Saturday, January 3, 2009

first anniversary contest

as part of the one year anniversary of this blog, i'll also be giving a copy of their first anniversary issue of Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia. this is their biggest issue which means you can have loads and loads of travel tips from Philippines to Singapore.

in this issue, it featured the many party places in Asia, a list of five travel essays from five top authors, the thrilling and magnificent island of Siargao of the Philippines, the booming town of Saigon and 12 cool ideas how Asia celebrates the new year.
how can you get this? simple. just share in the comment section here, your most memorable trip and tell what made it special. just that? yes! (we will evaluate based on how unique it was, the place won't matter much. it's in the experience).

one of you will win this copy of Travel+Leisure special issue and another three will be chosen to receive National Geographic's special issue on China (May 2008). the whole issue featured the different aspects of this country. what makes it special? you'll get to see the many perspective of the China's culture and the people. plus a detailed geographical map comes along with it. but what i liked most in this issue is its detailed map and interior of the Forbidden City of China. it's my favorite issue of all the issues last yearthis is just a way to thank you for taking sidetrips in this blog. deadline will be on January 5 11:59pm and winners will be announced on January 7, 2009. the magazines will be sent to you thru mail.


Bengbeng said...

i might try for this. but i am not one who is good with words. i will try to write something and if i cant write something, then I just give up :)

Eki said...

Dong Ho,
A big congratulations on your blog's first anniversary.

You have a great blog that I enjoy reading. It's good that you share your passion for traveling and your beautiful country with us.

Here is to many more years of blogging to you!

alicesg said...

Nice of you to organize the contest. Congratulations on being one.

Nyl said...

congratulations on your blog!you did great..keep it up!

i can only wish i can join the contest but not really used to joining competition so i guess i just have to wait for the lucky one!:)

Happy New Year dong!God bless!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Congratulations and all the best for the future. Happy travelling and photographing!!

cyndirellaz said...

my most memorable experience is when I fist visited Hong Kong. Nakakatuwa kasi first time kong mag travel alone and I was just, like 17 years old, yup a minor. At pag dating ko, I was surprised kasi di ako makapaniwala na nandito na nga ako, ang daming lights, walang madilim na part at parang palagi siyang alive. Very different sa little town ng cavite na pinanggalingan ko. Well, narandaman ko ang great welcome kasi kinabukasan, binigyan ako ng madaming red envelope na may pera sa loob. Nakapunta ako sa disneyland at talagang mae- experience mo na babata ka ulit. Kasama ka ang parents at lil bro ko. I have visited ocean park, the peak, have watched the symphony of lights na talagang nakakabilib because building produces dancing lights.

Conclusion: my visit here in Hong Kong is my first and I have realized my one dream, ang libutin pa ang mundo. I wanted to see more na obviously di ko makikita if I'm going to stay in one little town.
It's my first trip and I just learned something valuable, I realized I wanted to travel all along!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first blog anniversary Dong! :)

One of my most memorable trips was when I went to Europe more than a decade ago when I was 23. It was a 3-week tour with a group of people between 21 and 35 from countries like Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand, etc.. I was the one of the few traveling alone. The memorable thing about it was that after the trip, I wrote a travelogue about it... then bam! I enjoyed writing about that trip so much that realized that I wanted to be a writer.

.::. Vanny .:. said...

may gusto sana akong icomment kaso parang nawala lahat pagkakita ko sa "china.."

nalungkot na tuloy ako. :(

bati na lang ako happy new year kuya dong. :D

escape said...

>bengbeng, the grammar won't matter. just share your experience.

>hi eki, thank you very much! im sure you too enjoy blogging as much as i do.

>hi alicesg, thanks! just a simple way to thank the readers.

>hi nyl, thank you! your simple words like this definitely makes me enjoy doing it.

>phivos, thank you!

>hi cyndi, thanks for sharing your travel experience. when you travel a place for the first time is usually the most exciting. and doing it alone definitely is the most challenging.

>hi toe, wow! what a great experience to have such a realization on that trip. truly memorable! thanks for participating and i actually miss your posts.

>hi vanny, so sorry for that. no bad intentions. get well soon.

Joy said...

