Wednesday, November 5, 2008

islands of choice - readers vote

before we proceed to the eskapo 2.0 island escapade, let me feature the dong ho's readers' choice compiled.if you still remember during the first eskapo feature in Bantayan island (June 2008), i asked you to give three of your favorite islands, that you've been to in the Philippines and their island experience. now i have the tallied votes and here's the result.

Eskapo's Readers Choice Islands of the Philippines
(it includes the readers who voted for that island and their experience of that island)

1. Boracay island (6votes)
Equilibrium - "one of the best part of my experience here basically is my childhood days. I am lucky to see the Boracay not too commercialized unlike now. My mom is from this province and we have a house there as well. Giving us the best experiences of the Old Boracay."
R-Yo - "Boracay of course"
Redlan - "been to Boracay several times"
Panaderos - "was there in the early 90s with a girlfriend. Loved walking on the white sands and enjoyed the sunsets"
Rachel - "I fell in love with the white sand and pristine beaches"
Blogusvox - "I'm from that province, syempre "love your own"

2. Bohol/Panglao (3votes)

R-Yo - "
likes the entire island of Bohol"
Dakilang Islander - "
medyo exotic pa kasi ang dating"
Islander - "the island was fun and awesome. simply a tourism haven"

3. Siquijor (3votes)

Lawstude - "
the mystery is just appealing. everything in it is amazing"
Ironwulf - "
love that little mysterious island"
Lagalog - "
my contact there said i may have unwittingly be bewitched by this island. maybe she's right because i love it there, tales of witchcraft and all"

4. Puerto Galera (3votes)

Panaderos - "
stayed on Coco Beach Resort. I admired the corals and pristine beaches"
Rachel - "Beautiful place to relax and unwind. Very accessible and easy to go to"
Lyzius - "
just likes the island"

5. Panay/Guimaras (3votes)
Rachel - "I love how genuinely caring the people are from there. So many nice beaches and lovely sights"
Redlan - "
Guimaras is and island with beautiful islets"
Blogusvox - "
Mango, mango and more mango"

6. Surigao/Siargao (3votes)

Islander - "
Bucas Grande island in Surigao - i love Suhoton Cove more than any islands in Surigao"
Islander - "i love the sugary fine white sands and the island hopping getaways"
Equilibrium - "Dinagat Island- a small island near Surigao. My grandmother (father side) has a house here. We are able to enjoy the sea just like the Siargao"

7. Corregidor (3votes)
Blogusvox - "History freak ako. Especially Philippine history"
Equilibrium - "
a place where I got the chance to go back and see the relics of the Japanese invasion"
Panaderos - "enjoyed a short trip there when I was 10 years old. I was awed by the history of the place."

8. Palawan (2votes)

Lawstude - "the mystery is just appealing. everything in it is amazing"
Jaki - "
likes the outlying islands of El Nido"

9. Batanes/Sabtang (2votes)
Ironwulf - "where being stranded for 2 days is a good excuse to live among the locals"
Lagalog - "
(any of the 3 major islands will do) where the weather is king and the inclement weather becomes a good excuse to take the day or week off. i really feel at home here because if you befriend one ivatan, you have a coterie of friends in the network to welcome you"

10. Cebu/Mactan (2votes)

Dakilang islander - "heheh luv my own pa rin..but really proud of Cebu, dami kasing hotel guest namin sa Dubai na kung pinoy ang staff ang unang sabi they've been to Cebu at maganda daw..."

Dakilang islander - "mactan island - small but offers a lot!! int'l airport, mall, export zones but when you head to the other side lot of beach hotels..Shangrila, Hilton, Plantation etc"

plus all the other islands that gained at least one vote:
Basilan/Malamawi island - Ironwulf
Batangas islands
- Lyzius
Bulacao island - Lyzius
Caballo island - Madbong
Camiguin island- Lagalog
Capul island - R-Yo
Martha's island/Pangasinan - Lawstude
Negros/Dumaguete - Redlan
Palaui island - Jaki
Romblon island - Jaki

thank you to all who participated during the voting last June and also thank you to Eastcoastlife (Sentosa in Singapore, Pangkor in Malaysia and Batam in Indonesia), Karen (Grand Bahamas Islands, Montreal in Canada and Cape Cod in US), Madbong (Goat island in New Zealand and Grinda island inSweden) and Sho (Ko Phanghan,Thailand) for also sharing their favorite islands outside the Philippines.
to the rest, who were not able to submit their choice, feel free to add your choice in the comment section of this post. thank you and next post, we'll embark on our next travel destination.


