Sunday, July 5, 2009

my most memorable road trips (first set)

with an archipelago of 7,107 islands you surely have a good list of your favorite trips of the vein-like road systems of each island. let me share my own list of memorable road trips and i'm sure you've been to most of the trips here. but a trip will definitely differ on the experience. i listed twenty four of the most memorable ones and here's my first batch.

[24] Cebu city to Hagnaya (3hours). i was already in Cebu yet i still don't know where the terminal going to North of Cebu. not that it wasn't on my itinerary, sometimes it's just fun to just get lost and find yourself like you're in Amazing Race. it was a long way up North reaching almost the long Cebu's island tip. we were rushing to reach the RORO that goes to Bantayan island (roll-on-roll-off) in time, not knowing that the RORO doesn't leave the port until our bus arrives, or else, it will have less passengers.
what to see:
half of the trip is along coastal beach shores and the other half provincial towns and a beautiful mountain view when the bus starts crossing the Cebu mountain range.
what to expect:
no air-conditioned buses available as of my trip last year but it was still comfortable to travel.
trip view:
trip experience:

eskapo rate: 6.0[23] Bacolod to Victorias (2hours). i've been to Victorias way back the mid 80s but not a bit of the roadtrip can i remember and so in 2008 i had my chance to go there again. this time riding just this motorcycle traveling for an hour and a half with my cousin. it was only then that i realized how dangerous it was to drive a motorbike while big trucks overtakes at high speed. on our way back it was more dangerous because it was already night time. we made a stop over at Silay and went home safely but extra tired.
what to see:
the ancestral houses of Silay, nice mural painting of the Angry Christ, the vast sugar cane field and the remaining Victorias Milling Company.
what to expect: just a long roadtrip in the middle of a sugar can field.
trip view: 2.5
trip experience: 3.5

eskapo rate:
6.0 [22] Baguio to San Fernando (3hours). just early this year when we went to Baguio along with my parents. on our last day there, i realized that i've been taking the Marcos highway for quite some time so i decided that we take the Naguilian highway instead. so we extended our trip to San Fernando La Union and dropped by the beautiful town of Agoo. had our dinner there and drove back to Manila.
what to see: a good view of the Cordillera range that ends down the town of Naguilian, towns of La Union along the highway.
what to expect:
nothing much but a road trip along the mountain range.
trip view: 3.0
trip experience: 3.0

eskapo rate:

[21] San Pablo to Nagcarlan and Liliw (3hours).
many Luzon travelers already took this route and most of the time they include the towns of Pangil, Paete and Sta Cruz in their trip. this trip can be extra rewarding if you enjoy visiting churches while driving along mountainous roads. there was a way there where our SUV stopped on a steep curved road and we all have to go down and push it up. after we had it forward, another vehicle got stuck.
what to see: beautiful old churches, underground cemetery, uphill steep curve roads, cheap slippers and sandals in Liliw.
what to expect:
at most times, this area is rainy because it is part of Mt. Banahaw's foothill. trip view: 3.5
trip experience:

eskapo rate:
[20] Iloilo to Guimbal Miagao (2hours). so many times i've been to Iloilo but never a trip down South to the towns of Guimbal and Miagao. with a chance to visit my friend's resort in Guimbal i decided to take a stop before proceeding to Miagao. this trip is very rewarding because of the beautiful old churches.
what to see:
just plain road trip with some coastal views but the churches of the towns there are really impressive.
what to expect:
overloaded tricycles competing with the jeepney's speed, very friendly people and a lot of stopover.
trip view: 3.5
trip experience:

eskapo rate:

[19] Alabang to Calayo Batangas (3hours). we traveled going there during night time and we didn't appreciate much of the trip except for the sleepless fun trip. the place was great but it was only on our way back did i found out that we actually passed a scenic uphill and downhill trip.
what to see:
the mountain range of Pico del Oro was in view from afar.
what to expect:
a concrete road going high up giving a panaromic view of the area. this place cannot easily be accessed by commuting because of the limited trips. (3hours)
trip view:
trip experience:

eskapo rate:
[18] Rizal to Laguna (9hours). it was way back 2005 when we had a visita iglesia and we started in Antipolo moving East over the highlands of Rizal province. great mountain views from there and old churches are really beautiful. we continued our way down the towns of Laguna and back to Manila through the South Luzon Expressway. definitely one of my most memorable visita iglesia.
what to see: old churches and Rizal province highlands.
what to expect: roads seems to be endless when you take this route.
trip view: 4.0
trip experience: 3.0

eskapo rate:

