Monday, July 12, 2010

camara island zambales

what brings an extra thrill to see a place is to see it first from afar under a wonderful sunset. with the idea of going for an island hopping the next day, it was worth spending a night over a delicious dinner by the beach.
it was our company's outing and the choice of Zambales was just right. also on the same month two years ago, i was on the same coast but a typhoon was all over this part of Luzon island. so seeing the coast of San Antonio under a fair weather was something new.
the next day, we were off to drop by two islands, first was Camara which is just about 15 minutes away from the resort in Pundaquit. composed of two rock islets which on some rare conditions are connected by a small strip of sand.
the beach was enticing at first look but not when we noticed that dozens of small jellyfish were floating on one side of the beach. it could be a breeding season for these transparent creatures. definitely not the best time to enjoy its waters.
this is a popular island stopover when one visits Anawangin cove and Capones island. but because of its size, there's not much to do around the island except for snorkeling and beach combing.
when on a budget: to camp somewhere along the long gray sand beach coast of Pundaquit or best yet in one of the islands. we did the latter when we first visited these islands.
when there to relax: one option is Punta De Uian resort where we stayed for this trip.

escape factor:
road trip: 3.5
island hop experience: 2.5
beachscape: 3.0
beach sand: 3.0
seclusion: 2.5
overall escape factor: 3.0

camara island
province: Zambales
boat take off: coastal village of Pundaquit, San Antonio

GPS location:
latitude: 14`55' 22.64"
longtitude: 120`2' 32.48"


rd sean said...

our company is still planning for Zambales, hope we could really visit it..

thanks for this post info. i'd love to link you in.. ;)

Allen said...

eto yung katabi ng capones diba? cool!

Unknown said...

hay, too many islands, too little time.:p

docgelo said...

wow, lucky you for being in a company that sends you abroad for work stuffs and taking you to a gorgeous island for a company outing. how cool's that?
kaya lang nakakatakot ma-sting ng salabay (o jellyfish?).

pusangkalye said...

dong ho--ala. Dom. about sa sinabi mo sakin sa blog ko. natakot naman ako bigla. seriously. takot ako sa mga ganyan. hehe

alicesg said...

You have so many chances to go island hopping. SO lucky to have so many islands. I also went island hopping over the weekend. But the island does not belong to my

pusangkalye said...

parang mapapatravel ako ng husto nyan.hehe

Unknown said...

I'm glad that the weather was much improved for you on this trip.

join me on the Path to the Summit

SandyCarlson said...

Just gorgeous!

pamatayhomesick said...

pards gusto kong mapag-aralan yung style mo sa pagkuha ng mga photo..meron kasing buhay at simple pero may mata sa bawat visual...:)

gillboard said...

pano mo nalalaman tong mga magagandang lugar na 'to dong?

nuts said...

dami ko na nadiscover na isla dito sa eskapo. isa nalang kulang, yung ako mismo mag island hop.. for now, dito muna ko sa website mo.

witsandnuts said...

The first photo was a stand out. I've never been to Zambales.

Photo Cache said...

thank u for featuring get away locales in luzon; it would be easier for me to reach.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

you're definitely living it up to your blog name's change - more islands to escape from the city. I'm smelling a travel book written by you Dong!

beero said...

sayanfg di natuloy trip namin ng officemates ko sa zambales before. pag matuloy suggest ko sa kanila beach na to. ganda eh. nice photos kuya dom! ngaun ko lang napansin ang bagong domain eh. hehe

Pietro Brosio said...

Wonderful views, very nice the first image with the sunset light!

Oman said...

awesome shots bai. di na ko pupunta muna jan. ok na yung nakita ko thru your lens :)

Heart of Rachel said...

It's so beautiful. I love the dramatic scene as the sun bids farewell.

Raft3r said...

dami ngang nearby islands dyan na masarap puntahan
hwag nga lang maalon

Blissful Universe said...

먹튀없는업체 먹튀검증 지금바로 접속하세요


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