Anonymous said...

i wish to go to all these beautiful places...

Jerick said...

sayang. i was too late. sana nakaboto rin ako.

L.Reis said...

How I wish I could vote my friend...! :)

Photo Cache said...

Nice choices, someday I wish to see any one of them.

Carver said...

Great to learn about so many beautiful places. I love the shot of the boat with the clouds. Beautiful.

alicesg said...

Very interesting to have a compilation of favourite islands. I wondered why I did not vote the last Hope I am not late by putting my choice in here.
1. Phuket/Thailand (phi phi island)
2. Penang/Malaysia (Batu Ferringhi)
3. Sentosa/Singapore

Anonymous said...

ive never been to those islands yet. hehe. pero.. one day.

nice places. :)

Anonymous said...

nothing beats the unspoiled beauty of nature...

Sidney said...

There are so many islands to choose from....
Bohol, Siquijor, Marinduque, Masbate

kegler747 said...

Sayang hindi ako nakasali! Anyway I agree naman sa result ng survey mo. Pero kung ako I will vote for Camiguin 3x :) I love the White Island in Camiguin kse very picturesque.

escape said...

>rajesh, everyone wishes that too. traveling is indeed one of the best way to enjoy culture and beautiful places.

>curbside puppet, pwede pa rin naman. just give your three best favorite islands.

>l.reis, yes you can. even with the islands in your area or places that you've visited.

>photo cache, you can pick from the list.

>hi carver, thanks.

>hi alicesg, better late than never. i also like phi phi island. ill definitely visit it one day.

>hi tina, at least now you have some options.

>hi lyzius, exactly!

>sidney, true! in fact the ones that you've been to are really really good.

>kegler, oo nga. sayang kasi dami dami mo na ring napuntahan. ganda nga talaga doon.

Anonymous said...

di pala ako nakaboto dito. sabagay di ko naman napuntahan yung mga magagandang islands dito sa tin. but i could say that cebu/mactan is one of the beautiful islands in the south.

Eds said...

beautiful places indeed. sana mapuntahan ko yan.

and oh, i was late. hindi ko alam na meron palang botohan dito. hehehe. i just discovered your blog lately lang din kasi.

if it still count, i'll vote for boracay too. donsol sorsogon where you can watch the butanding. mt mayon in daraga albay. and coron & culion palawan as well.

Unknown said...

You always have awesome content on your site. Very nice!

RedLan said...

Panalo ang bora. next destination ni Dong Ho!

Grace said...

Hi Dong.. how i wish had the chance to vote, too... i would vote for surigao because it is where i spend most of my life... but i was born in cebu...

Oman said...

add ko lang dom to:

capones island - good times with new found friends;

boracay - i fell in love with the place instantly;

sa mga di ko pa napupuntahan gusto ko sana marating camiguin at batanes.

Anonymous said...

3 out of 10? Not bad, at least number one pa rin ang island (Boracay) namin, kahit very commercialize na ngayon. : (


pwede ka ng magproduce ng sarili mong postcards. beautiful...

RedLan said...

dom, can i grab one of your photos here again?

Dennis Villegas said...

nice islands! i wish to go to some of them

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for compiling and sharing the results. It's great to read about the favorite islands of other people. I've only visited a handful. I would love to have the chance to explore other beautiful islands in the future.

Heart of Rachel said...

BTW, thank you for your birthday greetings for my hubby.

GingGoy said...

calaguas island, siquijor, camiguin

about islands i've visited and those on my wishlist, please see my island-hopping post


tr3nta said...

BEautiful places

Tink *~*~* said...

