Sunday, November 30, 2008

skimboarding - boracay island

"just run, throw and jump" they say. it seems that skimboarding is as easy as just doing of the most usual activity that you'll be seeing in Boracay is skimboarding. this boardsport requires a beach that has a flat surface where the board can smoothly slide and Boracay has it.according to wikipedia, this sport is believed to have originated from Laguna beach in California around 1920. it's now becoming more popular in the Philippines. i've seen some people doing skimboarding in Bantayan island when i was there last May.the board used for this is thinner than the usual board used for surfing and other boardsport. a skimboard usually cost between P1,500 - P5,000 (around $30 - $100) . but you can buy the ones locally made at a cheaper price.if you want to try it, you can just approach some of the enthusiast and they can lend it to you for a while. others also allow you to use it just for P100 ($2). they can also teach you the requires a lot of practice to master it because it's not just about running, throwing the board and jumping on it. you need balance, timing and focus. once you've mastered it, you can already do some special moves like boarding on it upside down or at least jump over a ramp.for people who has a sporty soul, is it worth trying? yes. season of advent begins today! tomorrow is another month and how to best celebrate it? go to Anilao. i'll be dropping by your blogs tomorrow night.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

just walk - boracay island

if you are not into water sports or any active activity, you can still enjoy the tropical island of Boracay. how can you do it? just the island is being flocked by a large number of both local and foreign tourists, a lot of business gained ground. from restaurants to beach shops, you'll find it there.walking within the central area of station 2 will lead you to the island's D'Mall. a mall that expands from the main beach area to Boracay's main road. dropping by those shops and looking at some of the items being sold is one popular activity in Boracay. in fact, a lot of people usually spend time strolling during noontime. the kids can enjoy the small ferris wheel found on the center of the mall area. one can buy shakes or juice drinks while walking.along the beach way, you'll enjoy looking at the different resorts and restaurants as well. at the end of the eastern side of station 2, one can also visit the D''ll also see street vendors along the beach way selling fruits, miniature wooden boats, wooden crafts and even jewelries.all these makes this island very busy. so if you really want to spend time relaxing in this island, i should say that you stay on some of its remote beach resorts.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

we are not meant to live life alone - boracay island

of the four days that i was in Boracay, i woke up between 5:00 to 5:30am everyday. just as what i did when i was in Bantayan island, i wanted to see the fishermen doing their daily routine.on one morning around 7:10am, i was lucky enough to have captured them while they bring the boat offshore at station one of white beach. there were around 10 people pushing this big fishing boat.
they place a rounded wooden log below the boats base to move it. one man transfers the wooden log from the back to the front while others push know that it's not easy because they have to rest for a while before they start pushing it again. just imagine the weight of this boat. yet doing it with the help of the many, task will definitely be life, we to ought to help each other. some of life's trials cannot be solved by a single person because in the first place God gave us companions. we have our family, our relatives, friends, and even much as they share their life for us, we too ought to share our life to them. because everything that we do to others, we do it to God."If we say we love God, but hate others, we are liars. For we cannot love God, whom we have not seen, if we do not love others whom we have seen." - 1 John 4 : 20

Sunday, November 23, 2008

kayaking boracay

to see Boracay from a sea side perspective, one can do kayaking. water activities like sailing can give you a similar experience, but it requires you to go as a group or else you get to rent it alone and might not be that cycling, kayaking is both cheap and an active healthy activity. cheap because you can rent it for an hour for only P150 or about $3. just like cycling, kayaking is one of my favorite water activity. remember my post on kayaking in Calayo Batangas?healthy because it gives you the opportunity to exercise and build up your muscles. one need not to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy paddling this light floating equipment. it's easy to learn and it does not require a lot of practice.the downside though is that it's use is limited to calm waters. kayaking on rough waters is not recommended. whether you've been kayaking for years or just starting, you need to make sure that you wear your lifevest.there are just a few shops in Boracay that offers kayak rental. just ask your hotel or resort information clerk to assist you in finding one.


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