Monday, December 22, 2008

emerging travel destination - Philippines

in Conde Nast Traveler Magazine October issue, the Philippines ranked 5th place on its list of Asian countries with the most number of American visitors. here's a partial list, i just included the ten highest countries in Asia:

1 China
2 Japan
3 India
4 Thailand
5 Philippines
6 Vietnam
7 Singapore
8 Cambodia
9 Malaysia
10 Indonesia
also on the October issue of Travel+Leisure, Boracay was considered as one of the 25 emerging destinations where the dollar still goes far.

here's a video that'll give an introduction to what the Philippines is offering to its visitors.

looks like the Philippines is gaining ground as more tourists consider the country a potential travel haven. thanks to the efforts of the department of tourism and travel bloggers.

thanks to redlan for featuring me on his header.


Photo Cache said...

It's about time. With the dollar-peso exchange rate at about what 48, I'm sure the enjoyment of visiting the Phil would go much further.

Anonymous said...

the only problem here in Pinas is the Security... Ganda sana ng Mindanao kaso dami Abu Sayaff... hehee

Merry christmas The DOng.

P'que ka lang pala. Las pinas ako, si Mel Muntinlupa :)

inuman na! hahaha

gillboard said...

This is true, I've met a lot of Kiwis during my stay in NZ who've been here and are looking forward to come back and bring their friends and family.

Aisha said...

You also help a lot, Dong! The photos you've captured are amazing! I love the video of our country. Hope more will still come and visit.

Anonymous said...

sana mas tumaas pa ta maging maayos na ang takbo ng ekonomiya satin no?
mahal ko pa din ang Pilipinas!
(applause! applause!)

Chyng said...

Sarap sa Pinas, andameng islands to explore, different activities to offer. At mura lang dito!!! San ka pa? (--,)

Eki said...

A deserved acknowledgement to the beauty of the Philippines archipelago and its friendly people. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

yeah! top 5 baby! Hahaha. Philippines has a lot to offer really. =)

Oman said...

Congrats bro at sa lahat ng travel bloggers. Hopefully mag gain pa tayo and reach the top.

Shionge said...

This is so cool....we are No. 7 :D Thanks for sharing this.

my gulch said...

it's good that we rank number 5, better than Vietnam which is as I've learned is also gaining huge popularity among tourists. ang maganda sa Pinas, marami kang choices puntahan whether it's beaches or cultural sites. we could have beaten Thailand on that matter also kaya lang, magaling talaga ang mga Thai mag-promote ng bansa nila (even sa packaging ng mga products nila they have the One-Town-One-Program scheme na ginaya pa nila sa Japan). They spend a lot in promoting their country.

malaki naitutulong ng mga travel blogs sa pag-promote ng Pinas, i believe it's the newest, easiest way to do it. and if may just add, a very high-tech way to do it. and you're definitely one of them Dom. More power to your blog. :-)

Unknown said...

I wish you a Merry Christmas,wonderful holiday & a jolly good 2009.Let's us pray together may year 2009 turn out better than we all expect!!!.

alicesg said...

Philippines is a very lovely country with rich history and cultures. You are all very friendly people. Of course all hardwork (including yourself) in promoting philippines show good results. Watch how filipino promote their cultures during christmas at Orchard Road, Singapore. :)

SandyCarlson said...

A wonderful, magical place.

Anonymous said...

I love it that the Philippines is making tops when it comes to tourist destinations, we are really emerging! Thanks to travel bloggers and for their (your) awesome photos!

Anonymous said...

great video about Pinas bro :)Thanks for sharing !

RedLan said...

top 5, galing! malaki ang naitutulong ng mga travel bloggers sa pagkilala ng bansa natin as one of the beautiful destination to visit. Isa ka kayo dun ni Lawstude. Talagang kilala ang bora sa buog mundo lalo na sa kano kasi meron nagpdala sa akin ng postcard at nagsabi na nakapunta na sila dito at sa bora.

Am pretty sure, isa yan sa mga collection mo na travel mags. Advance merry christmas! ano ang next destination natin na aabangan namin dito?

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best this Christmas and a blessed New Year!

God bless you and your family! ♥

x said...

what an interesting mag! thanks for sharing kuya dong! i am captured by the cover pic. (i love elephants, too!) i will probably look for the mag. i'm a big fan of travel mags. hehe.

Unknown said...

I'm not surprised.

pusangkalye said...

grabe----saya saya ko na malaman to---lagi ko sinasabi na PARAISO talaga Pinas---we really got all the flavors look for in a country----we just have to put our efforts together------everyone is part of the promotion---including us bloggers and you DOM----I am proud of you and what you have done. this is our contribution....our country's success is our success.......


Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Let your heart be light~~~

Nyl said...

congratz on your wonderful photos!you deserve those features.

maligayang pasko!:)

escape said...

>photo cache, exactly! yihaa! it gives more opportunity for foreign tourists.

>bry, that's the sad side. that's something i'm so worried because it sometimes halts tourists to come to the philippines.

merry christmas!

ayos! tamang tama ang Alabang para sa atin.

>gillboard, that's good news!

>hi aisha, i hope that thru this ill be able to at least help promote our country.

>dencio, oo nga. basta tulungan tayong lahat siguradong makakamit din natin yan.

>hi chyng, exactly. the foreigners just need to discover it.

>eki, thanks a lot! i hope that you'll be able to visit our country again. i would be glad to be of help.

>pao, galing nga at dumadami na ang turista.

>oman, oo nga. kayang kaya yan basta tulungan lahat ang pinoy.

>hi shionge, asia is beautiful!

>hi rayts, oo nga kaya kailangan nating habulin at siguradong kayang kaya ng mga pinoy basta magtulungan lang talaga. lalo na ang mga travel bloggers. kailangan talaga nating mahalin ang pinas.

>uncleawang, sure. im sure 2009 will be a good year. let's pray for one another.

>hi alicesg, im glad that you find us very hospitable. if in case you visit the philippines, feel free to contact us. we'd glad to be of help.

>hi sandy, thanks!

>hi sheng, thanks! what's really good is that travel bloggers are doing it naturally. they simply love traveling our country and at the same time others appreciate it more.

>bw, my pleasure! it's just one way to help promote our country.

>redlan, maraming salamat. maganda nga at dumadami ang mga pinoy travel bloggers dahil dumadami din yung opportunity natin na ipromote ang bansa.

oo isan yan sa mga regular kong nabibili. ang susunod ay ang batangas. post ko after christmas.

>hi pia, wishing you the same thing. enjoy the holiday season.

>hi acey, you'll enjoy this magazine. it;s one of my favorite. i hope that you'll find one there.

>luke, thanks!

>pusang gala, salamat salamat! tama ka sa sinabi mo kailangan lang talagang magtulungan at siguradong babangon din tayo. "our country's success i our success" very well said.

merry christmas din!

>hi nyl, thanks! maligayang pasko din!

russelltehri said...

Philippines has what it takes to be one of the top destinations in the world. With such beautiful scenery, warm and caring people and natural attractions, the Philippines just needs a good marketing program to let other people know what we have to offer.

explore. experience. enjoy. Philippines.

♥пчzє♥ said...

:0 nice trivia po :)




RedLan said...

wow ambilis. isiningit agad dito. thanks dong! merry christmas!

Borneo Falcon said...

Hmmmm..... Malaysia don't look like doing so well right? Ha....ha....

Anonymous said...

bakit lagi akong late mag comment?


ikaw naman ang featured dong-ho! :)

p'que ka lang pla eh, inuman na! heehehe

kung ikaw puro pic ng travel destinations ako naman puro pics ko, hahaahaha...

Joy said...

I think Boracay was named as one of the top ten beaches in the world in a British magazine a few years back. I just wish Boracay would revert to the way it was - a beautiful serene island.

And yes, I believe that we need to do more in order to get rid of the stigma attached to the Philippines. It is such a beautiful country - that's why I'm always here! :D

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Happy holidays!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Anonymous said...

Tourism is good but I would like to see the Philippines in the manufacturing sector and self-sufficient rather than be dependent on OFW remitances and concentrate in the "services" industry. : (

Nanaybelen said...

kung tutuosen napakaganda ang Pilipinas compare sa maraming countries. Gouvernment lang natin ang pangit.

Anonymous said...

yap! Philippines had so many beautiful places

escape said...

>russel, i agree and we also need active and honest officials as others sometimes takes advantage of it. what's good is we are at least moving. thanks for dropping by.

>hi genyze, thanks a lot! merry christmas to you. thanks for dropping by.

>redlan, syempre. habang naka header ako kaya bilis. hehehe... salamat. salamat.

>borneo, not bad as the list is still long. i just posted the top ten. not bad for malaysia.

>bry, hahaha... hindi ka naman nahuli pangalawa ka nga sa post na to. saya mo kasi lagi sa picture. kaya tama lang na laging kang may picture.

>hi joy, i think boracay is a party island so being commercialized is already part of it. common misconception of boracay is that it's only the central beach but the truth is the island has a number of white beach coves which still offers a semi-private mood. so it's still beautiful.

i agree. we still have a lot to do and also hope that there'll be less incidents that hinders our tourism to excel.

