Monday, January 19, 2009

nestled by mountains - dingalan aurora

after ascending the new highway on the boundary of the province of Nueva Ecija and Aurora, we reached the area where we were exhilirated by the lush green mountain range of the Sierra Madre.we made a stopover to capture the grass-covered hills which extends down to the small town of Dingalan. the view was beautiful that made me think that setting up a welcome arc to this town would be insignificant.but despite this view, one cannot forget that this town faced a great challenge. it was in 2004 when two typhoons hit this side of the country and killed many locals. the main cause was the rampant illegal logging during those times.but the way we see it, the town has already recovered from the tragedy. most of the mountainous part, where the actual ladslide took place, were already covered with trees.this town may not be that popular yet, but it is the home to one of the few paragliding site in the Philippines. take time to watch this video from bukopie on the paragliding test flight on the hills of Dingalan. check out more beautiful mountain and seascape from Lawstude's tandem post of this here.

[what you shouldn't miss there]>>> the view site overlooking the town and the Pacific Ocean.
[why i should go back] >>> to trek the hills of the paragliding area. no one knows, i might even have the chance to paraglide.

trip rate:
roadtrip: 4.0
roadquality: 4.0
mountain view: 4.0


The Scud said...

ayos ang pics ah. you should invite me to one of your future trips. hehe.

tagal ko na di nakakapag out-of-town getaway. :-(

Allen Yuarata said...

itsura pa lang, parang napakalamig na. ano pa kaya kapag andun na...

naramdaman ko na naman ang atmosphere nung lugar through your images. Excellent!

Reena said...

i'll post the same comment i made on have this insane talent for turning the most mundane view to something spectacular. this goes to all your backpacking friends!!! :)

you went to a retreat pala. spiritual retreat ba yun? i recommend you attend opus dei sponsored retreats. if you're catholic ha. :) nice yun, very solemn, and traditional. :)

Abou said...

swerte at maraming bukirin sa ating bansa. sana mapangalagaan natin ang mga ito.

cyndirellaz said...

astig ka pa din kuya dong! la kang kakupas kupas! ganda ng mga pics at ayos talaga ang mga places na pinupuntahan mo! ^^ ano naman kaya ang sunod?

gillboard said...

nice mountains. kung snowcapped lang yang mga yan, perfect na siguro. oh well...

Anonymous said...

Wow!! i am always fond of nature ..i am truly love this..just amazing!!!
wow!! beautiful

Unknown said...

namimis ko ang province namin sa mga pics nakuha mo... grabe 2 typhoons pala un...

darkhorse said...

kaka-inspired yun mga views! ganda naman lalo na yun overlooking sa dagat o lake? tapos may mga bahay...more pics!

Anonymous said...

parang middle earth. =p maganda maganda =p

Oman said...

great shots dom. sarp talaga balik-balikan ang lugar lalo na ngayon kasi sobra tyak ang ginaw doon kasi kahit dito sa lowland eh maginaw na.

update mo ko ng plano nyo to go back here in feb.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. I'm glad to know that this place is recovering from the typhoons from a few years ago. The Sierra Madre range is a rather long one. I spent my childhood years in a town in Rizal and the school I went to was in one of the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains.

alicesg said...

Very beautiful place. Lots of greenery here. If I will to stay there for a long time, my eyes would be very healthy no need What I see here in my country are not mountain but mostly concrete jungle very bad for the eyesight.

Photo Cache said...

I really enjoy the lush greenery. It's a good trip, I like it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Puro green at ang daming bundok! :) Naalala ko yung sa LOTR, parang place ng mga hobbits. :D

Kamusta ka na Kuya Dong? Kamusta ang weekend retreat mo?

Anonymous said...

I LAB AURORA! DA BEST TALAGA!!!! Dun kasi kami nag field work last year!

Dennis Villegas said...

Ang ganda talaga ng Aurora! I went there only once, in Baler, but it always amazes me. Thanks for these beautiful shots..brought back a lot of memories

Anonymous said...

Hi Dongho!

[this is for your cancer post but it's closed for comments]

It's my 1st time here. I am also IFM’s friend.
Just want to share my contribution.

In my post, I added your link on the list of those who have already joined the ‘caravan’.

Babalik ako ulit dito to read your blogs.

You are also welcome in my “siopawan”. God bless!

Rio referred me to your blog.

Anonymous said...

The future para-gliding site ? That's awesome. The place looks perfect coz there aren't too many trees ! Nice shots bro :)

Anonymous said...

