Thursday, March 5, 2009

summer comes - manila bay

one of the most anticipated season for travelers and photo enthusiasts is summer. you can expect clearer skies, serene beach waters and beautiful sunset.this year, i'm having a hard time choosing where to go as this season will just be three months. so many islands, so many beaches, so many mountains to explore.i had the chance to drop by Manila bay and the Manila Yacht Club to witness the beautiful sunset, where one does not worry about the lighting. one just have to point and shoot.
so where are you planning to go this summer?my other sunset post:
Boracay "Boracay sunset"
Anilao "Balayan Bay's Sundown"


Giselle said...

palawan? maybe go snorkeling. :) hindi pa kami nkakapunta dun e. any advice on what should we do there if we go?

baboon^albino said...

hai dude...
love the pic u took!!marvelous!! ;)

Anonymous said...

ganda na naman ng PICS. Manila Bay is one of the places na may magandang sunsets talaga :)

Dennis Villegas said...

Wow these are lovely shots of the bay! Beautiful, stunning photos!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Beautiful photos from a lovely place!

Unknown said...

true...summer is too short, too many places waiting for be explored!

these are fantastic shots! parang painting...

Photo Cache said...

kung pwede magrequest sana dun sa lugar na di takaw pansin. you know there are so many places in the philippines where tourists haven't gone yet and you'd be the trailblazer ika nga.

where ever you go, i'm sure i'd go with you from where i sit.

enjoy the summer days.

Anonymous said...

I canot go to places far from ours this summer, it's a very tiring season for me because of work and to think that we are moving to the new house, medyo kukulangin ako sa budget, besides, i have to make ipon for the tuition na naman, hahayyyy... Great pics dom!

gillboard said...

ganda talaga ng manila bay pag hapon... sino ba mag-aakala, na andumi ng tubig dyan?! hehehe

Carver said...

Wow, these are wonderful sunsets. Great shots!

Hilda said...

I don't even know if we can take a vacation — hubby's teaching summer sem :(

As long as you post your photos, I'll still have fun!

Unknown said...

You are very lucky to be able to travel to all these beautiful places!

D.L. Verzosa said...

i always loved sunset,
though it always mean LEAVING....
love your shots....

Nanaybelen said...

maganda talaga ang Manila Bay. kung hindi lang siguro madumi ang tubig baka dadayuhin din parang bora

Theonoski said...

would really love to go to caramoan but it's fully booked na till july (tama ba?). maybe boracay is a good place to visit this summer, and based on your blog you really had a great time there.

Anonymous said...

hi dong!

i've been following your blog through em

summer... no more classes, no more books!

great shots :-)

Sidney said...

The problem with summer is the harsh sun... especially if you have a white skin like me :-(

Hehehe... I go back to Belgium for my summer vacation.

Great sunsets ! I need to capture this one day...

SandyCarlson said...

"Just point and shoot"--you are so modest!

EM said...

nice sunsets DonG!

i am hoping for a beautiful summer ... where i'll be able to smell the flowers and the summer air and feel the sun on my skin... and be with loved ones...

Eben said...

ang husay husay mo talaga! nandyan din ako last december... nipost ko sa blog yung mga pics.

Oman said...

ganda ng mga kuha mo dom. famous talaga yang manila bay sa sunset at sabi nila what makes it different is the presence of smoke and air pollution that accumulates in the area.

saan ako pupunta this summer? saan ba maganda?

Anonymous said...

really nice shots! ganda ng sunset, sana mkakuha din ako ng pic dun! hehe.. ilang mp ba gamit mo dito? hehe.. la kasi akong high-end na camera, 8mp lang ung akin ordinary digicam.. :(

Rio said...

i really love sunset..kahit saang anggulo tignan,sobrang ganda..

hopefully,makabalik ako ng davao and north cotabato this summer.
babalikan ko yung mga tinatawag kong hidden paradise na napuntahan ko dun last summer at sana din maakyat ko na ang mt.apo.

Pietro Brosio said...

What a light in Manila Bay, I'd like to be there.
Wonderful landscapes!

alicesg said...

Very lovely series of photos. Love the beautiful orangy colour sky. Your life is filled with so rich travelling experience and am glad you are sharing with us too. :) Have a nice weekend, Dongho.

Unknown said...

ganda ng manila bay :) i don't know where to go for summer yet. i just came from panglao. ang dami nang tourists! summer is definitely here!

