Wednesday, April 29, 2009

moriones festival 2009 - marinduque

it has been existing for more than 200years now and the masks were at its best. there were hundreds of Morions during the festival.more than 300 Morions or Moryonan as the locals call it, participated in the costume competition this year. they were categorized according to the material used on their this post i present Morions using metal plate and leather materials. in my opinion, the best costumes usually came from these categories.the competition was held at the Moriones Arena at the Boac riverbank. a small wooden platform was set infront of the judges and the audience and each participant made their pose to show their costume.i was lucky enough to have a good location right infront of the platform but was out of shade. it was really hot during that time but photographers and tourists didn't want to miss it.Thursday was the highlight of the different competition. they do it before Good Friday, which begins the solemn activities of the town. the same competition also happens simultaneously on other towns of Marinduque like Gasan, Mogpog, Buenavista and Sta. Cruz. we only witnessed the one in Boac.i am quite impressed with how Marinduquenos kept this tradition that it is now world class. if there's one festival in the Philippines that you shouldn't miss, i should say its Moriones Festival.
trip rate:
festival colors: 5.0
festival costumes: 5.0
festival history: 5.0
festival crowd: 4.0
festival beat: 3.0


Reena said...

omg. am i the first again?

Pietro Brosio said...

Splendid colorful sequence, Dong.
If I was there I would have taken many many photos as well. These mask are really nice. But... no women there? It's a pity! :-)

Reena said...

ang hirap maging judge ng costumes ha. but if i were one of them, i'd choose the purple one. hahahah... only because i like purple.

so who won?

Bart Tolina said...

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Bart Tolina said...

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sheng said...

Individual judging right, their costumes are just superb, next to this festival, i'd love the masskara festival in bacolod, i was just invited to panaad, kaso we were there last october and super late kami ng 3 days lang for masskara... we should really support tourism in the Philippines, ipakilala mo naman ako kay Sec. Ace Durano, naks, nakadaupang palad ata natin ahhh...

Justkyut said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaa kakatakot naman ang mga yan! natakot ako sa ibang maskara.

Nice photos po pang photo exhibit. Siyanga po pala, we can play tennis incase your here in angeles po. just tell me po when. ingat po on your next journey

Unknown said...

impressive photos, Dong! the costumes and masks are excellent. i agree with you on the metal & leather costumes, although magaganda din ang ibang materials. the purple Moryon looks cute, kakaiba s'ya, parang bubble gum!:D

Heart of Rachel said...

Great shots! Those are elaborate costumes. I could just imagine the time and effort those participants invested on their respective costumes. It's great that the Moriones Festival continues to thrive.

Oman said...

the best ang mga costumes. i hope to go there in the next festivals to come. medyo nagka-idea na ko jan kasi sumali sila sa baguio festival. pero i am sure mas maganda talaga na makita sila sa marinduque.

escape said...

>hi reena, yes you are.

>pietro, thanks! that's true. i almost took a shot of all the participants.

the masks are really nice but it's also expensive. there are women too which ill feature on my next post.

>hi reena, totoo yon. dami kasi talagang maganda. yung purple gusto mo? hehehe... matutuwa ang may ari nyan.

wala akong list ng winners hindi ko na inabangan.

>bart, just do blog hopping and make friends. already sent you my ym username.

>hi sheng, yes. ganda din ng masskara. sayang naman at hindi nyo naabutan. nung nandun kami we were a week earlier. pero may mga naabutan na rin kaming activities.

as much as i want you to introduce sec ace durano, it's usually during events that you'll be able to meet him.

>justkyut, kakatakot nga lalo na kung may mga dalang gamit. ayos yan. laro tayo one time. email na lang kita.

>hi luna, ganda talaga. abangan mo rin yung isa pang category. medyo sikat nga yung purple dahil isa lang siya doon na ganung kulay.

>hi rachel, that's true. and i really am impressed with how they preserved such culture. those masks are expensive but worth the price.

>lawstude, kakaiba din talaga pag nandun ka kasi ang dami at yung environment ng boac kakaiba din para maganap dun itong festival. sama tayo next year. balik kasi ako. dala ako ng group.


Lantaw said...

saan ka dyan sa mga photos bai? :D

Vic said...

very colorful! at infairness nakakatakot sila ha! haha! :)

gillboard said...

so contest na pala siya ngayon?! nice!! ang gaganda ng mga moryon!!!

ang galing.. siguro ang saya dyan?!

Visual Velocity said...

I love masks! Tagal na pala nitong Moriones? 200 years? Wow!

As always, nice shots. =)

Anonymous said...

A lot of effort seems to have been put in making those costumes.

Unknown said...

Yeah, you're lucky to have a good place in front and good view. I'm green with envy, I'll have to make sure that if I plan to go back next year it would be in time for the festival. I heard that the best costume had a total expense of almost a 100K? Wow!

Bengbeng said...

today i am going to talk rubbish here. after observing yr blog n the pics u posted i decided to post lots of pic.i hope i am not overdoing it n scaring visitors away from the blog. yr comments encourage me. thank you Dong.

escape said...

>lantaw, hehehe... yung pinakagalit.

>hi vic, kakatakot yung may mga dalang gamit.

>gillboard, yung thursday puro contest dahil pagdating ng friday mga senakulo na at prosesyon.

saya pag thursday daming activities.