That place would be awesome for para-gliding and hang-gliding inthusiasts. Wala na bang taong-labas dyan?

arvin said...

kelangan talaga ng development para mapakita sa lahat ang ganda ng mga lugar dito sa pinas:) 'di lang para sa mga taga-ibang bansa pero lalo na sa ating mga pilipino rin

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful mountain range, surely a nice place to relax and the greenery must be really good for our eye-sight! HaHa! Blog too much...

Thanks for your help, I will email you once I start to plan for my next trip. Chinese new year is coming next Monday, I am going to Malaysia again this Sat to visit relatives!

Nanaybelen said...

yun ba ang kinalbo? Hindi naman nakapagtataka kasi grass na ang nakatubo at puno dapat.
Sobrang ganda parin . grabe. namangha ako sa matayog na mountain. may tao kaya doon?

punky said...

ang sarap naman mag mountain biking dyan!

Anonymous said...

Lovely View! anyway, is there any theme park in Philippine?

Anonymous said...

dong, grabe, ang gaganda ng mga places na pinupuntahan ninyo, i had the chance to go along with hubby together with his photographer friend din, we drove at 2 am to catch sunrise in a place 3 hours drive from where we are, it was sulit din, but i was too sleepy to enjoy the view in the wee mornings. will post about it soon.

Joe Narvaez said...

Berdeng berde. Ang ganda! Mukhang masarap puntahan.

Unknown said...

>scud, hahaha... see you on february.

>allen, hindi naman masyadong malamig doon nung nandun kami. pero hindi ko alam ngayon.

ganda din lang talaga ng lugar.

>hi reena, thanks! no problem. yes i attended a retreat in antipolo. i actually have a friend who used to attend opus dei, she said it's nice. ill try it one time.

>abou, oo nga. kakalungkot pag may nalalaman akong sumisira sa bundok at kung minsan ka kontyaba pa ang mga local officials. wag naman sanang ganun.

>hi cyndirellaz, salamat. yung susunod dingalan pa rin. more of luzon in the coming days.

>gillboard, oo nga. ganda talaga ng pinas.

>rajesh, thanks a lot friend.

>hi mimi, yes dalawang typhoons kaya talagang nasira yung malaking part ng dingalan. kakalungkot isipin pero ngayon ok na ulit yung lugar. ganda ng probinsyang ito.

>darkhorse, overlooking pacific ocean na pag nasa tuktok ka ng dingalan kaya maganda talaga.

>pao, hehehe... parang sa hobbit village.

>oman, oo nga. kaya memorable talaga ang byaheng yon. salamat salamat talaga sa paghost sa amin.

finalize pa namin kung either cavite or cabanatuan ang outing namin. update lang kita.

panaderos, true! sierra madre extends to rizal that's why it's really impressive. even those parts in rizal are really beautiful because i've seen it from the plane.

>hi alicesg, it's all green around you when you're there. im sure you'll find it exciting to see it upclose. your country has its own beauty that we too appreciate.

>photo cache, thanks to the people of dingalan for at least preserving this area. i hope that there will be no more illegal logging in our country.

>hi mel, parang ganun nga doon. ok naman ang retreat it was fruitful.

>earvin, naalala ko nga yung post mo doon. kaya sana makapunta din kami ng baler.

>dennis, try mo rin puntahan ang dingalan. you'll enjoy fresh fish delicacies there.

>revsiopao, thanks! ok ill add you in my blogroll.

>bw, yes. it's good that somebody has finally discovered this site as a paragliding jump off.

>blogusvox, oo nga kaya sisikat din talaga ang dingalan pag dumami ang mga enthusiast sa sport na yon. parang wala naman.

>arvin, i agree. in fact nakakatuwa nga kasi dami na ring mga pinoy ang bumabyahe at umiikot sa bansa natin. sana nga lang madevelop yung mga magagandang site.

>hi eunice, that's true. we're looking forward to your visit. enjoy your trip to your hometown.

>hi nanay belen, hindi ako sigurado kung may mga tao doon pero ang taas na nung part na yon kaya malamang wala. or kung meron man konti lang talaga.

>punky, sinabi mo. ganda nga doon magbike. maganda na rin kasi talaga ang daan. nga pala nabago pangalan mo ah.

>victor, yes. we do have a theme park. you can check out enchanted kingdom philippines.

>hi sheng, salamat! maganda talagang habulin ang sunrise. yon nga lang talagang aantukin kayo after. saan kayo pumunta?

>joe, masarap talagang puntahan ang dingalan. konti pa lang kasi ang tao at ang ganda ng view.

asTIEGE [n.] - az-tidge said...

sarap naman nyan. sama naman ako minsan!!! :)

Eds said...

nice place! nice pictures! grabe walang kupas.

saan kaya sunod na trip nyo? pwede bang sumama? hehehe

SandyCarlson said...

Truly this is paradise. The lush greens are astoundng.

