Sunday, January 31, 2010

the big binondo food wok map - an invitation

here comes February signifying the celebration of the Chinese New Year! i think it's just so good to know that finally a map for a Binondo food trip is out. we've been going to Manila's China town for quite some time now just to get to eat some of our favorite Chinese food.this time, Old Manila Walks releases its own guide for us to even explore the many other food shops around Binondo. they made it in such a way that we have all the options to try it out. with some stubs that offers discounts on some shops.haven't tried exploring the other food shops in this map guide, so i'm inviting five eskapo readers to join me and explore some of the food shops in the list. i won't be treating though but instead i'll give you a copy of this map and join me get around Binondo.rule is simple, let me know why you deserve this map and join this food trip on the comment page. you need to make sure that you'll be available for the food trip which will be on Feb 14 from 10:00am until 4:00pm.

it's a day of food trip and a bit of an experience of the Chinese way of welcoming the new year. contest starts now until Feb 2 11:49pm. special thanks to Ivan Man Dy and
Old Manila Walks for the copy of this map.


princess_dyanie said...

i want! i want! i love love chinese food! and i have never experienced a complete foodtrip in binondo! :)

ps: dom, pag di ako nanalo, sama nalang ako kung pwede ah! (mapagpilit? haha! :P

ShatterShards said...

A walk to Binondo is an audio-visual as well as a gastronomical delight which one should never pass out on. Seeing the architecture and experiencing the food, even a person like me who is allergic to crowds will brave the throng of people just to savor the experience. And with a map to the best spots in town, so much the better. I will even wear my Dragon shirt for the occassion.

Pick me! :-)

Earvin said...


fufu said...

kinda miss manila... ops... now only i realised that i didnt really explore chinatown when i was there 3yrs ago ><

gillboard said...

kasi wala akong date sa feb 14...

yun na yun!!! hehehe

Eds said...

wow! good luck sa food trip nyo dongho. sad to say hindi kasi ako mahilig sa chinese food.

Chyng said...


dapat maexperience ni Harvey makasama sa photowalk si Fang. Ü

Photo Cache said...

i want that map but i can't join us.

Sidney said...

I confess I don't deserve it... but I quote Jesus:

"I came not to call the righteous, but sinners"


Unknown said...

i'll make myself available on Feb. 14 (LOL)! this is my kind of trip--food trip!

Xprosaic said...

binondo?! eng bee tin! eng nee tin! jejejejejejej

Raft3r said...

ang sarap kumain dyan

upto6only said...

i was able to join Ivan last year for the Binondo Food Wok (Chinese New Year Edition. The tour was great. super busog. would like to do it again sayang Feb 14 cya hehehe i have a date already :p

Lei said...

i want!! I want to conquer my fear of going to Binondo and joining this walk will definitely help me to do to this..

nuts said...

i love chinese food, lapit lang ako sa binondo :) kung manalo ko, can i tag along my two friends?

Reena said...

bakit naman sa feb 14 pa! hahaha.

congrats sa mapipili. have fun eating! :)

Cher Cabula said...

I've never been on a Binondo Food Trip but I've heard so much about it and what a sensational experience for the taste buds it is. Besides, what better way to spend Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year in one day? Better than sulking at being single right?

Luis Batchoy said...

1. I am having a valentine date with the one I love more than any one else... myself!

2. I am new in Manila and just relocated from Iloilo months back, so I deserve a fitting "Welcome!"

3. I love food, I love walks...

4. It's my rest day! How convenient!

5. And I need inspiration for my next short story....

I'm just a text away! I believe, dong you still have my number? It's
meant to be! I must win this!

Anonymous said...

i'll bring my wife and our kid to binondo and chase the dragon once more on Chinese New Year which incidentally falls on V-day too!

Anonymous said...

last year, my wife and i with our kid and the rest of my family trooped to 14th hot air balloon fiesta in clark pampanga to celebrate our extra-ordinary valentine's day. for this year, tina, gabby and i wouldn't mind to make it more special by being in binondo and chase the dragon once more and enjoy food trip as we join in Chinese New Year celebration! (winner na ba? lol)

Unknown said...

i've never gone to a china town. can i join u on this trip?

ann said...

I've seen a lot of gastronomic adventures on T.V. about Binondo. I really wanted to have this kind of food trip and blog about it afterwards. It would be a nice thing to do on the double jeopardy date of Feb.14 (Heart's Day and Chinese New Year!)

I need an escape/excuse to prepare something special for my special friend... maybe I can find that special something for him in ChinaTown... hope you can help me... or maybe I'll just bring him so he can treat us, hahahaha

I like the map 'cause I'll be bringing my officemates after Feb. 14. They deserve a treat and a food wok(walk) as they are super stressed...

SandyCarlson said...

That was something different for this blog! Beautifully photographed--of course! That looks like a fun place. Bon appetit!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hiya, 1st time dropping by! Cool blog u hv here^^~~~

niñabonitanggala said...

ay masaya yan...sana manalo ako kc 1.tagal n nmin plan nina julz at iba pang sisters yan CLP days pa ang magbinondo trip for our bonding, kaso hindi matuloy tuloy ewan b kung bakit...

2.hindi pa ko nakaexperience ng chinese new year.

3. gusto ko ng map para hindi ako na ko maliligaw.hehehe

sana manalo po ako at isasama ko cla para matuloy na ung bonding nmin..:)

Bengbeng said...

wow..i can imagine it will b a great gastronomical experience.. i used such a big word..i hope this word exists in the dictionary hahaha

Giselle said...

missed it! :(

D.L. Verzosa said...

Hello, I've been busy these past few days... Good thing my mom and dad are back in each others arms again after two years of separation... Want to know more, visit my current post.... (Dad's Seattle and Vancouver Trip)


Pietro Brosio said...

It's surely good to take a trip among all these food shops.
Interesting post :-)

lagal[og] said...

hehehe naunahan mo ako sa promo na ito. anyway, kung hei fat choy in advance. will be staying in manila this sunday to shoot the chinese new year and siyempre, eat in binondo :D

Anonymous said...

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