Anonymous said...

bro, yan ang namimiss ko sa pinas yung sundet sa manila bay. nung college pa kami madalas kami ng tropa dun sa likod ng folk arts naghihintay ng sunset. dito naman patapos na summer haays

RedLan said...

I really love summer. Walang ulan, maganda ang sunset at sunrise. gusto ko i-explore ang panay area bago pumunta sa ibang lugar.


Nice feature again Dong! I guess with your talent, you can just go anywhere and you can still capture brilliants fotos.

Traveling Bells said...

Love the pics! We plan to take a moho trip with our daughter and family to South Carolina. There will probably be more trips than just that one:) Check out my blog for today! I am almost ready to post it.

Anonymous said...

nice pix nic...more sunrise pix nxt tym arnd ha? :) for the summer...cguru...i'll wait for u here? hope to c u soon!

Lily said...

very,very beautiful pictures!!!

thanks for your comment. why do you think, i have to resize my blog-headder? You're is just as big. or what is the difference?
Please explain it to be, as I know far too little about IT!
But thanks for your advice and i am really looking foreward to your answer! love, sarah sofia

Joy said...

Those are beautiful sunset shots! Jealous that you can take photos of Manila right now.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Skippyheart said...

ah breathtaking sunset photos--ang ganda!

Have a great weekend dong! TC

Lily said...

dear dong, please check out my living in scandinavia-blog. there is an award waiting for you! ML, sarah sofia

carlotta1924 said...

hayy, summer na. dapat makalabas! sana makapunta ako ng romblon or marinduque or somewhere na hindi pa masyadong tourist-y. sana!! :D

loooooove the sunset pics!

Anonymous said...

again. nice pictures kuya!
summer na naman nga pala dyan, mainit na naman, hehehe.. beach!! :D

escape said...

>hi ellesig, palawan is one big adventure island. you can do almost everything there and anything there. if you love snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving you will enjoy coron. if you love roadtrips while seeing vast nature display, you'll enjoy puerto princessa and the nearby towns. dont miss honda bay, el nido and cuyo group in the future.

>baboon, thanks!

>christian, salamat. isa din sa nagpapaganda sa manila bay or sa roxas boulevard ay ang mga tao na pwede mo ring maging subject in silhouette.

>dennis, thanks.

>phivos, thank you.

>hi luna, thanks! that's true for frequent travelers. and you are one of them.

>hi photo cache, ill go for those places. just keep in touch always. continue bringing us to new places as well.

>hi sheng, not bad since you're giving more time prioritizing what's important. i actually believe there's lot to discover even just around gen san. i might even be cheap.

>gillboard, hehehe...

>carver, thanks!

>hi hilda, just keep those manila street shots coming. good enough for us to see the metro thru your posts.

>luke, simply because it's still cheap to travel around the philippines. you only need to discover the ways.

>hi ailee, maybe living the day but also reminds us to look for another day.

>hi nanaybelen, i think hope is still there.

>theonoski, hehehe... sayang nga yung caramoan. im going to boracay during the second half of the year.

>hi juleste, great! thanks to em. summer will be exciting this year.

>sidney, i remember you sharing that. im featuring you on my new website instead that is hopefully up by end of april. watch out. dont forget to feature the sunset in manila bay in your blog.

>hi sandy, thanks. a photo of manila's sunset is definitely just like that.

>hi em, thanks. i suggests that you prepare ahead for the summer there. where to go, what to see.

>eben, hahanapin ko yung mga kuha mo. salamat.

>oman, hahaha... ganun ba? hindi ko alam yun ah. punta tayo sa beach. update kita sa mga napagplanuhan kong puntahan.

>hi lizelement, im also using a point and shoot camera. it has a 7.2mp capability but i only use 1mp because the mega pixel doesnt completely define the quality of your photos. a 7.2mp and 1mp photo when posted or printed as 4R size wont have a significant difference.

>hi doc, ayos yan. target ko rin na pumunta ng davao this summer. baka magkasabay pa tayo nyan.

abangan namin yan pag natuloy ka.

>pietro, you're welcome here.

>hi alicesg, simply because it's still cheap to travel within the philippines. you should come here again.

>hi mitz, i recommend you to go to siargao or gensan. you might also want to try the beaches of palawan.

>madbong, dami kang dalang memories itong sunset sa manila bay. dito magsisimula pa lang ang summer kaya dadami pa ang ba byahe.

>redlan, ayos yan. sana ma-feature mo ang nogas island.

>jasper, thanks. i hope i get a more decent camera soon.

