Sunday, July 25, 2010

microtel palawan

it is true that the journey counts the most in most travels but in Palawan, you just can't resist to be in a place that can complement the idea of being in one of the country's most desired island. a place where for the meantime, you will forget what rush hour means.
located along Palawan's East coast on a semi-private area just about 20 minutes away from the town center is Microtel Puerto Princesa. location, security and comfort makes it one of the highly recommended resort and the staff and crews' hospitality is a bonus.
majority of the rooms has its own view of the beach and few steps from the main lobby are these irresistible hammocks. an outdoor swimming pool for those who prefer to just take a dip and enjoy Microtel's gentle pacing.
by night, expect a beautiful display of light on some of the trees in the beach. a short walk along the beach front will get you to the lighted-mangrove which adds a relaxing experience and is actually my favorite spot.
on some occasions mostly on weekends, expect good music by the pool side area. beach activities available includes kayaking, and beach volley. the thriving mangroves of the beach reinforces the call of the resort and Palawan as a whole to preserve nature.
this has been our home for three days and two nights and the great service was notable. expect really good food with a special mention of their quarter pounder burger. plus the availability of wi-fi will definitely won't leave you outdated.
Microtel holds international standards for hotel and has several locations like Boracay, Baguio, Batangas, Davao, Tarlac, Cabanatuan and the newly opened Microtel Mal of Asia.
for inquiries call or visit their office:
Microtel Inns&Suites (Pilipinas), Inc
2F PHINMA Plaza, #39 Plaza Drive
Rockwell Center, Makati City, 1200


Anonymous said...

pre, alam mo ba email ni "Theonoski" isa rin syang blogger, i like his blog pero diko makontak..kasi mga invited lang ang pwede..

Bengbeng said...

this is such a high class hotel.. the rates must b very high

docgelo said...

ikaw na ang maswerteng manlalakbay, dom! =) halintulad sa isang show na di ko pinapanood, ikaw na ang bigatin! =)

we haven't experience microtel yet but definitely will check it out in one of our future island trips. kailan kaya yun? =)

i like their lounge/living room, the beds appear cozy.

your shot at that trees at night is just a feast for the eyes.

RedLan said...

I like the third photo most. Looking forward to see more of Palawan here.

jeanny said...

Dami ko ng mga options for our next out of town trip. Will include this hotel on our list pag sa palawan kami nagpunta.

Thanks for sharing Dong.

Beth said...

i like the pics! ang galing mo talaga magcapture ng good angles! :)

Photo Cache said...

quite a fancy hotel isn't it?

SandyCarlson said...

Utterly amazing and beautiful. The lighting is impressive, dramatic. Thanks.

Borneo Falcon said...

This is one awesome beach resort

gillboard said...

nice looking rooms. hopefully dyan kami magstay.

alicesg said...

Wow the hotel looked so luxurious and cozy. Everytime I travelled, I would like to stay in such beautiful hotels.

ni├▒abonitanggala said...

wow...i love the 5th photo. yun din ba yung ginamit mo para dun sa new face ng blog mo?...galing... ganda...congrats!

pamatayhomesick said...

hope na makapagbakasyon ako ngayon october..isa yan sa nakalista kong pupuntahan..

salamat pards!

escape said...

>anonymous, email me. ill connect you to theonoski.

>bengbeng, just right and reasonable for a great place.

>docgelo, you should. im planning to try microtel baguio. the lounge is really nice and im posting some day shots of the resort soon.

the mangrove was naturally beautiful.

>redlan, thanks!

>hi jeanny, you'll definitely love it there. let me know when you're going there.

>hi beth, thanks! nice to know that you like the photos.

>photocache, watch till i show more photos of day shots.

>hi sandy, yellow bulbs are feast to my eyes when looking through the lens.

>borneofalcon, indeed.

>gillboard, book early as the resort will most likely be full.

>hi alicesg, a great choice when you visit the philippines.

>hi nina, yes the new header was taken on the same spot. nice to know that you liked it.

>pamatayhomesick, definitely a great choice for a hotel. put palawan on top of your list for great islands.

Ria Jose said...

The place looks really nice and comfy. :)

pusangkalye said...

so---is this place a good set-off point if you are to go Island hoping in HONDA bay or seethe undergroud river DOM?

nuts said...

wow, congrats! nice header! (applause) lahat ng shots mo header material. beautiful Palawan!

nanaybelen said...

Ganda naman...
ganda ang palawan sana makapunta rin kami. Nag iinvite kasi ang sister ko, kahit sulyap lang sa labas ng microtel ay okay na. dahil We can't afford sigurado ito.

asian market girl said...

I cant believe how much i'm missing in the Ph right now. Palawan looks like heaven

Xprosaic said...

Sana I have more time for more gala.... hayz... too many places to visit so little time...

Jenn said...

Wow never thought a Microtel would be this luxurious. Beautifully captured. Will check out when in Puerto Princessa.

Hilda said...

Looks pretty good for a Microtel.

tikno said...

A great temptation for vacations.

Boracay Hotels said...

Wow lovely photo. There a good atmosphere there, mostly at nightlife just like in those photo. Well, how is your vacation, is it great?

Tanya Gemarin

Pietro Brosio said...

Really a pleasant hotel for a nice holiday. Beautiful images.

Heart of Rachel said...

The lighted mangrove is truly nostalgic.

Raft3r said...

maayos yun microtel dyan, ah


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