Saturday, May 16, 2009

procession of hope - marinduque

it was Good Friday and the town of Boac sets in a reflective mood, my travel buddy Nadz and i made sure that we joined the procession.if the town was festive during Holy Thursday, as the different competitions on Moriones Festival happens, it was the exact opposite on a Good Friday. it was a time when people gathered at the church ready for the long walk around the town.we waited down the road near the church for a certain time, while we bought our candles. the procession was expected to start at 5:00pm but around 5:40pm we decided to go to the church instead.there we realized that a big crowd was on our way occupying the whole two lane road from the church down the town. we then chose to get as close as possible to the carriage enclosing the statue of the body of Christ.despite the possibility of raining, people of different ages were there. the houses that we pass by has candles lit infront of their door. other houses opened their radio while the rosary prayer was being broadcasted.we tried to join the procession right after the carriage but found out that it was too crowded and so we decided to go ahead of the carriage instead. people there might have reached thousands because we cant see the end of the procession, which meant that we could be in the we walked from one street to another, the sky turns darker with the candles now more visible. we had the chance to reflect on the importance of Christ's death which leads to his resurrection.for us, to value Easter we first reflect on his passion which leads to our own recognition of being sinful.we walked several kilometers, turning on some corners that we haven't been to when we roamed the town on our first day in Marinduque.the procession led us back to the church uphill where the crowd was getting thicker as they all accumulate at the church entrance. people this time were waiting for the entrance of the carriage. the church lights were dimmed and no other sound can be heard except that of the people moving towards the church altar. the men pulling the carriage then took their part of the rope as a way of remembering their penitence.just outside the church was a candle stand, where the candles were offered as a symbol of laying down our shortcomings to the Lord. it was important for us to recognize our sins, but more than that is the realization that God is merciful and that Christ died for each one of us. because his resurrection gives us every hope that we need to live a righteous life today.


dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

Those are quite a lot of people!

I love the night shots here...

Photo Cache said...

The procession on Good Friday is my fave part of the Holy Week rituals. I liked getting ready the santo that my cousin's family participates in the procession. Then afterwards at the church, queuing to have a little touch of the santo bangkay for a little blessing.

miss_dibly said...

NIce photos.. and the narration of course! I felt as if I was there rubbing elbows with those hopeful people. :)

IllBeYourBatman101 said...

parang pista ng black nazarene lang ah..

gillboard said...

gillboard pala yung sa taas

Unknown said...

The lifelong Catholicism of Filipinos lives forever then. Great shots of the candles.

Dennis Villegas said...

Such religious devotion! I am quite impressed by your determination to photograph the procession from start to finish!

alicesg said...

Wow there's a whole lot of people in there. Lovely photo, I love the nice shot of it.

I used to follow my mom during Vesak Day going for 3 days in a row and chanting and walking round the temple. But all these stop since my mom passed away. I am a free thinker. Whatever I do, I do it for my mom.

My family is like my country, we are multi Eldest son and me - freethinkers, hubby - buddhist and youngest son - christain.

Have a nice weekend, DongHo.

Bengbeng said...

i read yr nick elsewhere...the dong ... i came over to see if is u :)

the procession is something i would have loved to join too

ALiNe said...

ang daming tao... grabe!!!!

Unknown said...

Those candles scream "fire hazard!"

mhel said...

Great shots. I would say, the observance of holy week in the provinces is holier, more elaborate religious processions and sacrifices.

Pietro Brosio said...

Wonderful sequence of the procession, Dong. I've enjoyed it a lot. The last picture of the candles is really attractive.
Yes, we should always remember that Jesus Christ died for each one of us.

JayAshKal said...

Great series of photos from daylight to nightime, you must stayed there for hours. Obviously the accompanying article was great too, telling us what he pictures couldn't.

Raft3r said...

pinoy na pinoy ang prusisyon, ano
tuwing may piyesta, panigurado may prusisyon
piyesta samin ngayon
mamayang gabi may prusisyon dito


I thought you posted something about Edsa dos

or tres..

anyway, just in case, pang ilang Edsa na ba????

