Thursday, January 1, 2009

turning one today

this blog officially turns one year old today! exactly a year ago, i decided to open up a blog that would work as a personal journal. i started to feature people, odd things, magazines, books, events that i've visited, and places that i've been to. no idea that it will soon be a travel blog. it was only when i featured our travel to Mt. Pinatubo that gave me the idea of featuring my travel experience of the places that i've been to.among my first readers from the philippines were wence of "biyahengpinoy", earvin aka carrot prince, arlene of "my life's a-musings", laura from denmark, brad alcogoodwin from australia, and ariele from france.

i'll dedicate this post in thanking the many good friends who visits this blog.

lawstude - my best travel blogger bud. thank you for the friendship and the tandem travels that we've had. from the first island adventure in Capones to the magnificent mountains of Dingalan.
oggie - thank you for the friendship. you have been a good inspiration in blogging as you are a good example of a person who recognize importance of the many blessings that we recieve in life. a humble person. i'll never forget the way you welcomed me during ferdz' photo exhibit. keep blogging. keep inspiring us with your photos.
ferdz - thank you for the short tips that you gave during your exhibit. i'm always impressed with your works.
erick - thank you for the friendship and for the inviting me at the rox backpacking event. i'm looking forward for a tandem trip this year.
doc rio - one of the first people that i met unintentionally during the philippine blog awards last year. i was surprised when they recognized me there. she is one of the friendliest blogger i've met. thank you doc! i still owe you that burger, pink ranger.
lalaine - who i also met during the Philippine Blog Awards as she was with doc rio. she convinced us to stay there for the raffle that led me to winning three magazines. thank you for the friendship.
redlan - i don't know how i can thank you. you've been generous from my stay there in iloilo until now. thank you for the online tips, for the book that i won thru your blog, for the travel souvenirs, for the delicious spare ribs at Bourbons, and for the overnight accommodation in iloilo.
demoie - thank you for the time during the iloilo meet. good luck on the projects of qubeworx. i know it will be successful.
allan - one of the best outdoor photographer that i know. thank you for inviting me to the indios experience photo exhibit. looking forward to work with you next year.
wence - one of the first reader of this blog. thank you for the tips.
byahilo - another new friend in the blogosphere. looking forward to work with you if the project progress. good luck on your new career.
rayts - thanks for the special thoughts shared thru your blog. keep blogging.
estan - thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and for inviting me on the photo exhibit.
sidney - thank you for the time spent and for giving me the chance to know more about you. featuring you soon here. we're always eager to see your photos.
ifoundme - our short time together in bacolod was something i'll never forget. as you let me ate all the crsipy kangkong and extra delicious scallops. above all, thank you for the friendship.
phivos - thank you very much for featruing my post in your blog and you patiently translated it to greek. i also appreciate the christmas greetings around the world.
em - even if you're in canada, it seems that we're just few miles apart. thank you for the friendship.
beero - thank you for arranging the plan of meeting with doc rio and lalaine, sad though i was not able to join.
atticus - for the new friendship and i'm looking forward to work with you as soon as the plan goes on.
eye - hopefully we'll get to work with you soon. thank you for the interest.
honeylin - thank you for reading almost all the posts in the archives. i may not have replied it but i have read it all. thank you! thank you!
kegler - thanks for the updates on promos of flights and for sharing further your travel experiences and plans.
joy - thru your comments, you always re-confirm that our country is beautiful.
jasper - thank you for the short visits yet still witty.
maya - for the appreciation of this blog to the point of sharing it to your husband and friends. thank you.
alicesg - for sharing me some of your experience of filipinos there. i really appreciate that.
eastcoastlife - thank you for loving the philippines and the people. hope that we get to see you here.
eunice - thanking you ahead as you will soon feature the philippines in your blog.
bengbeng - thank you for the tips and i'm looking forward to visit your country soon.
nanaybelen - definitely loved by many because of the motherlytouch of her blog. thank you po.
rachel - who i met at the philippine blog awards. thank you for the short yet very valuable time there. enjoy your time with yohan.
acey - i will never forget the painting that you did for me. thank you very much.
greg - thank you for the special poster that featured my blog and for the appreciation of this blog.
karen - who communicates to me thru email. thank you for sharing your everyday experience of your family.
blogusvox - thank you for the personalized christmas greetings. thank you for sharing the experiences of filipinos in the middle east.
dyosa - for finding the bantayan guide helpful. im glad it helped you.

