Tuesday, October 28, 2008

guimaras strait

after some time in the city of smile and the higlands of Negros, we now have to cross the Guimaras strait going to Iloilo city. we took the early fastcraft trip, which has an estimated travel time of one hour.we passed by the small rocky islets of Siete Pecados or the isles of Seven Sins, which is just opposite the island of Guimaras. this island was once known to be shark infested.the beautiful Guimaras island has retained its natural beauty of rocky hills covered with trees. small beach shores can be seen on this side of the island.this island is known for its white sand beaches, monk monasteries and is believe to have the sweetest mango in the world. wow! who would not want to stay there? but not this time, we will just be passing by this island. our main subject is the island of Panay, specifically Iloilo. the city that i visited several times when i was a child since my father is from Iloilo city. we spent most of our vacation there.we'll be staying there for just one day and we'll go to our main destination. i'll be dedicating the Iloilo series to Redlan and Demoie, the two bloggers who i met in Iloilo city. Redlan treated us for a dinner at Bourbons Smallville and even paid for my overnight stay at Century21. thank you! thank you!


Antoine Greg said...

there are said to be some stories on howthe siete picados were formed... may nalunod yata na pitong bata....???? hihihihi...

Photo Cache said...

the phils is an archipelago, there should be like a cruise around the three major islands. meron bang ganyan ngaun?

siete picados, what a name for an island.

Anonymous said...

nice. so you'll be going to Iloilo City. Hope you enjoy it here.

Hilda said...

I hope the waters were calm! Enjoy your stay in Iloilo! Looking forward to your next posts…

EM said...

ingat sa byahe! sayang naman yung sweetest mango! next time! enjoy ka muna sa Biscocho at Batchoy!

Don't forget the pasalubong! :)

Unknown said...

A beautiful seascape!

escape said...

>antoine, talaga? never heard of that story. dapat pala sana siete ninos ang pangalan ng mga ito. hehehe...

>photo cache, there's no cruise yet. there's one but it does not cruise the three major islands and im not sure if it's operating today.

i also wonder why such name for these isles.

>iloiloonfoot, i was there weeks back. i really enjoyed my overnight stay there!

>hi hilda, thanks! yes i did enjoy my stay there. water was calm because weather was good. i was there three weeks ago.

>hi em, hahaha... alam na alam mo kung ano sikat dito ah. parang paborito mo yata biscocho at batchoy nila. na try mo na ba ang pansit molo?

alicesg said...

So interesting to read about your travelling posts. You dont even have to travel out of your country for relaxation and beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing.

RedLan said...

Grabe, special mention gid ya?

I love Guimaras ever. Kapag gusto ko takbuhan ang problema, pumupunta ako sa guimaras para maibsan. Guimaras has a lot to offer. Hindi ko pa nga na explore lahat.

'yung folklore ng seven islands, magkapatid daw yun, yung pinakamalaki ay panganay at bunso ang pinakamaliit na island. Mga babae lahat. Tapos sinuway nila ang kanilang mga magulang dahil hinsi sila payagan na pumunta sa disco(binayle in our bernacular) sa kabilang isla. Tapos bumagyo ng gabing yun at nalunod sila.

I am looking forward to the upcoming posts. It's an honor for Ilonggos that our city will be featured here. Tulad ng sinabi ko, you are the best host of all places. hehehe. Salamat sa travel book at sa pagtreat sa Blue Jay! Your visit is one of the good memories!


RedLan said...

BTW, yung pinakamalaking islet ay pag-aari ng lopez family. Kapag pumunta ako ng bacolod yan palagi ang sinisilip ko- seven islands.

kegler747 said...

Welcome to Iloilo :) how many weeks na bang delayed itong greetings ko?

Sidney said...

No more trace of the oil spill in Guimaras?
No more sharks?

eunice said...

This is beautiful! and you met your blogger friends too! How nice!

Unknown said...

i have great memories of a short vacation spent in guimaras a lifetime ago. and yes, guimaras has the sweetest mangoes in the world! looking forward to your iloilo post.

Pietro Brosio said...

Another great sequence, Dong.
What a wonderful beach and marvellous vegetation.

Anonymous said...