Visual Velocity said...

It's nice to know some places still adhere to long-held traditions during Holy Week. In our place, dati may Pabasa kaming naririnig, ngayon wala na. Sad.

Unknown said...

Good Friday was the highlight of the Holy Week during my childhood. I didn't participate in the procession (kids in my family were not allowed), but I was ever present by the side of the street to see the santos more closely. i went with my aunts to visit the "dead Christ" but i was always too scared to come closer.:D

Vic said...

naalala ko tuloy yung holy week..

i love the second to the last photo. ;)

Garando said...

the processions and the bisita iglesia are my favorite events during the holy week. These photos made me feel very nostalgic, it reminded of that time when I watched processions from the balcony of my grandmother's house.

dencios said...

ang ganda ng interior ng simbahan. at ang dami ding tao ha pero malinaw pa din ang kuha :D

naalala ko tuloy ang prosisyon sa lugar namen. dito sa dubai walang kwenta lang haha

cyndirellaz said...

that looks very peaceful and solemn.. ^^

coolwaterworks said...

Dong, great pictures come with great reflections... :)

I am amazed by the way the procession was kept solemn from start to finish... This way, the participants could think and could reflect better... This is far, far better than the procession at Quiapo...

L.Reis said...

I'll say it once more: Fascinating!!

David B Katague said...

I love your shots of the candles and of the Altar of the Boac Cathedral. Next time you visit Boac, drop by for free coffee and conversations at Chateau Du Mer in Amoingon. The beach resort is only about 9 KM south of downtown Boac and it is on the way to Gasan.

Hilda said...

Grabe, kaunti na lang at malapit nang lumiyab ang candle stand na 'yan…

Sidney said...

I think I missed this Procession when I was in Marinduque... great coverage by the way.
Looks like you will become a photo journalist !

Grace said...

Great photos, Dong! Very crowded! As I was browsing down, I was gonna ask you if it was a cloudy day, then, I read that you said "possibility to rain"... I then smiled... I guess so. :)

Bart Tolina said...

taga marinduque ka ba dude?
I heard that marami ang magagandang white beach jan?

meron na naman akong bagong sinulat! tingnan mo! bilis!

bing said...

such crowd.. i am not good with crowded places. am claustrophobic. he he

the night pics are good.

RedLan said...

Parang nasa Baclaran rin. Kaya lang Holy week kaya marami ang tao at talagang masikip.

sheng said...

love processions like this when i was in my kiddie days, no more now, they kinda tire me off, the kids have never ever experienced a procession yet...

bluedreamer27 said...

youp i agree with Juveiga0724
its somehow similar to Quiapo's Black Nazarene Day
have a great weekend

jei said...

In a country full of chaos, corruption, cheaters and crimes, it's good and inspiring to know that there are still a lot of people whose faith are still intact and who never forget to show their devotion to God and their religion. It's an eye-opener, actually.

Inkversified said...

how was your trip to cdo?

Heart of Rachel said...

A procession at night is lovely because of the illuminating candles. Great shots.

Add Topic said...

Cool pics.

Add Topic™

Joy said...

Wow, it looks like the people went crazy at the procession. I miss that. We don't have it here.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow for the penultimate photo in the Keukenhof series!

A Pinay In EnglandYour Love CoachI, Woman

SandyCarlson said...

What a group of people. Those candles are really dramatic. This was a powerful sequence.

Carver said...

That looks like a very powerful and moving procession. I love all the lights at the end.

Oman said...

amen to that dom.

i like the first pic the most because of the sto.nino that seem floating and the church in the background.

i also like your shots of the burning candles, parang masusunog ang simbahan sa dami nyan ah.

Nanaybelen said...

religeous talaga ang mga pinoy. Basta procession ni bata o matanda ay sumasama.
Nice pictures

D.L. Verzosa said...

wow... dami events ah.. haiz... bket nga ba ang photograper hindi nagpapapicture??? hehehe

escape said...