special thanks to the people who allowed me to feature them on my online interview section; sir howie severino, sir gabe mercado, manix abrera, sunshine plata, sir pol medina jr.and sir alexander lacson.

to the many blogger friends who visit this blog. thank you very much!
richard, rebecca, vic, gizelle, ewik, tutubi, the islander, spool artist, shionge, reena, grace, pia, paui, pao, olan, nyl, miss iggy, ice, millie, mike avenue, ia, meikah, layrayski, madbong, major tom, kingdaddyrich, lance, carlota, josh, jinjiruks, jayashkal, r-yo, gillboard, everlito, equilibrium, ely, dylan, dodong, dennis, dencio, darkhorse, cza, dakilang islander, cyndirellaz, chyng, mitz, steven que, caryn, bw, bryan the 1st, jericho, blue rose, bert loi, barry, aethen, asian traveler, arkhe, allyou, aline, ailee, abou, anna, aquamarine, aisha, bong, luna, hilda, merce, nina, judayski, raft3r, mimi, myslykemeeh, panaderos, mangyan, ms donna, nepithithyron, lyzius, photo cache, kosa, shawie, bwzone, toe, kc, viker and abaniko.

to my new blogger friends within the country; bryan, mel, pusang-gala, joshmarie, sheng, mars, vanny, miong, bid yan, and dyosa, hoping to meet you soon.

plus new blogger friends across asia and the world; eunice, eastcoastlife, alicesg, victor, bengbeng, borneofalcon, eki, uncleawang, napaboaniya, dede, stanley, bipolar, tikno, selerines, rajesh, eel wind, luke, sandy, sandy&dick, tr3nta, tink, sandpiper, helena, rob, pietro, l.reis, jm, joops, emily, and carver.

to scud, planisphere, and theonoski who i know personally. thanks you. thank you.

special thanks also to the 42 blogger friends who subscribed to this blog last year. ice, janette, kegler, antoine, aisha, alicesg, rachel, luisa, luke, eki, sandpiper, luna, lance, hilda, em, rebecca, lawstude, vic, merce, judayski, ailee, jm, ely, josh, pusang-gala, annay, maus, honey, helena, aquamarine, fjordz, ms donna, myslykemeeh, phivos, uncleawang, mel, mars, borneo, joe, bert loi, bong, and reena.

to God who is above and beyond anything else. without Him, this blog is non-sense.

Happy New Year to everyone!

>>>as a way to thank you, i'll be giving out travel magazines in the next post.


Davamerce said...

Congratulations Dong!

Sana'y di mo pagsawaan ang mga ginagawa mo dito,dahil lagi kong inaabangan ang mga post mo.

Happy New Year Sayo Dong!

God Bless You Always sa mga trips mo.

SandyCarlson said...

Happy birthday, beautiful blog!

Bengbeng said...

Congrats on being one year old. I am so glad i am on yr list of frens. Happy new year. Btw I am now 25 months old. Omg how time flies.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to have subscribed!
congrats on a year!

Jinjiruks said...

congratz at na-endure mo ang isang taon sa blogosphere. more adventures to come po. more nice pics from a pro like you.

Jaki Gabayno said...

More travel for you this year, dom and happy birthday to "Eskapo"...This blog is among one of my best online finds this year. Thanks to that feature of the Luneta park...leads me right through here.

Keith said...

DonG, Salamat. You visited my blog, and here I am again at yours. Have a Blesed New year. Congratulations on one year of blogging

alicesg said...

Happy 1st year blogging anniversary and a very Happy New Year to you and your family.

Wow, I got mentioned in your post now I am feeling so Thank you, Dong.

vincent said...

happy new year!!! :D

Abaniko said...