~~m$. DoNNA~~ said...

pwede bang mag request ng chatbox dito?? hehehehe...
makialam ba ako?? wahahahahaha!

my gulch said...

parang gusto ko bigla kumanta ng the "Sound of Music" ah...ganda ng bundok kase puno ng lush vegetation.

mag-digress lang ako. Dom, baka gusto mo sumama sa Pulag Charity Climb ni Gideon ng meron pa ata silang 7 slots na available. i remember you told me your interest in mountain climbing. will be joining the hike. ;-)

Joshua said...

wow ayos ang mga travels natin aaah!

Unknown said...

whew! that was some flight! i'd like to try that thing one of these days.:D amazing photos, dong. love the green, rolling hills. good to know nakakabangon na ang mga locals pagkatapo ng mga sakuna sa lugar nila. sana sila na mismo ang mag-report ng illegal loggers para di na maulit ang landslide.

thank you din sa chikahan last week.:D


parang location nung mga fairy tales, ganda kasi.... Akala ko nga may foto ni Eragon sa huli.

MysLykeMeeh said...

Hey Dong,

I hope no more typhoonss---! well?? I couldn't say that, could I?

Anywayzz, loved the pictures---sooo nature like, i can feel the fresh air on my skin-- !

Hilda said...

There is just too much illegal logging still going on in the Sierra Madre and elsewhere!!! Last week, sa CDO naman! Annual landslides and other disasters will never stop until our government shows some steel. Which it hasn't yet >:(

Lalaine said...

ganda... kaso nakita ko... may mga brown na yung hills... sana naman hindi yun magtuloy tuloy... pero ganda talaga... da bes! =)

Borneo Falcon said...

The foliage sure soothe the eyes. Good to see this place had recovered from the disaster few years ago.

atticus said...

kainis. kainggit. ang dami mo nang napuntahan, enero pa lang.

Carver said...

What a beautiful place. I am so glad the town has recovered from its tragedy.

Pietro Brosio said...

Great shots of these very green mountains and hills. I really enjoyed them.

Joy said...

This looks like a trip best undertaken by the physically fit! Not sure I'd survive :D

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Unknown said...

Amazing how the mountains have recovered from the 2004 typhoon! Beautiful!

Nyl said...

i feel real serenity when i'm in one with nature. thanks for sharing the awesome views!i can only wish i can travel to see more of God's wonder.

pusangkalye said...

ayun---namiss ko dito s blog u DOm at namiss ko rin ang Aurora----dyan mismo---kahit mabato yung beach, sarap na sarap akong nagswimming dyan way back. diko na matandaan date pero sariwa pa ang calamity na nangyari nun. me mga bakas pa ng malalaking puno ng kahoy na nahanod ng baha---yung mga malalaking bato at mga panut na parte ng mga bundok---but beautiful and quiet talaga yang lugar na yan~~~

Skippyheart said...

lalo tuloy guma-ganda ang mga lugar dahil sa ganda ng photography mo! ;)

Anonymous said...

it's good that mother sun's rays are not sooo violent ...the colors are in their best condition.

^ ^

Unknown said...

>tiege, sige invite ka namin one time. inisa isa ko lang yung invitation.

>hi blue rose, next trip is nagcarlan laguna tapos yung mt pinatubo. aakyatin namin ulit.

>hi sandy, it was but it's at least recovering. hopefully the illegal logging will end.

>hi ms donna, sige pag iisipan ko yan.

>hi rayts, astig yan. kaya lang nacheck ko na yung date may lakad na rin ako that time. kaya abangan ko na lang yung mga susunod at least nakita ko na yung site na yon. salamat! mapapakanta ka nga talaga dun.

>joshua, salamat!

>hi luna, salamat! saya nga mag paraglide trip ko rin kasi yon. kaya mag inquire na rin tayo.

sana nga sila na rin ang mga tutulong at sana din susuportahan ito ng kanilang lokal na gobyerno para hindi na maulit.

salamat din sa kwentuhan.

>jasper, hahaha... sa totoo lang meron nga kaya lang hindi ko na lang pinost. baka kasi sasabihin nila computer graphics lang.

>hi myslykemeeh, hehehe... sana nga predictable ang panahon. salamat! sana makapunta ka din dun.

>hi hilda, i agree. dami dami pa talaga kaya nakakainis ding isipin na ang dami na ngang nagyaring kalamidad pero hindi pa rin natututo. iba talaga pag pera na lang ang nasa isip ng mga tao.

>hi lalaine, oo nga. sana talaga hindi na maulit.

>borneo, yes it has recovered yet we still hope that the illegal logging will end in this area as there are still rumors that it continuously happens. just rumors though.

>hi atticus, last year pa naman tong byaheng ito. this year konti pa lang.