[17] Alabang to Mauban (5hours)
. how can i ever forget this? we were expecting to take a bus ride by 12midnight but ended up waiting for the air-conditioned bus for three hours. we decided to take a connecting trip to Turbina in Laguna then from there, we took the bus to Lucena. lucky though that upon reaching Lucena, the mini bus immediately left few minutes after we boarded. with this, we ended up arriving just in time having good enough time to roam around Mauban before our trip to the island of Cagbalete. because of that a tricycle driver, even thought we were a combo band.
what to see:
nothing much along the way except for the beautiful mystical Mt. Banahaw.
what to expect:
the mini bus from Lucena to Mauban is an old type bus but the trip down the coastal town of Mauban went smoothly. just expect a lot of short stopovers.
trip view: 3.0
trip experience: 4.0

eskapo rate:
7.0 [16] Manila to Anda and around Bolinao (5hours). this we had just recently and still to be posted in the coming week. a trip to Anda is not as popular as the trip to Alaminos in Pangasinan. it is a road less traveled but it leads to what i believe is Pangasinan's best beach shore. but what i like the most is the roadtrip that goes to the small town of Bolinao. nice scenic views along the way and the road is well paved.
what to see:
long bridge connecting Luzon island to Anda island, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse and the caves of Bolinao.
what to expect:
as of this time, expect damaged houses and trees along the way as caused by a typhoon two months ago. nice coastal beach lines on the way to the lighthouse in Bolinao are tempting as it is seen along the way.
trip view: 3.5
trip experience:

eskapo rate: 7.0 [15] Around Tacloban and to Ormoc (2hours). way back 2007, a van picked us from the Tacloban airport and brought us to the Marcos bridge that connects Leyte and Samar. since parking along the bridge is prohibited, our driver decided to drop us off at the middle of the bridge and left us there. then he returned, after we had a feeling like-there-was-no-tomorrow photoshoot. from there we drove our way to Ormoc. upon reaching Ormoc, i declared that the fastest van drivers comes from Leyte.
what to see: the longest bridge of the Philippines, the Leyte landing monument, and a typical mountain highway trip.
what to expect:
children playing and crossing the highway that's despite the vans running at high speed. quite odd.
trip view:
trip experience: 3.5

eskapo rate:
[14] Dapitan to Zamboanga (13hours). we attended the boy scout jamboree held in Dapitan and on our way back we chose to take a roadtrip from Dapitan to Zamboanga city. this is one the longest roadtrip i had, it was like traveling from Manila to Legazpi. we chose to take a non-aircon bus not knowing that majority of the road was still unpaved. my black bag pack turned brown when we reached the town of Ipil but it was way back the mid 90s.
what to see:
the mountain views of the long Zamboanga peninsula.
what to expect:
when you take the airconditioned bus, expect some chickens to be traveling with you. just imagine the smell. but again it was way back the mid 90s. not sure if they still allow it. i hope not.
trip view: 4.0
trip experience:

eskapo rate:

[13] Iloilo to Caticlan (6hours).
my mother and i took this road trip going to Boracay and i brought this map checking once in a while as we went Northwest of Panay island. the trip from Iloilo to Kalibo is just fine, passing by sugar cane and rice field. but the way from Kalibo to Caticlan is the most exciting. an hour trip passing by a great coastal view while driving beside the mountain heights. we didn't slept during the whole trip despite the lack of sleep the night before that day.
what to see:
typical provincial towns of Panay, wide ricefields, great coastal views from Kalibo to Caticlan.
what to expect: overloaded tricycles and jeepneys along the way. some parts of the trip are still unpaved.
trip view: 3.5
trip experience:

eskapo rate:
7.0the next twelve, to be posted in the coming days. the winners for the ROAM contest will be posted soon.


witsandnuts said...

You've been to Pangil in Laguna? Our native town is near there. I've never tried the San Pablo to Liliw route, either Siniloan/Sta. Cruz to Liliw or Nagcarlan. Try the Tanay, Rizal to Mabitac, Laguna route = very challenging. =)

Iloilo to Caticlan is long 'no? Quite a pain but the view compensates it. The last time I visited Bora I traveled alone from Kalibo to Caticlan, I don't know why but that route felt like home (maybe because I have a close friend there). Where in Negros is the Angry Christ? I think I missed that one.

Looking forward to the continuation of this post.

Jeanny said...

Ano nga ba? Up to know havent decided what trip is so memorable. Maybe my first trip to Baguio. May bagyo kasi hehehe!!!