>blogusvox, we hope so. that can happen if a good leader and honest people will be in position to make a better change. the system and the people's mind set needs to change.

>hi nanay belen, i agree. let's just hope that the next leaders will be honest and sincere.

>hi mat, lot's of beautiful natural wonders.

Anonymous said...

i would like to visit Philippines next year.. and i won't miss up Borocay island. Lovely Country!!

Anonymous said...

Expect more French visitors this 2009. After the success of Koh Lanta: Caramoan, the french version of Survivors shot entirely in Bicol, the Islands will be greeting Bonjour to these travel-savvy people. Reklamo ko lang? tourist districts usually become too commercialized. These tourists do not travel far for souvenirs only. They do want a relaxing vacation, first of all.

Anonymous said...


okay yung video...
ang ganda nga ng pagkakapromote sa tourism natin...

kahit man lang sa aspect na yun makabawi tayo..

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Please have a look at the right side of my blog and check “Season’s Greetings”!
Click on the picture which was taken from your blog. Best wishes to you and your family, for a happy new year. Philip

tr3nta said...

I which you a Merry Xmas and a Happy new Year... and keep on with your great blog.

MysLykeMeeh said...

Hey dong, thanks for the update and thanks for ur blog considering that it brought pride to the Philippines. Surely, ur blog promotes the country.

Take care!

escape said...

>victor, that would be great. just inform us in case you'll need some guidelines or recommendations.

>brotherutoy, oo nga. ang alam ko dami na ngayong mga taga france na bumibisita sa gota island dahil naayos na ang systema ng camsur para sa mga turista. yon nga lang ang nakakalungkot. pero tingin ko hindi mangyari sa camsur yan. kasi magaling ang kanilang mga tao sa tourism.

>hi lyzius, tama ka dyan. kahit papaano nagsisimula na rin tayong umangat sa aspetong yon.

>phivos, thank you very much! i noticed that yesterday. it's a privilege to have my photo there.

>tr3nta, merry christmas to you! thanks.

>myslykemeeh, it's just one of the way to at least promote our country. i simply love the philippines. i wish every filipino will.


I feel so proud while watching that vid.

I will start promoting RP with my foreign friends here via my blog.

Nice gesture Dong.

And Merry Christmas na rin!!!!!

carlotta1924 said...

hooray for the philippines! hooray for the travel bloggers! :D

Pietro Brosio said...

A fantastic place indeed.
Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

At least we still get good press in the area of tourism despite the crazy politics happening in the country. Merry Christmas Dong!

Dennis Villegas said...

That's good news! The Philippines is being rediscovered and rightfully so!

eMPi said...

To Bry:

Taga-mindanao ako... hehehe

Merry Christmas dong!

Unknown said...

I'm sure if the Philippines' security issue is resolved, we'd be the top destination in Asia. Every Filipino should also be proud of our heritage---a positive attitude is a huge come-on to would-be visitors. Let's not focus on the ugly side of the Philippines when we talk to foreigners. Hindi gaganahan pumunta dito ang turista kung tayo mismo na tagarito ay puro reklamo at walang masabing maganda tungkol sa Pilipinas.:D

Happy holidays to you, Dong!

Anonymous said...

Ang galing! Rank 5 na pala tayo sa mga dinadalaw ng Kano at iba pang foreigners. Pero sana wag lang masyadong ma-exploit ang mga commercialized tourist spots dito sa atin. Tulad kasi nung nangyari sa Bora, nagkaroon ng issue before na naging madumi ang Bora dahil sa kalat na naiwan ng mga taong dumadayo doon.

Sana halos lahat ng Pinoy magkaroon ng chance na makatapak sa mga lugar na tunay na maipagmamalaki natin. :)

Merry Xmas, Dong Ho!

PS --> Natawa ako sa usapan nyo ni Bry. Sa Alabang ba talaga tayo magkikita at mag-iinom? Bwahahaha.

Tikno said...

Wow... my country Indonesia, also included on the list.

Shawie said...

great job, dong! you deserve it (header):)

fortuitous faery said...

i subscribe to conde nast traveler! it's my favorite eye candy travel magazine! i must have skipped those pages in that issue!

thanks for sharing! hehe.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow, that's very nice! Mura kasi magbakasyon dyan sa tin kaya madaming foreigners ang pumupunta..

Anonymous said...

I love Philippines, people are very friendly and very articulate!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting Lamitan and Isabela...I am glad our government with the help of USAID is seriously supporting the local officials of Basilan. But to achieved rapid development in this region, Basilan need additional resources primarily for peace and order e.q. troops and humanitarian aids and only then roads, bridges,irrigation system can be improve.- Ron

ROCK said...


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