>hi carver, yes it is still recovering. hopefully it will regain its beauty in the coming years.

>pietro, thanks!

>hi joy, it will definitely require that. but you can visit the place just by driving. road is already good in that area.

>jm, that's true. though some areas are still recovering but seeing it this time, there's a big improvement already.

>hi nyl, that's true. we all owe this to Him. davao has one of the best places to commune with nature.

>pusang gala, tama ka dyan. pebble beach ang coastlines ng dingalan. nakapunta ka na pala doon. ganda talagang magpahinga sa dingalan kasi ang ganda ng view.

>hi rebecca, salamat. kahit yata anong angle maganda talaga ang kalabasan.

>antoine, it actually rained when we arrived at the town but the rain didnt last long. lucky at least to have enjoyed the place in a gloomy mood.

Helena de Tróia said...

impressivelly green!

Lantaw said...

Ganda talaga ng mountains ng Aurora! Sana matuloy na yung project natin dito :)

Anonymous said...

i like your header kuya! asteg!

Unknown said...

You guy are PRO..look at the photo so life & beautiful.
Keep it up & well done.

Heart of Rachel said...

It's wonderful to see lush green everywhere. I'm glad that the place has recovered after that tragic experience in 2004.

tr3nta said...

As always the place u visit are awesome... happy 2009

Raft3r said...

ganda ng lugar na ito, ha
sarap mag muni-muni dito

Chubskulit Rose said...

The mountain is still a beauty despite of the fact tht it lacks big trees..

Anonymous said...

i love that view whre you see the ocean from uphill

Anonymous said...

sarap naman ng tanawin sa bukirin..

Anonymous said...

nakaka-excite naman mag-paraglide jan.. nice vid..
great photos! love the green meadows. green meadows and meaning ng real name ko kaya i so love nature..

never been to Aurora, bit I sure hope i can come by and visit..thanks for a one great post.
looking forward to your future trips pa..
take care and God bless!

Anonymous said...

wow, ang ganda ng view! sayang nga lang at medyo di nakisama ang weather. pero parang malamig, bosing. tama po ba?

i added you na po sa blogroll ko as "eskapo 2.0" dahil mapapadalas ako dito. hehe...
God bless po!

fortuitous faery said...

any place overlooking the ocean is worth a visit! and paragliding? sounds fun!

by the way, it's a possibility to have a photo shoot with miss iggy, but i have to ask one of her correspondents in manila if they're willing! :)

Mac Callister said...

nice place for a get away in the weekend

Theonoski said...

at least nakarecover na yung place from the landslides.ganda ng view, sarap magpahinga =D.

Unknown said...

I would love to go paragliding!
Fine group of shots!

Unknown said...

>hi helena, it definitely is.

>allan, oo nga. pwede pa rin naman natin ituloy kahit for the sake of doing it lang. magandang take off yan.

>hi josh, thanks a lot!

>uncleawang, thanks! i believe it's way too far yet. hehehe... but i really appreciate your words.

>hi rachel, running on top of those hills is a perfect activity.

>tr3nta, thanks a lot. it's good to know that you're back. happy 2009!

>raft3r, pwedeng pwede nga dun yon.

>chubskulit, what more if it will regain all those trees again.

>joops, ganda talaga.

>hi misty, true!

>dylan, galing ah. yon pala meaning name mo. oo sana makapunta ka sa dingalan. siguradong hindi ito bibigo sa yo.

salamat sa pagabang sa mga byahe.

>utoy, salamat! hindi naman ganun kalamig nung time na yon pero ngayon malamang malamig doon.

salamat sa pagsama sa akin sa blogroll mo.

>hi faery, that's true. mountain scape and seascape combined shows great wonders!

that would be great! just inform me how and when.

>mac, that's true. it's a really nice place to relax and simply enjoy the view.

thanks for dropping by.

>theo, makakabyahe din tayo dyan one time.

>luke, that'll be great here. you're welcome to visit the philippines.


dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

Beautiful photos - the best! Excellent narrative...


Hi Dong! I'm back. Read your posts for me to be updated again. Grabe, super inggit ako. Dami dami mo napuntahan. I hope i have the luxury of time tlga para malibot ko buong pinas tulad mo. Anyway, nice to be updated again Dong. Keep up this masterpiece of yours.

RedLan said...

napaka green ng lugar. virgin na virgin

carlotta1924 said...

grabe, super majestic ng mga bundok! ganda ng mga kuha mo ah! =)

ALiNe said...

Parang super fresh ng air nun nakita ko yung pix... as usual nice set :)

gie said...

ganda tlaga ng home town ko..sarap tlaga jan noh...namimis ko jan madalas grabee....hehehehehe


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