I'll dig my memory para may ma share ako :)

optimistic dora said...

wow, ang dami mo nang npuntahan friend! parang na libot mo na atah ang whole Philippines! hehehe...

gillboard said...

the one thing I'd also like to do is go road tripping on a motorcycle.. probably when i hit mid-life crisis... hehehe

Antoine Greg said...

green Philippine highways! hahahaha
^ ^
great choices!
i knew it that the buses are CEREs liners, hahah

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

That's quite a list already pero di pa pala kumpleto. I have a feeling that the Baguio-Sagada route via Halsema Highway (my favorite in the Philippines) will be somewhere at the top of your memorable road trips.

Oman said...

i remember that trip from alabang to mauban. mas matagal pa tayo naghintay ng bus buti na lang masaya kasama sila kit kasi tawa ng tawa.

ganda din ng mount banahaw kaya lang di natin masyado nakita kasi antok na antok tayo nun.

til the next road trip buddy.

alicesg said...

You do have a great adventure there. Very true to be just get lost to have some fun and adventure. Everytime I travelled, I google and go through travel guides but yet I still get lost at times, lol. We would just get on a bus and no idea where it take us and just alight when we see something interesting and if we really get lost we just find a train/bus station and look at the street map to find out way back.

bw said...

very impressive Dong. You've almost seen the nooks and crannies of our beloved country and more importantly documented them !

SandyCarlson said...

I don't know how you choose most memorable from others. They all seem so very wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Road trip kung road trip! Nice photos too. Masaya ang road trip especially if you're with friends. At least, hindi nakakalungkot.

I think the longest road trip I had was from MNL to Baguio & from Cebu City to Santander (both for 6 hours). Other than that, I always take the plane. Meron akong 3 days at sea from MNL to CDO, pero hindi naman counted yun as road trip. Hehe. I hope I can have more road trips in the future.

Ingat always in your travels. :-)

Ciela said...

I'm happy that I can relate to the many places you've been. I've seen them too though I'm not equipped with such nice camera as yours and the talent to have a good shot.

Your posts are forever interesting!

Reena said...

you're right about that bolinao roadtrip. it's far but the road leading there is smooth, ndi mo na ramdam yung distance. :)

wow, you have lots of trips na! i like the visita iglesia trip.


[22] Baguio to San Fernando (3hours)
[21] San Pablo to Nagcarlan and Liliw (3hours).

I agree with these. Kasi sila lang yung nabiyahe ko na. hehehe

Unknown said...

oh my, you took a lot of road trips! i'd be interested in Dapitan to Zamboanga trip, but it's quite a long trip!

i once got "lost" in Agoo, La Union. i enjoyed the road trip from Tayabas to Mauban and Tayabas-Padre Burgos, and the unforgettable habal-habal ride in Sibulan, Negros Oriental to see the twin lakes.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing the first part of your most memorable road trips.

I remember going to liliw. I was overwhelmed with the sight of so many shoes and slippers. Funny how I ended up buying slippers for family and friends but not a single one for myself.

livingstain said...

siguro kahit nakakapagod magbyahe kung ganyan naman ang nakikita ko bawi bawi na din. nakarelax... tnx kuya, nag enjoy ako.

Meikah said...

Hey, I agree with you on these routes: Bacolod to Victorias; Baguio to San Fernando (Naguilian); San Pablo to Nagcarlan and Liliw; Iloilo to Guimbal Miagao. I've traversed them too, and the scenery is just awesome. Traveling to the provinces make me appreciate more our local color. :) Thanks for constantly reminding us how beautiful our country is. :)

Jasper said...

i have a number of roadtrips since i was a kid but i cannot remember all of them anymore. glad you had everything written down.

bluedreamer27 said...

hayst cavite is the farthest place ive been what a shame hehe

hello my friend can i have a favor???
can you vote for my entry here

thanks a lot!!!

Borneo Falcon said...

I don't recall I had any pleasant bus ride before but I definitely had some good train ride in the past

coolwaterworks said...

If I am not that tired, I always prefer to travel in a non-aircon bus... I enjoy the trip with the wind on my face... At walang reflection kung kukuha ako ng picture... Maghihilamos na lang pagdating sa patutunguhan... hehe...

Ever been to the southern towns of Cebu? The views are way, way better than the northern part... :D Hmmm, baka nakapunta ka na, at nasa next set... aabangan... :D

Xprosaic said...