I suspect you know my choice - Sanibel Island, off the Gulf coast of Florida, USA. I have spent many happy, sunny hours there, hunting for sea shells and playing with my friends. I highly recommend it!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

pusangkalye said...

mukhang wala opako nung mga panahon ng botohan a....muntik nako nalito. balak ko sana bomoto.kekeke.

mukhang desrving naman ang napili.nice

Chyng said...



CARAMOAN PENINSULA (been there last march, super virgin!)

Anonymous said...

katulad ni friendz, gusto ko rin mapuntahan ang mag lugar na yan. astig ka dong. kaingget:)

Erick said...

sa mga napuntahan ko ay

nagarao island (ask ferdz and oggie about it) ang ganda ng place

anawangin nung hindi pa sya puntahan ng tao. sobrang linis at relaxing.

EM said...

Naku! gusto ko sana sumali kasi hanggang buracay lang experience ko. Gusto ko makapunta dun sa mga most voted places para mahusgahan ng personal. Although credible naman talaga ang kanilang mga husga. Nakapunta ako dito sa center island and the man made island that the Ontario place sits in but they are man made at walang sinabi sa mga islands natin dyan. Pinas parin ako with it's 7,000 ++ islands. makikibasa nalang po ako!

escape said...

>beero, oo. at least may pahabol kang island. i personally like olango island in cebu. nakapag islan hop kami doon dati.

>blue rose, no problem. voting was last june and you were not one of the readers yet.

your choice are really really good! i've never been to palawan yet. but it's on my toplist!

thanks for sharing your list.

>luke, thanks!

>redlan, oo nga. astig talaga ang bora.

>hi grace, surigao is on my priority list to visit next year! and i know it's a beautiful island with other islands surrounding it.

>oman, hahaha... astig nga talaga ang capones. definitely one of the best kasi mixture ng landscape, beach at big waves. hehehe...

ako din. ganda ng boracay.

astig nga ang camiguin at batanes!

>blogusvux, all three choices are in. really really cool! boracay is definitely an island to beat.

>jasper, hehehe... salamat.

>redlan, ok. no problem.

>dennis, you'll always have the chance. take that opportunity as you have a nice camera and good camera skills.

>hi rachel, thanks too for participating. in the philippines alone, we have a lot to explore.

>tutubi, ayos! salamat sa pahabol. astig ng mga choices mo. check ko yang island-hopping.

>tr3nta, thanks.

>tink, yes. because that's what you can truly be proud of and im also amazed at those places that you usually feature in your blog.

>salingpusa, pwedeng pwede pang humabol. vote ka lang.

>hi chyng, wow! galing ng mga choices. lalo na ang caramoan. sumisikat kasi ngayon. salamat sa pagboto.

>hi joshmarie, dami pa dito hindi ko napuntahan. it's never too late. byahe na.

>erick, oo nga. naalala ko yung nagarao parang nakwento yata ni oggie one time.

at ang anawangin syempre ok din.

salamat sa pagboto.

>hi em, oo nga. iba din talaga ang mga islands ng pinas. kaya pag uuwi ka dito sabihin ko lang at magrerecommend ako sayo ng mga lugar na maganda depende sa ano ang gusto mong makita.

Joy said...

I'm surprised nobody mentioned El Nido! Great pix, Dong!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm not very knowledgeable enough when it comes to "Islands". :( But I'll try to share my one and only "Island of Choice"

Corregidor Island - a very serene place that reacquaints visitors with the rudiments of the island's history. I enjoyed my stay there especially the unforgettable Malinta Night Tour experience.

Unknown said...

Very interesting! Wish I knew The Philippines to be also able to vote...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dong! Available all year round ang EconoLight fare kaya no need to panic ;)

SandyCarlson said...

All are gorgeous. I love the atmosphere.

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

How much I envy you being able to travel to all these wonderful places :)
But thanks to you I'm able to view these beautiful scenes! :)


Dong, I hope you'll enjoy my new book

Skippyheart said...

ay, hindi ko pa yata alam itong blog mo during that time kaya na miss ko ito--

does not really matter though, kasi gusto ko lahat! ;)

Have a great weekend dong!