>dodong, thanks! yes there were thousands there.

>hi photocache, great! it's really nice to remember those times. something that you'll really miss from the philippines.

>hi or, oh cool! thanks for dropping by.

>hi juvei, the crowd maybe. but i think the one in quiapo has a bigger crowd.

>gillboard, oo nga.

>hi pacey, that's true.

>dennis, there were so many people and along the way you'll see people along the roads. cant help but to document it.

>hi alicesg, wow! it's nice that you're open to any faith but im sure you believe in God. nice to know that your son is a christian.

thanks for sharing your own experience. it's really worth sharing because we do have a different culture. you too have a great week ahead.

>bengbeng, great! so you do have processions there too. are you a christian?

>hi aline, yes. sobrang dami.

>luke, hahaha... the stand looks so close to the building but it's not. it has a space enough to avoid fire.

>asian traveler, not sure about that. maybe it's just more grand in the province.

>pietro, nice to know that you like it. i wonder if processions are still held there in your country.

>jayashkal, maybe we walked for about two hours or less. but it wasnt tiring. thanks!

>raft3r, ganun na nga. mas important din kasi ang prosisyon kaysa sa kainan. hehehe...

>japser, hahaha... not sure kung pang ilan na. gulo na kasi dahil sa dami. but i believe edsa one and two are authentic. the rest not sure.

>hi andy, thats sad. but we cant avoid that as new generation comes in. i just hope that the faith retains even if some of the traditions perish.

>hi luna, hahaha... that's cute. we were always brought by our parents to the procession until it became natural for us to join processions as well. but not much when we're already here in manila. that's why joining the procession in marinduque was memorable.

>hi vic, yes. late na nga tong post. thanks! that's my favorite photo too.

>garando, those were the times but what's good is some province still do this. thanks for sharing your experience.

>dencios, hirap nag kumuha dahil dim yung ilaw sa loob ng simbahan. kaya buti na lang nakakuha pa ng matinong shot. hirap nga pag nasa ibang bansa. pag uwi mo na lang.

>hi cyndirellaz, it surely was.

>coolwaterworks, thanks! not sure of its solemnity comparing with the one in quiapo because it's the faith of the person that really counts.

>l.reis, thanks!

>sir david, thanks for the offer. ill definitely drop by your resort when i return there. im thinking of returning to marinduque within the year.

>hi hilda, medyo malayo naman yung stand though the pictures shows medyo dikit na.

>sidney, thanks! i was actually reviewing your marinduque series. being a photo journalist is great but sometimes it's really difficult to talk to people because of tight itineraries. but as for this, we had a relatively good time.

>hi grace, it drizzled but not that long for us not to proceed with the procession.

>bart, not sure kung gaano ka rami pero meron din. hindi ako taga marinduque. im just featuring marinduque in this series.

ill drop by later. thanks for the info.

>hi bing, hindi ka nga pwede sa procession. i recommend that you stay in one place where the procession pass.

>redlan, parang ganun nga. sobrang daming tao.

>sheng, i hope that you'll be able to bring them just for the experience and better to explain why it is being done.

>bluedreamer, similar in a way.

>hi jei, noce to see you here. yes that's true. i just hope that the people attending it are sincere.

>inksversified, im not going anymore.

>hi rachel, that's true. that's why i cant resist but to take photos.

>hi addtopics, thanks!

>hi joy, it was controlled but yes crowd was really big.

>hi sandy, thanks!

>hi carver, thanks! the lights are really nice.

>lawstude, hehehe... that's not the sto nino. i really love shots with candles as the source of the lighting.

may space naman yung candle stand sa building.

>hi nanaybelen, sana nga ma retain pa yung ganito.

>hi ailee, nice question. the answer is easy, because the picture wont be as good with me in it. hahaha... just kidding. ayaw lang ma expose.

Unknown said...
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