Here's wishing you more travel opportunities this year and more exciting events/people to feature on your blog.

Congrats and blog on!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your blog's first anniversary! I didn't realize until today that our blogs saw the light of day at the same time. :)

Your blog has always been a very interesting and informative read. I always enjoy my visits here and I know I will continue to enjoy them in the months and years to come. More power to you, Pards! :)

Justkyut said...

Hello kuya Dong! Happy Anniversary sa blog mo at Happy New Year! God Bless you!

Oman said...

Congratulations Dom. You are really one of the most kind-hearted blogger-traveler-photographer-friend here.

Thank you also for being part of your travel and cheers for more post and upcoming projects in 2009.

God Bless always.

Vic said...

Happy One Year Anniv! :)

Thank you also for sharing your wonderful photos and travel escapades with us! :)

Anonymous said...

ang galing! I hope you can travel more so that you can share more to us. happy new year,dom!

gillboard said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your blog!!!

Glad to read that you've met a lot of great people through your blog.

Cheers to many more posts and pictures to come.

Hilda said...

Happy New Year, Dong! And happy birthday to your blog! Love your new header and looking forward to more posts from you about your travels. Wishing you peace, prosperity, health, happiness and love in 2009.

Pietro Brosio said...

Very fine blog, happy Anniversary, Dong.
I wish you a wonderful and peaceful New Year!

tyasjetra said...

hi.. visiting here n wish you Happy New Year.. pls visit my blog ( if u like it, i hope we can exchange link.. pls let me know.. :D

cyndirellaz said...

congratulations! and happy anniversary to your ne blog! i enjoy reading your blog at nakakatuwa ang mga pics dito! weeee!!!

Joy said...

Happy Anniversary! You've done a marvelous job in painting a very lovely image of our country. When I'm back in June, I'd like to feature you via an interview on my radio show in the UK!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Happy 2009!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Skippyheart said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Weeeeeh! and Happy Blog Birthday too dong!

CHEEERS for a New Year full of more amazing travel photos from you. Rock on!

God Bless as always! =)

The Scud said...

more power dong! your blog is popular which, knowing you, I know you didn't expect nor craved. hehe.
good luck! asian tour tayo! :-)

Antoine Greg said...

this is greAt donG!

ur truLy a GreAt person manong Dong.


u've been a nice online buddy man.

I heart Dongism!

Sendo said...

happy new year and happy aniv to your blog..fill this one with fresh new thoughts this 2009! linked u up!

jericho said...

hey. magka-birthday pala tayo. hehe. happy new year and keep posting those beautiful photos!

Borneo Falcon said...

Have a good year ahead

Anonymous said...

It was also a great opp for me to have known your blog and saw the beauty of Pinas, especially places IVe never been to :D Pareho tayo anniv!

at salamat sa mga comments at sa mga marami pang litratong ilalathala mo!

Reena said...

Aww, sweet. Thanks! And a happy new year too.

Erick said...

wow! ang dami!

happy birthday sa site mo and happy new year!

thanks din ha! aabangan ko yang tanden trip natin. :)

god bless!

Meikah said...

Congratulations, Dong! Wow only a year old, yet you're not one with wobbly feet. You made one step, ran, and soared! Keep at it! :)

Carver said...

Happy New Year Don and Happy Birthday to your wonderful blog.

Traveling Bells said...

Happy #1...and Happy New Year! I look forward to your beautiful travelogue this year.

Dennis Villegas said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday to your blog! Looking froward to more awesome blogposts this year!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hapy birthday on your blog dong, kaya lang ala ako sa list wahhhhh... kidding hahahah!

Anonymous said...

Kodus for your great job keeping this up to date all the time!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome and thank you for remembering me..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

happy new year! im looking forward to reading more of your posts. =)

EM said...

Wow! So young and yet so blessed!! Your blog has gone a long long way in such a short time. It's another testament to Oprah's saying "keep throwing out there what we love doing, for the universe will eventually reciprocate in kind". The universe has warmed up to your blog like bees to their beehive. I should know coz i'm one of them who has found honey and kept coming back.