>hi andy, tagal na nga. though it started as a simple reenactment. now it's a very beautiful festival.


>hi kat, yes. i was supposed to visit the place where they make these masks but with the sudden change of weather, we have to change plans.

>hi pacey, best location but burned by the heat of the sun. but it was still rewarding to be able to get some close up shots. you shouldn't miss it next year.

with regards to the prize, i don't know. but it's not impossible to have such a big amount for that.

>bengbeng, yes. specially for this post. it's picture overload but i really need to share these photos. but you can try it.

SandyCarlson said...

These figures are so expressive. Great stuff!

pusangkalye said...

those figures scared the hell out of me when I was young---I thought they were monsters---keke

Lalaine said...


ang gaganda! kelan ko kaya yan mararating at masasaksihan? :D

gustong gusto ko yung naka costume ng purple :D

Joy said...

They look quite fierce, don't they? But I enjoy the colours and the energy of the festival.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

A Pinay In EnglandYour Love CoachI, Woman

Unknown said...

Very cool figures!

Anonymous said...

never ko pa natry na manood ng moriones festival

atto aryo said...

wow! those were nice costumes. mukhang ginastusan talaga. great pics!

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

Hi, dong ho!

Ang galing ng mga photos mo. Very colorful and very well-taken. Pwede na pang-postcard.
I haven't been into this part of the country so I'm very much thankful for your sharing your stories and photos to us. I'd love to see more of those...

bluedreamer27 said...

haha natatakot ako dyan ning bata pa ako
sa amin naman meron bange-nge festival
and sayang din na missed ko ang aliwan festival
i was there kasi last year

Anonymous said...

Ang astig ng mga costume!

Ang daming Goliath!!!

eastcoastlife said...

What a fun event! And I love all the smart costumes!

Admin said...

Sama ako Kuya Dom next time na babalik ka!

escape said...

>hi sandy, very impressive.

>pusang-gala, parang mga monster nga to sa mga bata.

>hi lalaine, sama ka next year.

>hi joy, they really do. this is something we should witness. something unique.

>luke, that's true.

>hi josh, sama ka next year.

>r-yo, talagang ginastusan yon kasi ang isang masks libo libo ang abot. mask pa lang.

>dodong, salamat. salamat. next year sama ka. dadala kasi ako ng group. iba pa rin kung doon mismo makasaksi.

>bluedreamer, ngayon ko lang narinig yung bangenge festival ah. saan yon?

hindi rin ako nakapunta sa aliwan. last year din lang.

>hi dylan, astig talaga nila. goliath ba? hehehe...

>hi eastcoastlife, you'll like it more when you'll really be there.

>richard, sure!


alexander said...

A very interesting post. Very colourful costumes.

Alex's World! -

kcatwoman said...

nice pictures!!!!

paoruiz said...

haha may pinagkakaiba ba sila. =p

Lo Kelween said...

If only I have those muscles and look macho like the soldiers hehe :)

atticus said...

grabe. ang gagaling talaga nilang gumawa ng masks, ano?

galing ng abs. kung may mga lalaking ganyan kagaganda ang abs sa isang kalye, asows. hindi ako papasok ng bahay. hehe.

Rio said...

huwaw..ang daming sasama nextyear ah..parang field trip to..magpapahuli ba naman ako?? sama din ako kuya dong ha=D

sagot ko na tsitsirya =D

beero said...

wow! ang gaganda ng pics kuya dong! ganda pala talaga ng moriones festival. btw, it's good to be back. namiss ko blog mo. hehe

bw said...

wonderful and colorful pictures !

Anonymous said...

oh wow. I have only been seeing and hearing about Moriones festival in my school books. I love the details of their masks and bodice/costume. Very grand and colorful. Hope I can get to experience the festival someday. Thanks for sharing! :-)


Im sure Ive seen this in movies before.... Oh yeah!


escape said...

>alexander, thanks!

>hi kcatwoman, thanks!

>pao, yung mukha usually similar. yung vest iba iba unless they are of the same group. may isang group na magkamukha talaga halos lahat.

>eelwind, hahaha... you sound funny.

>hi atticus, galing talaga ng mga marinduqueno. yon pala mga hinahanap mo.

>hi doc rio, sure! sama sama lahat. mas marami mas masaya.

ayos! may tsisirya na. yung pang isang daang katao dapat. hehehe...

>beero, ganda talaga. ito yung dapat mong makita.

good to know that you're back.

>bw, thanks!

>hi dyosa, you're welcome to join us next year. im sure you'll enjoy it.

>jasper, tamang tama. halos 300 yung sumali sa contest.

Unknown said...

wow andaming morons err morions! hehe. glad to know u enjoyed the trip.

thanks for dropping by at my site. balik ka dude ah! xlink? hehe

GreenPinas said...

this is nice. a festival with a touch of recycling.

Definitely thumbs up from Mother Earth!!!

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Anonymous said...

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Marinduque is not only about the 200 year old Moriones Festival. A lot of secret tourist spots are waiting for adventurers to be explored. The Bella Rocca Island Resort and Spa owners are very lucky to be able to see the unique and hidden beauty of this island. Marinduque is a magical island.Discover and experience this wonderful island especially during Holy Week.


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