Pag road trip mas ok sa akin kung ang kasama ko lang sa sasakyan eh yung mga kasama ko lang talaga! jijjijiji(selfish) pero flexible naman ako kaya kahit saan, kahit pano, kahit sino..ok ako...jijijijiji

Anonymous said...

i just love your trip idolllllll keep it up

Miong said...

another nice trip! hoping i could do the same!

nuts said...

oh my, dami mo na talagang napasyalan and thats only half of the most memorable road trips. and what makes it best, well documented lahat. yung iloilo to Guimbal Miagao at dapitan to zamboanga, ang ganda ng view!!

looking forward for the next set..

Allen Yuarata said...

Wow! That's the Ceres Bus! Yan sinasakyan namin lagi when I was still in Panay. Napaka-breathtaking nga ng view from Kalibo To Caticlan, especially in Nabas and Malay area. Napasteep nung mga bangin. haha.

Ilang miles na kaya all in all ang naitravel mo? Sayang ang miles. haha.

Chyng said...

im not into road trips, mainipin kasi ako. kaya i admire you for enjoying these long trips. :D

Photo Cache said...

really looking forward to the rest of the countdown. wala pang nakaka 10 ah. maybe it's the #1 on the list?

Hilda said...

Just the idea of spending all those hours in an enclosed bus is giving me motion sickness!

I wish I weren't so sensitive to motion — the views are really fantastic!

Pietro Brosio said...

I think they are all fantastic, very enjoyable trips!

Xprosaic said...

Maiba lang... di kasi ako makacomment sa latest post mo sa 7 wonders eh... kaya dito na lang... ewan naguluhan ako sa organizers ng 7 wonders na yan... paiba iba ng concept noon may 3 pa ata tayo hanggang 4 na nominee tapos ala na naging isa na lang... tapos ngayon parang balik ulit sa dati... na marami ulit saka may categories na... nakakatamad na sumuporta... lalo kapag di naiintindihan ang proseso o hindi naeestablish ng maayos ang proseso... nakakawalang gana...

Unknown said...

Feels like I was with you on the roadtrips...very well told and seems to be you had enjoyable trips.

Eds said...

grabe dongho, mukhang nalibot mo na ang pinas. kainggit naman.

ako, konti pa lang lugar ang napuntahan ko kaya lahat naman din sya memorable sa akin.

thanks for sharing. very well documented ha!

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

You're a well-traveled man, donG hO. Nalibot mo na pala ang Pilipinas. Nice photos din to compliment with the write up...

Unknown said...

wow nice!! how i wish i could do the same... kakainggit ka naman! nakaikot ako pero not like how you did it and you were able to take lots of pics.

Nanaybelen said...

you're so lucky Dong. dami mong travel experiences. Halos malibot mo na yata ang buong Pilipinas. Ingat lagi sa biyahe

Inkversified said...

just voted.

RedLan said...

Talagang binasa ko ang number 14. nacurious sa chicken.

RedLan said...

it's cool to know part ng memorable trip mo ang iloilo. astig P :-P

pusangkalye said...

you are one lucky guy DOM---not because of the fact that you travel a lot but because you can afford the luxury of sitting in a bus for hpurs and just enjoy the view---not so many of us have the time to do that....

Grace said...

I was gonna comment on your latest post about voting for Philippines to make it to top 77 candidates. But it looks like you had disabled the comment page on that post.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hope that Philippines will make it to be on top 77. :)

Justkyut said...

hmmm... ask ko lang po, may lugar ka pa po bang hindi napupuntahan dito sa pilipinas?

Theonoski said...

the liliw trip is indeed memorable =D.

princess_dyanie said...

ang hilig mo pala sa road trip! bilib ako sayo. di ko kaya yung mas matagal pa sa 7hrs. may mga surprise na dumadating sakin hahaha!

grabe yung 13hrs! sakit sa pwet nun! :P

Rico said...

Wow! Hindi naman halatang mahilig kang mag eskapo sa bahay ha!? Sana mapuntahan ko rin ang mga yan. I have a couple of friends in Bacolod (of the Velez and Zaico clan), at kahit sila hindi ko pa nabibisita :( Dapat yata mag start na kami mag alis alis

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aremania said...

are you Filipinos?? and are that places in Filiphina?

phil said...

yeah, road trip by motorcycle!!

that was exciting!!

paul said...

please keep posting about worderful places in the world !!!

gwen said...

you're great traveler..
thanks for the great info's..

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nice to read your post ^^

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Reading this is just like traveling with you. grrrrrrrr I wanna travel!!

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Enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your great shots. Keep traveling and continue appreciating God's wonderful creations. Godspeed!


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