Thanks for the special mention. The pleasure is really mine. You're such a gracious host and made everyone feel welcome and important. That is one cool deed.

More power to your Blog, may you have many many more years of blogging and may you find what you're looking for ;)

Grace said...

Congratulations, Dong! on your 1 year in blogging.
Have a prosperous, blessed and happy new year.
More travel features from you.

Unknown said...

I wish you a Happy 2009 New Year,may health & wealth may with you through out the year 2009.
Happy blog Birthday !!!!

kegler747 said...

What a noble thing to do, thanking everyone in details. I saw the many transformations of this blog and I can only say is I expect more to come. I thought it is a photography blog when I first saw your "Nightscape" photos tapos naging day photos na hanggang naging Eskapo na & you are featuring na mga places which I visited and would love to go to kaya I became an instant fan from there on.

I wish you many, many, many more exciting travels for the next 364 days to come!

Cheers and more airline promos to come!

Julienne said...

maraming salamat din sa yo and a Happy New Year, too!!! =)

Anonymous said...

wow. ^_^ happy birthday sa Eskapo.. :) congrats kuya, napakagandang pasok ng 2009 nyan.. ^_^

tc! happy new year.. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations Dong!!! *Cheeeeers* Here's to more interesting trips and amazing pics! :D

Rio said...

nag birthday na pala ang isa sa mga PABORITO kong blog..{ehem, yung burger pink ranger ko?..sang planeta kaya mabibili ito??}..ahehe
kaka touch naman at napasama ako dito..
maraming maraming salamat din dong sa iyong kabaitan.
imagine,one year palang tong blog mo and yet pang 7,086 na ang bumibisita dito...wu-hooo...astig..ang haba na din ng blog roll mo...
isa lang ibig sabihin nyan..{nanakawin ko ito mula kay lawstude..kuya oman pahiram po ha..}

"You are really one of the most kind-hearted blogger-traveler-photographer-friend here."

Rio said...

pahabol: congrats..

Miong said...

CONGARATS dong! Keep it up and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, dOng hO!
Many thanx for the special mention. It's a shame I don't regularly visit my blog links and that include yours. I just hope I'll be having more time this 2009 to visit my blog links ( meaning - less work for me in my job).
Happy blog anniversary.
Welcome 2009 and best wishes!!!

Eric said...

I wish to see more of your adventures this 2009.

Raft3r said...

dong, happy happy birthday sa blog mo
it's so much fun visiting here
dami kong gustong puntahan sa pinas dahil sayo
here's to a new year sa eskapo 2.0

RedLan said...

I hope am not the last to greet your baby blog a happy year older. I am looking forward to greet him a happy birthday in the years to come.


na-mental block ako. lol

i dunno what to say next.

Paganda ng paganda ang blog na to habang tumatagal.

What I like most about this post is

sobrang ma-effort. I can't imagine how long you did it. You know, I am talking about the copy-paste link. I have to ask this, may nakalimutan ka pa bang hindi na-imention? Lahat na-imention mo , grabe.

Anyway, salamat sobra. All i can say is.... you are so nice na lahat na mabuti bumabalik sau. We are the one who are lucky!

Happy new year dom! More more more!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary and happy new year!!!

Heart of Rachel said...

It's been a pleasure crossing paths with you in blogland and it's been privilege to meet you in person.

Happy Blog Anniversary and Happy New Year!

Thank you for including me in your list. I appreciate it very much. Looking forward to reading more of your great adventures in 2009.

carlotta1924 said...

happy first anniversary dong! congratulations!

here's to more travels this year!

Nanaybelen said...

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!
God Bless


short visits?

LOL! you're one of my 12 daily breads.

Chyng said...

Andame fans ng blog na to. Pano naman always worth the visit.

cheers, dongism year 2!

Lalaine said...

Happy New Year and Happy 1st Birthday sa blog mo... :)

salamat din at nakasama ako sa post mo kahit na hindi na ako madalas makapag blog hop...

more travels pa... para mas madami ka pa ma share sa amin...

yngat po :)

MysLykeMeeh said...