Rio said...

ai..bakit hindi ako nakaboto?? eto ata yung panahon na nawiwindang ako sa pag-aaral para sa aking revalida e..hehe...sori dong..

Unknown said...

Actually, I find it hard to narrow down favourites. All of your entries are unique and distinctive. They're each special in its own way.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Regards from Sweeden. Philip

Raft3r said...

parang hindi pa tayo magkakilala when you started this thread, ah

di bale, bawi ako sa susunod mong botohan

sarap maging pinoy
kaya dapat hwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan

i should heed that advice, as well

happy weekend, dong
punta ko tagaytay
local destination yan, ha

Tootie said...

I really like this photo! Maybe because I love boats, water and blue skies. :-)

AJ said...

hi sir dong.

hirap namang mamili. walang itulak kabigin ang fa-readers mo eh.

Nanaybelen said...

hindi ko naabotan ang botohan mo Dong. Maganda lahat..pag isa lang ang pilihin-Boracay siguro kasi pangarap ko rin mapuntahan

Pietro Brosio said...

Dong, I have never been in those nice places and seeing them in your wonderful photographs I should like to visit them all!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I missed that voting game :) But hey, I love your island shots and wish I'm in one of any of them now hehe : ( it's going to be winter here soon)

Vic said...

boracay talaga ang top picks ha! :)
never been though!
how i wish makapunta din ako sa mga island na yan! :)
my personal choice... palawan! anywhere in palawan.. (at di pa ako nakakapunta dun ha!) :)

Grace said...

Dong, how i wish i had found your blog earlier... but it's not too late, anyway, i believe, there'll be more interesting post to follow ...

Anonymous said...

Ganda nitong post na to Dong. I guess di talaga mawawala Boracay sa top. It seems even for foreigners, when you say Philippines, Boracay quickly comes into mind.

It's both good and bad din for me since sana ma expose din yung other places.

pamatayhomesick said...

ay! sayang,sana nakapagsubmit din ako...he he he.

Admin said...

Naks naman kuya dong... try mo dito sa amin sa Mindoro sa Mt. Calavite Expedition... Hehe :)

Ngayon lang ako ulit nakapag update e... Hehe :) Busy ako this past days,... Hehe :)

Unknown said...

could i still vote? here are my picks:

1. cebu - good balance between modern city life and relaxation at the beach. the nearest beach spots in mactan are only 30 minutes away from cebu city.
2. bohol - i love this place! not too populated and very interesting. there are lots of places to go to, and each of them are very accessible from tagbilaran.
3. boracay - this is a given. every experience at boracay leaves me good memories. i love the carefree crowd and fine white sand. i love the restaurants there too! aria is a very good one.

eastcoastlife said...

I'm thrilled to discover so many wonderful islands!! Wheeee! I wish I would have the time to visit them all! Boracay, it will be my dream destination!

mgaputonimimi said...

2nd ang panglao... ^_^ gusto ko don tumira... ;))

Layrayski said...

sayang, I didn't get the chance to vote also. Anyway I'm getting to know the nearby areas around my city (butuan). so my choices would be turtle island of barobo, surigao del sur, camiguin, palawan hehehe I noticed those were the places I've been to.

Anonymous said...

Philippines is a very beautiful. There are still a lot of unexplored islands out there, we just have to dedicate time like Dong to see those. I wonder if I will be able to see Batanes, been wanting to see that island since I have seen Tawi Tawi already :)

ScIoN said...

Oh, how I wish I could visit the other islands in the Philippines!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Siquijor.

I have been there and i assured it is really mistique island as well as the people there

edsan said...

I love Bucas Grande Island. It takes pride in playing host to a variety of natural and man-made attractions. You name your favorite hideaway and the island would offer you lots of choices: powdery white sand beaches, enchanting coves, alluring lagoons, multi-chambered caves, excellent diving sites, towering primary growth mangroves, limestone forests hosting endemic flora and fauna, dainty waterfalls, centuries-old iron wood tree or “mancono” and many more spots which lured local and foreign tourists to visit the island.


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