Very interesting! I wish I had time to participate but I should be hitting the sack as I have a morning flight back to the UK tomorrow. The Philippines is still the best place to travel to - and this December trip has been the best so far because each day was filled with love and laughters, spent with my family.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Happy 2009!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Anonymous said...

congrats na tuyu 1st bday! my most memorable travel yet to come...ehehehe...but i enjoyed my malapascua trip during my internship. it was a short land trip lang from cebu north terminal to maya, then 15mins or so bangka ride from maya to malapascua, the weird part of it lang was that we travelled around 6pm na, so we arrived in maya around 10pm, we had to wait for some friends pa, so we took the bangka for malapascua past 11pm! ehehehe, with the not so good weather and all (lightning at sea with the darkness of the night...kinda exhilarating!). anyways, malapascua, way back then(or until now ba?) only have their electricity from 5pm to 11pm...wehehehe...and since we weren't staying in one of their resorts, we ate our dinner with lamps lang and the moonlight :)

hope to see you!

Kosa said...

pasali, pasali....
sige pagiisipan ko pa kung anung ikokomneto ko dito para manalo...

fortuitous faery said...

dong, happy blogoversary from me and miss igorota!

is the contest open to readers outside the philippines?

Bengbeng said...

My most recent memorable holiday was a weekend photographic trip with Victor. Here I was a middle-aged man going to be picked up by a man half my age and we were going to the middle of nowhere brought together only by our love for photography :)

We decided to drive wherever our fancy took us. Being guys in charge of a vehicle and reluctant to ask for directions trying to act macho ;) we got hopelessly lost and ended up in Julau a small cowboy sort of town.

We parked our car in front of a church. Parking coupons were a foreign concept here. I asked a passer by about parking coupons and he looked at me as if I were a blabbering idiot :) "Parking is free," he said.

I didn’t see a single traffic light in the whole town.

Being a Sunday morning, the town was busy. Everything was very colorful. One shop was gaily decorated with hanging plastic containers meant to feed chickens with water.

While young Victor was busy shopping, I looked at him and knew I had the responsibility to take care of him until at least we reached Sibu town safely. To his credit, I must say he was very considerate and polite all the way.

We decided to have breakfast. As luck would have it, it was a vegetarian shop. However it was well patronized by the town folks.

I looked in amazement at a magic bottle being passed from table to table almost all the time. Could it be some kind of alcoholic beverage?

When it reached our table, Victor and I laughed. It was a bottle of chilli sauce. Every body was sharing the same bottle of chilli sauce.

I learned a lot from Victor about taking pics. We took pics at every opportunity including pics of wildlife, market scenes, and the local scenery.

Overall, I would say it was the most memorable weekend holiday I ever had with a 'blind date' and by the time it was over, I had a new friend :)

Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your blog's first anniversary.Yes !!!well done for the great work.

Grace said...

Hi Dong, after I read post of those who travel, I realized, addictive pala ang travelling no? Can be an expensive habit, pero rewarding naman, lalo na pag nai-share mo, ang daming maiingit. (I'm one of them. :)

Unknown said...

My trip to the grand canyon was very special to me because I got to enjoy it with my grandparents.

gillboard said...

Good luck sayong contest... iniisip ko kung sasali ba ako.. Meron akong memorable trip sa NZ. Hehehe

D.L. Verzosa said...

nice header! thanks for leaving a comment... and by the way, my neighbors also liked the leche flan i have made... hehehe:D and i think it is really the best dessert and leche flan i've tasted....

congratulations about ur first year anniversary!!! it's my 1 year and 7 months here in Blogger... hehe:D

SandyCarlson said...

Haven't had any travels lately, my friend. Congratulations on your anniversary. Thanks for sharing your great imgages and adventures this past year. God bless.

RedLan said...

Wow this is a great idea!


I love to read memorable experiences here.

I have written my memorable experience when I first visit to Bora. it's in my bora photo album and it is written in hiligaynon.

Pietro Brosio said...

I haven't had any trip recently.
I wish you to keep on with your nice travels, sharing your very interesting photos with us. :-)

Nanaybelen said...

Happy Anniversary Dong. Wish you all the best.

Lo Kelween said...

my memorable trip? might take a lot of space in your comment space if I want to copy and paste all my three-part posts of my Pxnang trip here, lol :)


awww... im late....

but just in case, my fave travel was to Dolalee land. In there you can have painkillers for breakfast, papers for lunch and Im allowed to vomit them all at evening time. and for midnite snacks I had a couple of Valium. lol!!!

seriously, Happy blogsarry to you!

escape said...

>hi joy, i didnt know you were here. we should have met. enjoy your way back to the UK. yes. definitely there's no place like home.

