

RedLan said...

bawat anggulo maganda ang kuha mo!

Raft3r said...

maiba lang
ang ganda nga paa ng header mo

bobby said...

beautiful, beautiful, interesting ... that's no good at these places .. I like that. and thanks for your info


dhian said...

very beautiful .... so beautiful ..
I like this place.
thanks for your info.


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