It's such a beautiful island. :)

Eds said...

wow! so talagang pasyal galore ito.

ganda ng pinas! thanks for sharing your pictures and stories. para na rin akong nakakapasyal sa iba't ibang dako ng pinas dito.

and oh, @redlan yon pala ang story behind the siete picados. thanks for sharing with us.

Stanley said...

This is making me look forward to my holidays!

Rio said...

buti at umaga ang trip nyo at nakuhanan mo ng shots ang island na ito..ganda..

ang bait naman ni redlan at demoie..

Anonymous said...

wow! me nakabungguan ka ng bloggers sa totoong buhay.

samalamat sa mga comments. ingat sa pagallakbay mr. inhinyero!

pusangkalye said...

takot ako this area still infested with sharks these days? looks peaceful e....

Helena de Tróia said...

Hi! You´re a really storyteller! Did you ever think becaming a journalist?? :-)

EM said...

Pansit Molo? Soupy na dish yun diba? Malamang kaso parang mas tanda ko pa ang Batchoy. Biscocho naman sarap sa hot chocolate.

I know you're enjoying! Keep on...keep as much good memories as you can.


Unknown said...

Wot! Nicey beaches. Glad you found a wonderful friend in redlan! ;)

RedLan said...

The truth is, Dong is really cool that's why he deserved to be the best host, err, to accommodate @ share my point of view.

Grace said...

wow! these pictures really want me to go back there in the Philippines... :(

escape said...

>hi alicesg, we do travel but as short as one hour we can connect with the other islands within the archipelago.

>redlan, special mention kasi laki ng ginawa mo para sa amin doon.

yan ang maganda sa iloilo, ang lapit lang ng guimaras. isang maiksing byahe lang parang nasa ibang probinsya ka na.

maraming salamat sa info tungkol sa siete pecados. galing yon pala ang myth ng mga islang yan.

it's also my honor to present iloilo to the bloggers. it is worth promoting.

may may-ari na pala ang malaking island. kaya pala merong bahay sa taas.

>kegler, three weeks na halos. hehehe.. ok pa rin. ngayon ko na din lang kasi na post ito. salamat!

>sidney, from our point of view, we didn't notice any trace. maybe they already recovered. maybe lesser sharks reside there this time.

>hi eunice, yes. it is a privilege to meet bloggers from iloilo.

>hi luna, wow! good for you. i've never been to guimaras. by the time i visit that island, i'll be mumbling mangoes mangoes mangoes!

>pietro, thanks!

>layla, i believe it is.

>hi blue rose, pasyal plus business. kaya ok an ok na rin. pasalamat nga talaga kay redlan para sa info.

>stanley, excited to see the islands of the philippines. i just hope that you'll stay long enough.

>hi doc rio, oo. kalmado din ang dagat. mabait talaga sina redlan at demoie. medyo mahiyain nga lang si redlan.

>hi joshmarie, hindi lang nagbungguan, talagang ni libre pa ako ni redlan. saya din talaga silang kasama.

>salingpusa, hindi na masyado ngayon. takot din naman ang sharks sa atin. hehehe...

>hi helen, hehehe... i'm really not good in writing.

>hi em, yes. soup na parang may mga siomai. yon ang da best para sa akin. pero masarap din talaga ang la paz batchoy. walang katapat.

ingat din.

>hi share, yes. redlan is a shy-type of person and he is very generous.

>redlan, hahaha... wala pa din ako sa kabaitan mo.

>hi grace, you can still buy tickets! hehehe...

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Carver said...

What an interesting trip. I bet it would be great to spend time on the islands another time but nice to get to see them from the boat too.

Unknown said...

What a nice journey!!! Glad you have enjoyed it!

Raft3r said...

guimaras. grabe, dong. lahat ng gusto kong puntahan, napuntahan mo na!

mgaputonimimi said...

awww. isa ito sa dream ko mapuntahan..

pede ka narin tumawid sa negros.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

oh Guimaras is a very lovely place. there are some places in the Philippines I would love to see together with my boyfie.

Anonymous said...

ganda sigurong mag-island hopping sa guimaras. sana nga lang ala na talagang sharks. hehe. dumiretso ka pala sa guimaras galing bacolod. kaka-inggit mga biyahe mo kuya dong.

Heart of Rachel said...

Have a wonderful time in your next destination. You're so lucky to have all those fun adventures.

Anonymous said...

I love to visit Guimaras !

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