>hi chit, thanks! it's great to see you posting here. that experience is indeed memorable having to know malapascua as a dive haven. hoping to meet you on may or june.

>kosa, oo sali ka. aabangan namin yan.

>hi faery&ms iggy, thank you very much! yes it is open to all. i'd be glad to read your most memorable travel experience. ms iggy might as well share her experience. hehehe...

>bengbeng, sounds really great! that's the treasure of traveling. gaining friends. thank you for the participation.

>uncle awang, thank you very much!

>hi grace, yes it is addicting. specially in a country like the philippines. just imagine the many beautiful islands that we have.

what's good is traveling around the country is still cheap here if you just really know how and when to travel.

>luke, that's the special thing there. it's not just the beautiful view that you get to appreciate but the fact that you are with special people makes a trip very special. thanks for participating.

>gillboard, sali ka na. im sure it's worth sharing here. ill look forward to your story.

>hi ailee, that's great! leche flan is a personal favorite. i actually wonder if somebody really doesnt like it. hehehe... thanks too for the visit.

so we'll be seeing you celebrating your second year soon.

>hi sandy, thank you. thank you.

>redlan, share mo na dito. shorten mo na lang.

>pietro, thanks! i really appreciate your visits.

>nanaybelen, thank you po!

>eel wind, it would be great if you can shorten it. hehehe... ill try to search for that in your blog.

>jasper, hahaha... as always. thanks for participating.

MysLykeMeeh said...

Happy Birthday....!!

I can't avail it right? It's only available in Asia? could expand ya know???

Including NA---

Anonymous said...

Ei! A contest! Ayus to.

Tawi-tawi is the most memorable recently not only because it broke some myths and misconceptions about the place, but also having met some wonderful people which made the place really worthwhile

Happy new year Dom!

Anonymous said...

wow, happy blogoversary dong! may pa contest ka pa, ang ganda pa naman ng prizes :) parang gusto ko sumali. hehehhe... have a wonderful year ahead :)

Jaki Gabayno said...

Hmm...I'll give this a try.

I have had so many memorable trips around the philippines, but the most recent would be here in the Kansai area during the New Year holiday.

Getting around is no small feat, especially for someone who does not read nor speak Japanese. But I did managed to get around. Quite exciting really, traveling alone during winter and without a definite itinerary. My only plan was to go to a train station, choose a destination, and then hop-on.

So by the end of five days, I was able to see beautiful, culturally rich, and historic places in Kobe, Nara, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Oh, and the truly fun part was realizing that by simply being on the road, not hurrying on your intended destination nor having very high expectations, sometimes lead to serendipitous discoveries.

Happy New Year!

Twin said...

Congrats on your feat...happy anniversary!

Amorgatory said...

waaah wow super coolness to ,hmmm dami kowng nang mga exp perow ill try to think of the most morbid hahah, try kow try kow sumali pare..wakkaka..

Anonymous said...

I'm always late sa pagco-comment... hehehe


you've given us so much travel tips already and beautiful pics. Sana magpatuloy ka pa!!!!

di naman ako masyadong traveller. nagsisimula pa lang :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations ulit! Very nice first anniversary contest! :)

Reena said...

happy anniv.! (1st anniversary traditional gift is paper - how fitting!)

i once joined an online contest by SEAIR with the same concept. We just have to explain why we would want to go to Batanes, etc. and the winner gets to fly to Batanes for two for free. Syempre, i mentioned SEAIR for pogi points.
The winner was announced a few days after. I reread my entry and found out i misspelled SEAIR as SEAAIR! Hay...there goes my dream destination.

i'm traumatized with online contests. Haha.

Unknown said...

hey, congratulations on your 1st anniversary! wishing you more adventures in 2009!

One of my unforgettable travel experiences was a trip to Banaue a few years ago. I just returned from a China trip where I walked endless exhibit halls. All I wanted was a nice, cool place to unwind and rest for the long weekend. Baguio was the first choice but when I thought of the crowd, I opted to go to Banaue. It was a holiday and my friend and I took a night trip from Manila. At 5 am, we were waiting for a bus at a deserted highway in Nueva Vizcaya to take us to Banaue. We finally hitched a ride in a private jeepney around 7 am but only up to a certain crossing. From there, the only way to reach Banaue was to hire a tricycle. Riding a tricycle for more than an hour through an almost deserted road with mountains and cliffs was not a very comfortable experience, especially when a man in camouflage pants asked us if he could ride with us to Banaue. I got paranoid and I knew my friend was also nervous. I was thinking of NPA’s, ambush, kidnapping, and all sorts of morbid things.

