Friday, December 12, 2008

islands of choice - vote now

inviting everyone to vote for the islands of choice for eskapo 2.0. last time we had a poll on your favorite islands in the Philippines that you've been to. this time voting is open for the top three islands in the Philippines that you really want to visit. it should be an island that you've never been to. include the reason why you want to go there and rank it in order making one as the most desired now! we don't know, you might just get it. voting will end on December 20, 2008. for those who are not familiar with the Philippines yet, you can include islands outside the Philippines.

if you have a hard time looking for a list of the islands in the Philippines, just visit wikipedia's official list of islands here. for places belonging to a larger island, the vote will be considered under its region.

thank you very much.


piojunbabia said...

i have always wanted to go to Dakak and HUndred Island including Boracay... i have been to Camiguin

nice one....


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted a trip to Palawan, any of the resorts there will do for me. It's a place I would like to enjoy before I reach 40, hmmm, I still have ten years though.

piojunbabia said...

hurry up sheng.... 10 years is fast approching.....


kegler747 said...

Ang hirap naman nito... Camiguin sana sasabihin ko kaso nakapunta nako dun.

I'll vote for Pamalican Island in Palawan (where Amanpulo is)... Basilan.... Sta. Cruz Island in Zamboanga (to see the pink sand beach).

I'll visit my last 2 choices next month so I am now excited.

alicesg said...

I only been to Manila and Baguio but from your and Law's blogs I think I like Boracay. :)

piojunbabia said...

uhmmmmm....maganda rin sa palawan...


Unknown said...

i'd like to visit Coron Island in Palawan, Balut Island in Saranggani, Davao del Sur...isama mo na ang Batanes Islands.:D

pusangkalye said...

3. Coron, Palawan----
1. Batanes--- gusto ko ng isolated.

...hope this vote will do.
hmmmm. what do you mean when you said you might get it DOM/?

will you be giving away tickets?
tell me if you will, I will vote Santorini. keke

escape said...

sorry for not including this in the post. please include why you chose each of the places/islands. thanks.

cyndirellaz said...

sorry but never been to any islands in the philippines, but i would really like to try Boracay and Palawan ^^

Anonymous said...

Mas gugustuhin kong libutin ang Pinas bago sa ibang bansa kasi sobrang daming hidden paradise dito sa atin. And here's my list:

Palawan will be on top of my list kasi I've seen pictures and heard stories how beautiful the place is. Amanpulo is for "the sobrang rich" people, so maybe in Coron or El Nido will do. :)

Next in my list is Camiguin. Nakapunta na dun yung iba kong friends and sobrang ganda raw talaga. Saka parang walang masyadong nagpupunta kasi malayo ngs so type ko dun! Hehe.

For the third spot, I'd choose Bohol. Maganda raw ang beach dyan at maganda mag-island hopping. Hopefully next year makarating din ako dyan. :)

Bakit ka palanagpapa-poll? Isasama mo ba kami ni Bryan sa susunod mong eskapo?

MeL said...

Pwede ko rin ba isingit ang Dakak pala? lol. Ipapalit ko na lang sya sa spot ng Bohol. :)

Super ganda raw ng place dun lalo na sa underwater! Diving ang the best dun.

Eki said...

What's the name of that long island that is close to the Malaysian Borneo border? Would love to visit that and see how the people on that area live (their culture, language, customs, and of course the beauty of the island itself.)

I've only been to Manila and San Pedro (if I remember it correctly) in Luzon.

Anonymous said...

I would love to visit Batan Island. They say it always rains up there but if you're lucky enough to be there on a good weather day, it's one of the most amazing places ever. Still not that developed and urbanized. Nature in all its natural beauty. :)

Here's a few pics from a friends' site. Enjoy! ->

Mariale said...

I agree with kegler747. Santa Cruz Islands The Great and Little islands are the best place to be. Pink sand, pristine beaches. Just give Basilan a visit, the place has a lot more to offer... the inland resorts are also nice. The Alano's white beach resort in Malamawi Island... Bulingan in Lamitan... If you're not threatened of what the news is telling you, Basilan is a lovely place.

Moyong Island in Malangas, Zamboanga Sibugay. White sand beach. Secluded place.

And there's a white sand beach in Pagadian City which I have never been to. I will when I get home.

Nanaybelen said...

siguro Borakay kahit hindi ko pa napuntahan. base sa mga photos mo Borakay ang pinakagusto ko

Unknown said...

I love every Island that you have share with us but my dream Island is

Anonymous said...

Negros forever... how about that bro? :)

The Scud said...

here's my list:

bantayan island

Anonymous said...

CAMIGUIN Island!!!
i've never been there, but from what I've seen somewhere on TV before, grabeh.. di ko pwedeng di puntahan yun..