Happy Birthday!---then...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Blog!! I just love your blog so much!

Sidney said...

Congratulations for your first blog anniversary ! Keep going !

Merry Christmas & happy New Year!
Wish you all the best in 2009!

dede said...

Congratulations Dong!
Happy 1st year blogging anniversary and a very Happy New Year to you and your family.have a nice day

mgaputonimimi said...

uy congrats po!!! wow! one year old na ito.. ^_^ more more years to come!

Anonymous said...

Hapi Anibersari, donG. Wow, special mention pa ako! The pleasure is all mine knowing you.

lagal[og] said...

the pleasure is mine dom.
it's indeed a happy development to see your blog turn one. onwards to the next year :)

Vic said...

congratulations again!

I just want to tell you that I got an award for you. well, just grab it on my blog! :)

Stanley said...

That was so sweet to see my name in the credits. Happy New Year to you and have and awesome 2009! Keep up the good work with the travel blog man, its really inspiring to read about the places you've visited and thanks for all the support in my site! Cheers!

Kosa said...

happy new year! lols

wow.. antagal na... isang sobrang habang taon

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you bro. More power to your blog in 2009 !

Anonymous said...

Wow! Happy New Year pala ang Happy Birthday ng blog mo!

You have a wonderful blog and please don't stop traveling para marami pa kaming makuhang tips. LOL. Always be safe in your travels. More anniversaries to come!

Happy Blogging! :-)

Hoping to meet you too. Tapos laboy tayo.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniv on your site Dom. Thank you so much for including me on your list. Would have wanted to chat with you more sana sa exhibit last time. Siguro sa susunod.

Happy new year ulit :P

Anonymous said...

wow, lots of linkluv :)

pre, hope to meet you in the not so distant future for travel and perhaps a feature at my I'm drawing out plans for my blog and hopefully, there will be some interesting developments soon :)


Unknown said...

happy anniversary dong! :)

Shawie said...

wow! Congratulations....Dong! this blog is a hit! it really explain a lot of your passions - travel and photography plus the wonderful and informative captions and experiences:) More power to Dong Ho's Eskapo! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! Kababalik ko lang galing sa holiday break ko.

Yahoo! Isang taon na ang blog mo. Sana magpatuloy pa ito. Maraming salamat din at na-meet ko ang isang lakwatserong tulad mo (at ni Lawstude). :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations kuya dong! i'm quite sure this blog would exist longer than, let's say, hundred years. hehe. i'm glad i met you in the blogosphere. more power to your blog. sayang di natuloy EB natin nila doc rio due to conflict of sched. but rest assured na magkikita-kita din tayo soon.

Aisha said...

Happy Anniversary, Dong! Your blog has really caught a lot of people's attention. Your blog is full of gorgeous shots of many places. I can't wait to see what you'll have this year.

Irma said...

Congrats Dom! Love the Boracay series pala, especially the fishermen and sunset clouds...hehehe sa wakas naka-comment ako. God bless you more in 2009!

Anonymous said...

whoa! One-year-old na pala ang blog mo kuya!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! - Earvin

Lantaw said...

It great to be part of your blogsphere too my friend! Onwards to 2009! :)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... dko nakita name ko kuya...hehehe

anyway, congrats po :)

*bumabalik ulit si mayyang.. :)

the spool artist said...

wow, na mention pa ako! happy blog anniversary dong! more travels and more journeys to come!


Allen Yuarata said...

happy anniversary sir dong!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! keep conquering the roads, the seas, the mountains, the philippines, and the world. haha

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being one year old.
wishing you more travel opportunities this year...
happy new year!!!
have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Hey, what can I say? This should a very special moment for you.

Congrats and wishing you all the best and may your blog gain more and more success.

AJ said...

belated holiday greetings to a wonderful & amazing photo-blogger friend!....indeed u inspired each and everyone of us, and may u continue to do so all throughout the new year!

brb for sure..was kinda' bz..i jst misd being here.:)


Creative Marketers BD said...
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