I almost kissed the ground when we got to Banaue. At the hotel the next day, the manager suggested that we visit the famous Batad rice terraces. A tricycle would take us to a crossing, the driver would wait for us…it’s just an hour walk from the crossing, the manager assured us. I envisioned a breezy walk overlooking the rice terraces; we’d take photos and go back to the hotel. It turned out to be a 3-hour walk! The rugged scenery was fantastic, the forest enchanting, but without a map, no signal, no guide, we only followed foot paths, mountain trails and directions from people we bumped into. My friend started to cry silently, and I started to sing loudly to distract myself from being afraid. Going back was not an option so I encouraged my friend to go on.

We finally reached Batad and I declared that the 3-hour trek was well worth it! I was amazed at the engineering skill and ingenuity of Ifugaos who carved the 2000 year old rice terraces. Their way of life is astounding in this day and age---there was no electricity, no signal. I entered an Ifugao hut which was built without a single nail or metal to join its parts. An old Ifugao man we addressed as “Apo” told me that GMA was the only president who visited them. We were served pizza with Century tuna topping for lunch. For about an hour, we walked back with 4 high school students who were going back to their boarding houses in town. They used to walk a total of 6 hours to and from school everyday. I admire their tenacity and perseverance…

Going back to the crossing was also a challenge…it was dark and our only source of light was our cel phones. My friend was afraid of walking on snakes or any wild animal in the dark. I assured her that the wild animals are more afraid of humans but truth be told, I was more afraid of falling into an unseen ravine. I started to pray like I never prayed for a long time. Then a group of hikers called on us. We had more than an hour headway but because we were slow, they were able to catch up on us. It was a great relief that our companions were familiar of the trails. They teased us of our stupidity of hiking on our own without a flashlight and without a guide. A few kilometers from the crossing, we bumped into our tricycle driver who got worried and decided to fetch us---it was almost 9pm!

The blisters on my feet from my China trip doubled after that Batad hike and for weeks after that trip, I had panic attacks when I see stairs or steps (lol)! But I had a sense of fulfillment that I’ve been to Batad rice terraces---a part of our heritage, built by the hands of our ancestors, hailed as an engineering marvel.

Unknown said...

yay! nobela pala sya! hahaha

Erick said...

it would be the iloilo / guimaras / nagarao island trip last feb 2008.

first, i finally met my photography / blog / travel idols, oggie & ferdz. I was excited to see them for the first time.I am very lucky that I am with them in my first backpacking trip. They are veterans. We swept all the beautiful landmarks possible to maximize the trip. I got free photography lessons too not to mention Oggie's jokes.

second, it was free. the ticket came from canon when we bought a mini-dv cam for my brother. funny thing is i am a nikon user. hehe

third, it was the first trip of Pennylane, my Nikon D80. I got to test her for 3 days and 2 nights.

lastly, was born because of that trip. If I am not blogging then I don't have any chance of knowing you Dom and other bloggers. :)

Happy New Year!

atticus said...

we were four girls who were already tired of getting drunk in boracay so we sat and watched the sun slowly set.

then one of us had a brilliant idea: why not play patintero instead?

we drew the lines on the sand and pretty soon were laughing as we played a game that reminded us so much of our childhood. a curious crowd of foreigners began to take notice.

the first to join us was a german couple who understood how the game was played simply by watching us. then two more, and then more.

within two hours, the boxes in the sand grew and grew as more tourists joined us, while other strangers remained in the sidelines and rooted for players whose names they did not even know.

that night i learned that play is universal, race and language barrier be damned.

for a few hours there, we were adults who played like kids, united by a game only four of us knew by name.

L.Reis said...

First of all, congrats on your first anniversary and let me thank you for all the beautiful things you've shared and showned.
Second: I wish you a year full of thrilling and exciting moments...
Third: Unfortunately, I've never been to Asia...and that's a fact I shoul like to change...soon.
Good luck for your contest!

Dennis Villegas said...

Looks great! You are generous!

Anonymous said...