Lalaine said...

hmmmm... may voting dito... anu kaya price? all paid expense trip courtesy of dong? hehehe

anyway... sa dami ng magagandang island sa pilipinas eh baka masakop ko na yung space mo dito, hehehe... kaya tatlo na lang talaga sasabihin ko...

Palawan (lahat ng pwedeng islang puntahan dito) - gusto ko makapunta dito dahil isa to sa pinakamagandang lugar sa pilipinas at sa buong mundo... gusto ko mapuntahan ito dahil gusto ko makita ang ganda ng kalikasan... gusto ko na din magrelax at mag enjoy dyan sa Palawan (hays!)

Panglao Island - nakapunta na ako sa Bohol, pero dahil sa kulang ang oras ko at bagyo nung pumunta ako eh hindi ko man lang nasilip ang isa pa sa pinagmamalaking isla ng pilipinas... gusto ko bumalik sa bohol para madalaw ang isla na yan!

Boracay - tagal ko na gusto pumunta dito dahil gusto ko talaga makita ng personal ang ganda ng beach at buhangin sa lugar na to... sana lang kapag nakapunta ako sa bora eh maganda pa sya at malinis...

yan na po lahat... sana mapasyalan ko din lahat yan... soon... =D

Heart of Rachel said...

I dream of going to Camiguin someday. I've seen a lot of photos of this beautiful island.

Oman said...

batanes - para maexperience din yung sinasabi nila ferdz at oggie.

coron - napakaganda daw kasi nito sabi ni langyaw.

camiguin - to see what the fuzz is all about. (sinama ko to sa list pero punta ko dito this sunday via cdo)

ano ba first prize bro? free trip ba? lol.

darkhorse said...

Wla pa ako maxado napuntahan eh..hhmmm Sa Manila at Northern I say Philippine Island? pede ba yun? pero sa particular cguro Dakak o Boracay o Plawan kc white wla daw NPA na doon (pinatay na ata ng MNLF - juk!) gusto ko yun 3 islands dahil yun ang lagi kong nakikita sa tourism...Thanks!

Chyng said...

1. BOHOL - complete package, di lang super bonggang beach na PANGLAO wc i heard is clearer than bora! (nagbook na kame for Bohol! Im so excited!)

2. PALAWAN - pangmayaman na place sa pinas. Must see!

3. BATANES - eto talaga ang Pangarap ko! Ang mahal ng packge to get here. Parang wala kna sa Pinas.

(please feature ALL of these 3 ha.) hehe

MysLykeMeeh said...

Hmnn--all islands are very beautiful....!!!

I don't know...but let me think!

Camiguin---nice beach there, pure and clear.

Unknown said...

Well, I've never been there so... I would like to visit all!
For what I know and seen, they are all so beautiful that the choice is certainly hard.

Joy said...

When was the last time you drew something on the sand? :D

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

RedLan said...

CAMIGUIN ISLAND- ang top one ko. Parang napakamystrious ng island plus the cemetery na lumulubog kapag high tide tas marami pang volcanoes and matakaw ako sa lansones eh. mahal kaya ng lansones dito.

PALAWAN- i wish to explore the longest island and to learn the culture and meet palawe├▒os.

NOGAS ISLAND- malapit lang siya dito sa iloilo. It's somewhere in Antique. hindi pa siya masyado napuntahan kaya parang maganda.

Abaniko said...

Batanes islands still top the list for me. I've never been to any of them.

Abaniko said...

Batanes islands still top the list for me. I've never been to any of them.


I'd like to see Batanes in here....

Layrayski said...

I'd like to visit Siargao. I'd love to learn how to surf.

Bohol-- See the chocolate hills, tarsiers and the beaches.

Zamboanga island-- I heard that the beaches there are something special.

Pietro Brosio said...

I can't vote one island rather than another because they are all wonderful and I'd like to see them all!

eastcoastlife said...

I only know these from my Filipino friends. In the order :

1. Boracay
2. Cebu
3. Palawan

I'm going for their unspoilt beaches, fine white sand, lovely people, great souvenirs.

Any one who has been to any of these islands and wants to add any more comments for me? :)

BlogusVox said...

My wish list:

1. Palawan
2. Hundred Islands
3. Batanes

Sidney said...

Palawan, Mindanao, Batanes

rheiboy17 said...

hmmn,kailangan hindi pa napuntahan ha.....

Batanes: kasi its closer to Taiwan, yung culture kaya nila mas malapit sa taiwan rin o pilipinong pilipino pa rin sila.

Coron: My wife is from puerto princesa city, but i've never been to coron. i remember the digital film of Juday, it was shot somewhere in this area (Coron/Culion)

Camiguin: this island of volcanos is probably a fiest for tourists - both foreign and local.

SandyCarlson said...

I don't know enough to vote; anywhere you take us is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

I really would like to vote on one of your fabulous beaches, but unfortunatelly I've never visited your country, so I will choose a favourite of mine, the closest to the Philippines I've been: Ko Nang Yuan, in Thailand.