>hi sandy, wow! that's exciting. ill definitely be dropping by your blog for that.

>hi chite, thanks! from the situation happening there, i might actually change plans this summer.

>hi sarah, thanks! the photo in your header exceeds the background size. you can see the background layout at the back of the header and you'll notice that the photo there exceeds on the right side.

i saw the award that you gave me! i really appreciate that. thank you very much!

>hi joy, as much as you want to capture manila i also envy you taking shots of sunset there in your area. keep posting.

>rebecca, thanks a lot! you too have a great weekend.

>hi carlotta, im scheduled to be in marinduque this year. good choice! romblon is also a nice place to relax.

>hi karmi, yes. mainit na at pwedeng pwede na pumunta sa beach dahil walang bagyo.


Tanchi said...

good day response to your cbox message:

medyo di pa ako marunong sa web designing. im still learning about flash, and dreamweaver. hopefully, makatutorial ako nito.:))


Anonymous said...

i love those shots.

Manila Bay Sunset is really wonderful to watch but of course minus the smelly seas.

Please also check,

~~m$. DoNNA~~ said...

hello!!! napadaan lang po!!!

Sendo said...

nice photos especially the last one !

Heart of Rachel said...

Beautiful sunset shots.

I'm not yet sure where to go this summer but I'm looking forward to this wonderful season.

Visual Velocity said...

No matter what they say re: Manila Bay, they still can't take away the fact that it has one of the most stunning sunset/sunrise this planet has ever seen.

Nice shots by the way.

Anonymous said...

in manila, perhaps. be looking for a new job there. hehe. tsk.

nice pics kuya dong.

Raft3r said...

dito ang opisina ko
sakto uwian, sunset
the best ang manila bay dyan
it rocks

happy weekend, dong!

Unknown said...

Beautiful twilight and sunsets! My favourite part of the day.

Tink *~*~* said...

Beautiful skies over the bay - love the peach, pink, blue, golden clouds.

Tink *~*~*
NOW PLAYING at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* :
Frog metamorphosis at Disney

Anonymous said...

cebu! ;)
that is where my summer will start and that will be tomorrow! yay! ;)

atticus said...

great pictures. ganda talaga ng manila bay sunset.

Giselle said...

hi! thankyou! for adding me on your blogroll!

im reading about coron now! im so excited! we should fly right?

you should have a question and answer portion on your page for people like me! (makukulit) haha!

escape said...

>tanchi, thanks! ill take note of that.

>greenpinas, didnt notice that anymore. maybe it's cleaner now that the food shops and bars were already removed from that area.

>hi ms donna, salamat!

>sendzki, thanks!

>hi rachel, im sure there's a lot to choose. enjoy!

>hi andy, true! people can simply sit down and be awed by its beauty.

>anonymous, thanks!

>raft3r, ayos. tamang tama nga.

>jm, definitely one of the best part of a day.

>tink, yes it is!

>hi vanny, ayos doon. i recommend the islands of camotes, bantayan, olango, and malapascua plus the beutiful kawasan falls. good choice!

>hi ellesig, you're welcome. you can always ask questions. just post it on the comments section. it is my pleasure to be of help.

darkhorse said...

super ganda naman ng mga litrato mo! tlgang pam-malakasan! wla akong msabi - thumbs up!...saveasa ko yun isang pic mo kung pede yun may boat...bka e-apint ko minsan ganda Dong!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hang out in one of those yachts ! very nice sunset shots ! The Manila bay is always a great place for such :)

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

Hi, dong ho!
Nice set of Manila Bay photos you got here. I passed by here this few weeks that I'd been very busy at work kaso there's not much time to drop to wait for those gorgeous sunsets (sunsets at Manila Bay varies everyday). I don't usually bring my SLR with me so phonecam na lang sana to capture the scenes kaso lang nanakaw din cellphone ko. I'd like to meet you in person someday. Sana we could have meet in Baywalk na lang. I felt envious you have a lot of choices to go for your summer destination. Sana ako rin. Iyong trabaho kasi, abala talaga sa travel photography :(
Good luck. I hope I can cope with your travel posts and photos in the midst of my busy schedules...

Anonymous said...

The Manila Bay sunset is really gorgeous, isn't it? I'd go there again one day. I'm afraid my summer is going to be as boring as always. I have no plans at all.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots of the famed Manila Sunset and of the marina. How I miss both sights.

Unknown said...

I'm a sunset freak too... I love these series of shots. Just dropping by. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Shot Idol

You are amazing


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