Saturday, October 31, 2009

burgos coast - ilocos norte

it seemed to me like a place of an unifinished artwork and great rock carvings. it looks denuded but majestic. Ilocos Norte's coastlines are among the most beautiful in Luzon.just right after that rough road ride, we have to trek along Burgos coastal area to reach the Kapurpurawan rock formation. walking downhill was already easy as they already made cemented walkway down.a mere15-minute walk will actually be longer, as one can't resist stopping and be awed by its great topography. so rugged and remote. similar to the ones seen in the island of Capones.sea bonsais all around the place, typical sea rock formations holding small bodies of water with weird foamy materials that looks so much like the ones in the Death Marshes in the Lord of the formed by nature through time makes this place one of my favorite. a haven for landscape photographers. there was more to explore around but we were so eager to be at the white rock wonder which was a view away from where we were.up next the Kapurpurawan rock formations. Ilocos Norte's own natural wonder.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

one torturous road trip

the tricycle driver said, "dalawa dalawa lang po ang sakay" meaning only two persons should occupy each tricycle, comparing the ones in Manila where a tricycle can carry five people. from there i wondered what kind of road was ahead of us. right after a our last stop, Bangui's wind farm we again rode a bus to the nearby town of Burgos. drop by a small shop and bought some chips and cold softdrinks to quench the thirst. from here, we have to take a tricycle ride to the drop off point off to Kapurpurawan rock formation. our last stop in this Ilocos coastal worst tricycle ride was this trip. can't even remember the number of times i hit the sides of the tricycle. one would really think that this place that we're going should be worth this torturous road trip.i don't have photos of parts where it was really rough as we kept our heads safe. after about 20minutes of that trip, we finally saw the beautiful coast and a part of what we were here for.the Philippines will have a long weekend break starting tomorrow as we go and visit some of our dearly departed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

bangui windmills ilocos norte

Southeast Asia's largest wind farm today are found in the Philippines. with twenty white giant turbines along the 3-kilometer Ilocos coastline, it looked like a place for the giants to can get there by either bringing their own vehicles or jeepneys, but a short tricycle ride from the Bangui drop off point will do. even along the highway from Pagudpud, you can already view those giant wind turbines. many would refer to it as a windmill but when a number of these wind turbines are located in a certain area, it is referred to as a wind farm. the Bangui wind farm has as of this posting has 20 wind turbines. the Northwind Bangui Bay project provides a significant percent of electricity to the province of Ilocos Norte. with today's issue on climate change, this is one of the ways where we use the natural source to produce energy. in this case, Ilocos strong coastal winds.beyond being a great electromechanical source of electricity, it has been one of the famous stops in North Luzon. one can really be amazed by the size of these turbines. look at the people below the turbine in the photo below.i tried to measure it by stretching my arms and made one round on one of the windmill. believe it or not, it is actually 8 dong ho arm stretch!another one worth sight. one worth stop in the North Luzon island. to get there, just ride a bus from Laoag that goes to Pagudpud and tell the bus driver to drop you at the Bangui town. around an hour and a half drive from Laoag, Ilocos Norte's capital town.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

bantay abot ilocos norte

we never saw this great scenic landscape of Ilocos' until the next day when we were heading back to the highway. the only time when we had the chance to see it by day time. it was comparable to Hawaii's mountainous islands.leaving Mairaira blue lagoon on that day seemed like there's something else this province is boasting. we had all our things packed and took a tricycle back to continue our coastal route to Burgos.we realized that what we thought was just a dull view, when we were traveling our way to Mairaira was a actually a wonder that we could have missed if we decided to go home by night time.the Bantay Abot rock formation was worth a stop, from the road, it was just like an ordinary small hill along the coast. good that some of our companions insisted to go down the coast to take a closer look.only from there did i realize that there's a hole on that small hilly-like land. one would appreciate the rock and earth layers formed from years of waves hammering this coast.a majestic view of the beach can be seen from both side including a part of the Patapat coastal road. thus, i highly recommend Ilocos Norte to the beach explorers. dong ho congratulates fellow Pinoy travel blogger and friend ironwulf for winning the Nuffnang Best Travel Blog held in Singapore over other Asian travel blogs.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

mairaira blue lagoon pagudpud ilocos

isolated yet so safe. hidden behind the the lush green coastal hills of Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte, Luzon island's northern tip.
the Eastern coast of Mairaira beach reveals an exotic experience of being in a beach. where the green still dominates the backdrop and a few nipa houses that seemed was night time when we arrived in this beach and as we were looking for a place to stay for the night, we seem to can't find a place where we can set our tents. so we decided to look for a homestay accommodation.our guide though was pointing out on a direction with just one light as seen from afar. we resisted as the area seemed too isolated. not knowing that the place that he was pointing at was the eastern coast of Mairaira.if we only knew that it was this area, we could have chosen pitching up a tent on this coast. if there's a reason why i should go back to this place, it would be to camp overnight in this coast.Mairaira beach is about 2hours away from the town of Laoag. take a bus that goes to Pagudpud and tell them to drop you at the Mairaira area where you can take a short tricycle ride with a great view of the Patapat coastal road going to this beach. this is just about 30minutes away from the more popular Saud beach of Pagudpud.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

mairaira blue lagoon central beach

when you're at the central beach area, you can immediately observe that the place is transforming from what it was known for years back. a big villa type resort has risen while a number of homestay cottages are along the coast.
an unpaved road going to the west coast area has beautiful coconut trees lined up with few nipa houses alongside. on one side one can see the beach while on the other Mairaira's hills.
fishing and poultry remains to be the local's main way of living while tourism builds up during summer and on long weekends. staying on homestay nipa houses like the one we've stayed would be a good choice.
though the area seems to have managed the building of resorts and houses along the shoreline, the development of a big villa type resort has somehow dismayed me. it was not the size of the structure that i didn't like, it was more of the type of structure.
it could have retained a tropical look so as to preserve a laid-back kind of feel of the beach. i believe, even with modern materials, one can still retain a more suitable design of structure.
this though gave way to more beach activities like beach volley, kayaking and banana boats. as for swimming, the main beach area is still a great place. that we did not miss is it still worth the long travel from Manila to this beach? let me answer that on my next post.

Friday, October 16, 2009

mairaira beach pagudpud - west coast

in this area, no one seems to rake the sands clean. coral remains, rocks, pebbles and shells of sorts abound this part of Mairaira's shoreline. west of the main beach area.
when i was a kid, after hours of swimming, we would always end the day by picking shells. but for the locals here, it seems like these sea jewels are too ordinary for them to keep.
this side of the beach is also the surfer's haven because of the break water. they say the nearby Kapuluan resort house a lot of surfers both locals and foreigners. if you zoom the photo here, you can see some of the surfers.
a great view of the Dos Hermanos islands or the Two Brothers islands can be seen from this point. if the weather would have been better, we could have crossed and explored the island. another reason for us to return to this beach.
what's good about this shoreline, is it's too accessible from the main beach area. just a short walk either along the shore or through the unpaved road, you can easily reach this area.i dedicate this series to the locals of Ilocos Norte who were largely affected by the tropical storm Pepeng. we were there two weeks before it hit Northern Luzon.


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