I really won't forget the first time I traveled with my girlfriend. We decided to trek Mt Pinatubo together, along with other travel enthusiasts. But what I liked about the trip was, we were able to conquer all the hard treks, slippery slopes, muddy and stony terrains, together. It was really memorable for I did not imagine that the trek to the crater will be that hard, more so, I did not imagine that we will be able to surpass all of them with a big smile in our faces. Plus, the view of the crater was stunning. =)

She went on traveling the islands of the Philippines thereafter. And as for me, due to some financial limitations, invested on a camera instead. We're both fine with the set-up. =)

Anonymous said...

I was supposed to go to Bantayan, Malapascua, and Virgin Island last November 28 with a friend. Unfortunately, I woke up at 4.30AM and missed my 4.50AM flight to Cebu! The group tour organizer therefore suggested I go with her to Baler instead, to surf! I was afraid to go at first because never did I dream of trying surfing at all. But the thought of trying something knew excited me, plus the fact that it would be my first time to go as a solo traveler.

It turned out as one of the most memorable experience I had, ever! :D First, I conquered my fear of trying something new by taking surfing lessons. Second, I met new friends and had really fun evenings with them and Grand Matador. :P (I was surprised when I learned that Bru of Electrolychee was with our group too!) Third, my HS crush of four years was there too! Lol. Fourth, discovering the beauty of Baler was priceless. :D I never would have thought the place has its hidden jewels. :)

That sums up my most memorable trip last 2008! :)

x said...

WOW!!! wowowowowowowowow!!!

happy new new and happy anniversary, kuya dong!

Photo Cache said...

What a great first year it is. Keep up the good work traveling and sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Yehey, Umabot pako. The best travel I have had is the one in Bora, what made it special, so special for me is that, I have my family with me during that trip, The whole family included, made life better and meaningful in that trip. And I fancy a trip to abroad with the family too, *prays*

Eds said...

wow! congrats dongho. happy blog anniversary.

Grace said...

Hi again, Dong. If it is not a trouble to you, please do come visit my blog tonight, not earlier than 7pm. It's a date. :)

kegler747 said...

When me and my 3 other friends went to Laos we encountered a group of young monks outside a temple/museum. They thought that we are Thai or even Malaysians. When we told them that we are Filipinos eh parang na-starstruck sila talaga. It is their 1st time daw to see a Filipino at sabi nila mas maganda at gwapo pala ang mga Filipinos kaysa Thai or Malaysians. I'm sure they are not lieing kse nga monks sila, they are somewhat considered "holy" in that country kaya super flattered naman kme.

The most unique and special experience in that is they are the ones who asked for our photos to be taken instead na kme and dapat magpapicture sa kanila kse dba kme ang tourist sa country nila at hindi the other way around, hehehe. Nagkataon na meron din silang dala na camera. How cool can a monk be? For that very short time eh I experienced what a celebrity feels like. Para kme talagang artista. Because of that experience naging favorite destination na namen ang Vientiane, Laos.

Oman said...

ang dami ko memorable trip last year dom and yung dalawa don kasama ka tapos yung pinakafavorite ko na pinuntahan last year ay magkasunod natin pinuntahan. pinakamagandang travel talaga yung maganda na yung place eh ayos pa ang mga kasama at ayos din ang mga tao na makakasalamuha mo. sarap talaga maglibot.

Lantaw said...

Happy New Year Dom! Ayos itong contest mo a :)

mavs said...

hello dOng!
hapi three kings!
ah huh,
bigatin ka pala...

fortuitous faery said...

ohmygoodness! today's the deadline! haha.

my destination may not be as exotic as the others' here, but i'm sharing my experience.

many years ago, two female friends and i just finished a gruelling set of final exams. it was so difficult, we unanimously felt that we needed divine intervention to get passing scores. motivated by the saying, "prayers can move mountains," these two girls decided out of the blue to go to this reportedly miraculous shrine way up in cagayan valley---a place that neither of us has ever been to. i went with them to complete this trinity of travelers on a prayer mission.

we packed our bags with things just enough for an overnight trip, purchased tickets and boarded the little-known bus that travels to piat at its terminal in espaƱa (close to UST, our alma mater), then braced ourselves for the 12-hour ride.

we occupied the very last row, and tried to sleep as comfortably as possible amidst the twists and turns that the bus traversed as it trudged up north. we would sometimes hit each other's heads accidentally while asleep whenever the bus made a sharp turn. the bus driver drove so fast (and it was nighttime!) that it was better to keep our eyes closed. an added prayer we murmured was to arrive in cagayan valley alive...haha!