Anonymous said...

vote ako kuya dong...hehe

i've always wanted to BORACAY kasi it's one of the most beautiful beaches in our country. the best place for who love the sun, the sea, and the sports! hehe.

second on my list is PALAWAN. marami kasing pwedeng puntahan dun, yung nominated as the new seven wonders of the world.

gusto ko rin sanang mapuntahan ang BATAAN. interesting kasi yung ibang practices nila dun pati na rin yung culture nila.

Anonymous said...

wow your featured islands are so nice how to choose? XD Singapore is an island too, but the beaches are not so nice. =P hehe

Thank you in advance for your guest post. =D Of cos no deadline! I won't dare to give deadline to my guests! hehe.. But if possible, how about getting it done on Jan? Not to take up too much of your time, just a simple one with some highlights and a few photos will do. Thaks alot!! =D

Email me:

 gmirage said... has always intrigued and piqued my cursiousity from friends' stories.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I would love to go to Maribagu Blue Water resort in Cebu again..

Anonymous said...

i would love to go to Bohol, is there an island there?

Anonymous said...

Boracay would be my choice.

Anonymous said...

i never been to any islands... after all i got news about the island Boracay would be my choice.

GingGoy said...

batanes, nogas island, siargao :P

Unknown said...

Only one island that I really want to and can think for now...Boracay. I've always been fond of Boracay for its beautiful sand! ;)

Dennis Villegas said...

1.Basilan--I want to meet Janjalani to ask why he's a terrorist.

2.Sulu--I like to live in those famous stilt houses

3.Camiguin--I haven't been there

atticus said...

1) babuyan islands
2) basilan
3) batanes

someone told me not to visit batanes without a boytoy raw kasi. e wala pa akong mabola. tsk. :) pansin ko lang, puro b ang islands ko.

at ang word verification ko ay 'mentall'. tama ba naman iyon?? :)

gillboard said...

Palawan, Boracay and Camiguin!!!

Grace said...

Of course, I would vote for Boracay because that is the place that I want to go. Count me in, Dong. :)

Anonymous said...

BOROCAY ISLAND!! Since you introduced it to us.

Skippyheart said...

I can't vote for I have not been to any in a long time...

but my list tops the Islands that you have shared here through your wonderful photos. gusto ko tuloy mapuntahan sila lahat ;)

lagal[og] said...

tricky query dom but i'll try my best :D

• palanan (isabela)
• tawi-tawi
• sulu
• surigao

Theonoski said...

1. captivating Batanes.
=> a remote island but with spectacular view. here you cna really sing "the hills are alive with the sound of music", yun lang hindi music maririnig mo but splashes of roaring waves.

2. Mysterious Islands of Sulu Sea
=> I'm not familiar with the name of the islands in this place (i think turtle island is one) but the marine sanctuary here is awesome! here lies the tubattaha reef and the place is included in the triangle reef together with the islands/seas of indonesia and malaysia.

3. Pristine Boracay
=> Need I say more?

Judayski said...

all ten little islands of Batanes are my ultimate 2009 go-to places, Dong.

they are far from being urbanized and even though the philippines boasts of plenty of "heaven on earth" places, batanes tops in terms of having the most serene areas. tipong when you return to the city, feeling mo new person ka. na parang na-wash away ng sea ang lahat ng problema mo. hehe.

are you planning an eskapo-led trip? sama naman ha!

Erick said...

mahirap ito ha

3. camiguin - next hot destination daw ng pinas

2. coron - i saw this place sa OA2 sa DPP with Lagalog. Wonderful place.

1. Batanes - landscapist haven kasi daming subjects and the natives are nice saka mahirap puntahan not to mention medyo mahal ang airfare.

my gulch said...

Hi Dom! Here are my top three.

Batan Islands – the place just looks good on photos how much more in real life. I wanted to experience the place for myself. Also, I wanted to sing with the wind on top of Mount Iraya.

Fuga Island (Babuyan Group of Islands) – It’s one of the less traveled places in the archipelago, the only place where the humpback whales abound. Given the chance, I would also want to explore the other group of islands in Babuyan including Calayan, Dalupiri, Camiguin and Babuyan Claro. Pero kung isa lang, either Fuga or Camiguin.

Basilan Island – because it’s too far for my own convenience. I love the certain ‘risk’ it offers. Whether it is true or not, I want to discover the place on my own. I would also want to meet the Yakans.

Eds said...

my vote goes to:

1. boracay island
2. calauit island
3. bohol

why? gusto ko lang magliwaliw. hehehe

Anonymous said...

i'm setting my sites on the following:

Capul, and

i'm interested with these islands

Miong said...

i opt for:
these are all nice!

Anonymous said...

If money is no object I'd go for Amanpulo!

But right now am targeting lagen island and other islands in El Nido


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