the next morning, we were dropped off by the "our lady of piat" shrine's entrance. after freshening up, we started praying inside...hard.

lunch was conveniently had at the carinderias nearby, which all seemed to offer the local delicacy, "igado."

in the afternoon, we decided to explore the valley that surrounded this shrine, and descended upon chico river. a very kind local, upon learning that we were "tourists", let us ride on his barge for free to get to the other side of the river and back.

by dusk, we hopped on the bus back to manila and were very proud of our "religious adventure." we went to a very distant location on our own, without any contacts in said place to guide us, nor did we speak the dialects (ibanag, ilocano). total time we spent in piat itself? about 8. total time encased in a bus back and forth? a FULL DAY (not counting the rest stops!) that's sacrifice!

it's the "adventure" element that makes a trip special, and of course, the fact that you're with like-minded friends.

we passed the exams, by the way, and graduated together. heaven heard our hail marys. :)

fortuitous faery said...

even if i don't win, i had fun writing this! namiss ko bigla yung friends ko. :)

pusangkalye said...

wow---gusto ko nyan ---contest at me prices----galante ka dom ha---keke

p[anu ba yan---kailangan ba pagandahan ng articulation u bubutan portion to? xmpre kung pagandahan---paghahandaan ko muna. keke

pusangkalye said...

I love Capones and it is for me the most memorable place I've been to. Perhaps it's in the grandeur of it's gigantic Rock formations and the white sand which graces it's shores. And it's isolation against the ruthless tides of South china Sea which made me fall in love with this place.Such beauty amidst nature's wrath is a testament that beauty is rare and is hardly earned.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Dong! :) First of all, happy new year, and happy anniv to your blog!

With regards to my memorable experience, it was summer back in high school when my uncle decided to bring us to Iloilo for a one week vacation. I'm not much of a traveler kasi 14 or 15 yrs old pa lang ako nun. Marami akong "first time" na na-experience noong papunta pa lang kami - first time kong sumakay sa barko, first time kong nasilayan ang Guimaras Island, first time kong nakapag-ikot sa barko, fist time kong nakakita ng dolphins.

Pagdating sa Iloilo, first time kong na-meet ang mga relatives ko dun (sa mother's side). But eventhough we (with my ate and kuya) had the luxury of being their special guests, naranasan ko rin kung paano mamuhay sa probinsya. Nag-tour kami sa bukid, namitas ng prutas, sumakay sa kalabaw, um-attend ng "sayawan", kumaen habang nagkakamay, naligo sa dagat, mag-budget nung pocket money na bigay ng uncle ko, humiga sa lupa na may mga palakang sapa (eew) at marami pang iba. Truly it was one of the most unforgettable trip I've ever experienced in my whole life.

Kung free ang sched namin ng cousins at mom ko, baka bumalik ako dun this April. I can't wait for my second visit. :)

pamatayhomesick said...

pards magandang simulain yan!
happy first anniversary on your blog..saisang taon nayan,marami kaming napasyalan!

Raft3r said...

sali ako...
my most memorable trip would have to be the one in Majuro, Marshall Islands
i stayed there for a month
it's a small island country in the central pacific
a 12 hour flight from manila
with 7 stop stopvers
how tiring is that, huh
first time ko to be alone during my birthday
no family, no loved ones around
there was hardly any connection to the outside world
ni texting dehins pa uso don
the hotel i was staying at had no wifi connection
may isa silang computer terminal for rent at ang haba ng pila
i made sevarl posts about my travel here sa blog (which you have read and even commented on)
for my birthday, i spent it iwth total strangers
they baked a cake out of coconut
sobrang nakakatouch sila
really nice bunch of people
at may naging stalker ako don din
everyday after work iw ould play tennis and then head out to the beach (pacific ocean na agad sya)
overall, despite the primitiveness of the island
i have learned to appreciate the simple things in life

Admin said...

Happy New Year!

Happy Anniversary sa Blog mo!

Kadarating ko lang sa Manila.... May pakontest ka pala... Goodluck sa mga winners!

Lets adventure!

Admin said...

My memorable trip was with my Mom, my Dad, my sister with Bianca and Jerome sa Baguio...

This is the first time na nakasama ko Dad ko sa isang adventure trip... Hindi na kasi siya pwedeng mapagod e... Masaya kasi kasama ko family ko..

Most of my adventures kasi.. friends kasama ko... Hehe!

'Yun lang... Nakiepal lang....

Sendo said...

oh my huhuhuhuh i missed to submit my entry

Sendo said...

Can I still submit? =(

Heart of Rachel said...

This is a nice contest.

Last Sunday I had brunch with my family in Tagaytay. We went to Antonio's. When I was 6 months pregnant with Yohan, my hubby took me there. It's wonderful that this time around, we had a chance to go back there as a family.

dede said...

i was visiting grace blog today, and i have to congrats for you a great achievement. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

nakakahilo sa site mo kuya. ang daming tao... hehe.

~~m$. DoNNA~~ said...

may contest pala dito.. diko alam toh ah,. ngayon ko lang nabasa...

extra pa name ko dito.. hehehe...
ang saya naman..

pasyal pasyal lang poh..
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

if i am to choose among the trips i took is the most memorable one, i have to choose my trips to hinobaan. our family is fond of exploring our own island (which is negros) because we always believe that our island has a lot to offer in terms of beauty, relaxation, peacefulness and tranquility .

Why Hinobaan? Let me tell you about it first. it is located about 3.5 hours away from bacolod going south. It is so virgin, which makes it so enchanting to explore, and the sea is like God's masterpiece in a canvass painting. In a very nice weather, you can actually see the beautiful colors of turquoise blue to blue to jade to green! it's really beautiful! Plus, some of the caves have nature-made swimming pools. You can actually dive on it after crawling inside the cave.

Why is it memorable to me? Because we go there with our extended family and we have the time on our own and the place on our own.

One of the islands we went to is like a hidden paradise called Ubong. different kind of trees and plants populate the island and that means we had fresh fruits on our own. plus, we were the only persons there aside from the caretaker. so imagine what it was like for us: hidden paradise with loved ones.

Whenever we're there, I would always think how lucky we are as Filipinos because we are so blest with islands as beautiful as what we have. I realized that I don't have to travel far in order to enjoy and relax.

Oh! I forgot to say that you can dive there, jetski, eat the most fresh fruits, pork and beef and especially seafoods and fishes. When you go there, just bring your own wasabi. surely you'll say you're in heaven found only in negros occidental, Philippines. LOL!

Unknown said...

happy anniversary dong! didn't get to make it to this contest, but i have to say you have a really nice concept :) hope you'll won't have such a hard time deciding on the winner since a lot of your readers have posted very nice entries already :)

Dennis Villegas said...

I wish I could join, but I don't travel much! Good luck to the participants! Happy New Year Dong!

Tikno said...

Congratulation on your blog 1st anniversary.

This blog truly have the spirit of the category of travel blog, and reference for tourism.

asTIEGE [n.] - az-tidge said...

tapos na po ba ang contest?!?

kakabasa ko lang kasi. :P

anyways, sali na din ako.

My first and out of the country trip happened way back 2005.

It was a birthday trip for my mom. My mom, brother and I went to HongKong to celebrate her birthday. Just like any other "package" trip. We were required to follow the itenerary given by the agency. We have no choice but to go to China. Our way back to HK. we took the train. Since we were in a rush, we immediately jumped in the train without knowing that it's sort of the business class ride. We're just so silent and communicating through our eyes.

When the inspector came in to check our tickets, we we're asked to go out from the train for sort of investigation.

The police/train officer informed us that we're in the wrong train. Nakak nerbyos. Hinatak ako nung isang officer and asked for my passport.

Sinulat nya "passport" instead of my name. Galit na galit sya bakit daw dun ako sumakay. Sabi ko, first time ko. hindi ko lam na ganon pala. sabi nya kukunin nya daw name ko. tapos pagbibigyan nya ako. then isinakay nya kami sa ibang train.

pag kasakay namin. ang lalamig ng kamay namin. kala namin ipapadeport kami sa pinas ng walang sabi sabi. kala ko katapusan na ng mundo..

it was funny and nerve rocking!

after non tawa na kami ng tawa!!!

Anonymous said...

Sana naka-join din ako sa pa-contest mo. Kailan ba yung susunod? Hehehe...

Marites said...

dang, i didn't get to this on time! sayang! i like your posts here (parang i've found a kindred spirit nga) and i've already added you in my blogroll para i can check out your posts. hope you can add me too. Happy 1st year anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary dong! there's more to come. we have not yet conquered the philippines, the asia, and the globe. hehehe. hopefully we can do that.

and the mags... wow, siargao was there! our very own is really making its way to the globe.


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